Waukesha Riverwalk – 2010

A friend of mine from high school was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer at the young age of 23.  Since then, I’ve walked as a part of her team in the Waukesha Riverwalk.  This year I participated with all five of my boys!

Jaden got a new Toy Story umbrella from Payless Friday night.  So … he HAD to bring it to the walk “just in case it rained.”  Good thing the rain drops didn’t start falling until we were just about done!

A view of the crowd from the top of the hill.  Looked like a great turnout to me!

Here are the boys – sporting their pink apparel.  Ok, it’s my pink apparel.  I tucked them in with a pink shirt of mine.  That’s what happens when there are all boys in my family!

Here is most of the team.  We all have something in common — we love Kaydi!

Gray skies just beyond the finish line.  We stayed dry for the most part!

It was a nice day to share with my mom, Mrs. Rader and my boys.  Looking forward to next year!  Although, I’m going to have to occupy three 1 and a half year olds in a stroller!  I can do it … I’m supermom!  haha

Love, Mel


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One response to “Waukesha Riverwalk – 2010

  1. Amanda

    Im totally bummed! I was supposed to go to this, but instead decided to stay home and pick up my new house for when the ladies came over after the walk. Also thought it would be a good idea to make homemade sauce and lasagna for my mom for mothers day! So bummed missed you and your sweet boys!

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