A lesson from Jaden

Jaden has been very interested in this pumping business …  Not sure how to handle it. I’ve just been open to it and trying not to make a big deal out of it.  Last night Jaden wanted to “help”.  I let him plug in the tubes to the bottles, but that was as far as I was comfortable with.  Then, Jaden proceeded to explain to me how the milk gets in the bottles.  It’s goes like this: The milk comes from the box (pump), thru the tubes and into the funnel part, where it goes thru the “factory” and into the bottle. What an imagination!

This morning (Doug’s last day off of work) we took Jaden to Kohl’s to be picked up by the bus.  When the bus finally arrived, the driver opened the door and said ” you must be the ones who had the triplets!”  I asked if he had been talking about them and the driver said “oh yes, all the time!”  Jaden really must be proud of this baby brothers!

Right now, Jaden is using the baby timer to call Sean … the stories never end.  Time to read bedtime stories.

Love, Mel


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