8 Week Belly Shot

I’m a little late in posting this … better late than never I guess.  Time is flying … I’ll be taking my 9 Week photo tomorrow night already.  The truth of the matter is that I’m growing fast and REALLY showing.  I know that there are three in there, but still, I feel like I’m the ever growing woman haha!  At my last doc apt they said even tho I’m 8 Weeks, I’m the size of a singleton pregnancy at 16-18 weeks.  It’s only the start of our crazy journey!



On another random and funny note, I had parent/teacher conferences the other day.  Ms Becka shared with a story that is HILARIOUS!  Jaden and his friend, Jillian, were sitting at a table together coloring … the conversation goes as follows:

Jaden: I’m going to have three babies

Jillian: I want a baby

Jaden: You can have one of mine.  I only want two babies.

He’s said from the start that he’s only wanted two babies.  Poor kid.  He’s going to be a great big brother!

Love, Mel


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