New Hats

We have a photographer coming tomorrow to take newborns photos of the boys.  I’m really excited to get some really great photos of these little men.  Jaden is going to be in a few too!  I wanted to make the triplets new hats for their session.  I made each one a different color … really bright colors!  I can’t decide if they make the kids look ridiculous or cute.  The pom poms sort of look like pigtails.  What do you think?



Filed under Photo Shoots, Posted by Melissa

2 responses to “New Hats

  1. kathe

    I love the colors – me personally I think I would prefer one pom pom in the middle, but they are still adorable.

  2. So cute. You are so inspiring that you have three babys, a toddler at home and you can make hats still. I come home from work and want to crash! Miss you and I hope all is going well. So happy you are all home and healthy.

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