Weston Update!!

I finally got to visit Weston today!  I got mastitis on Sunday which kept me bound to the couch with a 102 fever for the past two days.  Weston has won the hearts of all the nurses and is catching up to his brothers!  He weighs 5lbs 6oz and is eating like a piggy!  He’s scheduled to get circumcised tomorrow (ouchie wa wa!) and he passed his car seat test.  Nurses are thinking he’ll be home on Thursday.  I’m so excited to finally have all three boys home!  The NICU was never sad for me until Weston was there all on his own.  Before the three boys were there together so I knew they weren’t alone.  It’s a huge relief for me that Weston will be joining the family at home soon.

While at home, Logan and Weston have had some fun of their own.  Here are some photos from two of their “photo shoots”.

Logan getting ready to go to YaYa and Pa’s for Thanksgiving dinner

Owen getting ready to go to YaYa and Pa’s

Logan: Why you got to roll on me?

Monkey Butts!

Awww they love each other!

We put the boys under the christmas tree … they both got SO excited!  Pretty lights!


Owen (pudgy bunny)

All of these photo shoots with Logan and Owen make me sad that Weston isn’t home.  It won’t be long!  Just a weenie wack and a few more feedings away!  Come home Weston!

Love, Mel


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