Did I only dream of nice weather?

Spring is such a tease. I want you .. I hate you … I need you … I’m leaving!  Come on spring, let’s make nice and have you stay for good!

The weather today is snowing, hailing, cold and wet.  And to think only last week the weather was gorgeous and I had all the kids outside in the back yard to enjoy some sunshine.  These photos seem like a dream now …

Jaden and his friend Timmy who lives across the street.

The triplets trying out the big boy stroller

This summer is going to be a blast outside.  A few things to get done before summer: buy the patio set, get zoo pass, inventory of Jaden’s summer clothes, figure out what clothes of mine really fit, buy stay-at-home mom shoes (my pumps don’t really cut it), get kiddie pool, plant garden, sign Jaden up for t-ball … I’m getting tired from this list already!!

What”s on your it’s-time-to-get-ready-for-summer list?

Love, Mel


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