Meeting the Multiple Specialist

Doug and I met with the specialist (Dr. Miller) yesterday … and boy does he talk fast!  We had another ultrasound and they little guys were moving and grooving in there!  Still have three healthy babies!  Next on the health checklist is seeing a dietician to make sure I’m eating the right stuff.

Here are a few more things we learned about our multiples adventure:

  • I need to gain a total of 50 lbs during the pregnancy
  • At 24 weeks of pregnancy … I’ll look like I’m 36 weeks!
  • Dr. Miller does not believe in bed rest
  • We’ll be able to find out the sex of the babies at 12 weeks
  • My target date is to 34 weeks rather than the normal 40 weeks
  • If I go on bed rest it’s considered paid medical leave
  • I’m destined to a mini van for the rest of my life

I’ve got another doc appointment tomorrow with my regular OB.  Hoping to learn even more!

Love, Mel


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