Jaden’s Art Project

The other day, Jaden brought home a wonderful art project from school.  Over a lunch of bologna and orange slices (his lunch not mine), our coversation when something like this:

Me: Jaden I really like your art project.

Jaden: It’s me – dressed for the snow.

Me: I see that.  You made a pattern on your shirt .. pink, green, pink …

Jaden: GREEN!  And my mittens are yellow.

Me: I love the face you drew!  Here are your eyes, and your mouth.  And did you draw freckles?

Jaden:  No mommy, those are my ouchies.

I didn’t know which to respond with – a giggle because of his cuteness or a tear for all of his allergies.  He is becoming more and more aware of who he is every day!


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