Two Upcoming Fundraisers

I have been blessed with amazing friends!  A few of them are planning a fundraiser for Owen’s Relief Fund.  So save the date!!  Owen’s Pizza Piccola Fundraiser will be held on July 3, 2011.

For more details see

Another woman, whom I haven’t met personally but hope to be able to call her a friend, is holding a Scenty fundraiser.  Bianca plans to donate all her commission made from this party to the Bissing Family Relief Fund.  More details are posted here.  What a wonderful and thoughtful gesture.  I’m so blessed and thankful to her!

After all the medical bills are paid we are excited to begin planning Owen’s memorial.  We aren’t sure what we want to do … but we want to go big!

Thank you ladies for your amazing support and efforts!  Doug and I are so very thankful!

Let’s paint the world a little more orange.

Love, Mel



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5 responses to “Two Upcoming Fundraisers

  1. That’s great! Hope the events go fabulously!

  2. Nancy G

    How wonderful!

  3. Tamara

    I wish there was something I could to do to help, but instead I have taken to wearing orange as much as possible…I even wore orange eyeshadow one day and when asked about it, I explained the best I could and suggested that they come read this blog and read about Owen and your family themselves.

  4. Barb

    This is actually for the people organizing the fundraisers. Can someone contact me please


  5. I think the Scentsy Fundraiser is a great idea. I sell Wildtree (all natural, preservative free food products) and would love to do the same. I would like to donate all my commissions from a party to the Bissing Family Relief Fund. Please contact me Mel so we can set it up.


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