Newest Orange Addition

Last week I went to get my hair cut (it’s been months!).  I called ahead to see if they had any orange feathers … since it’s the big trend right now.  It’s not a normal color they keep in stock … so they’d have to special order it.  An old friend from high school cuts my hair … and wouldn’t you know she totally came through on the OWENGE!  She made me my very own clip in hair extension!  It’s just perfect!!!!

If it wasn’t before … it’s 100% for sure now.  I’m addicted to orange!

Love, Mel



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11 responses to “Newest Orange Addition

  1. Sarah Dalton

    Love it!!!!

  2. Amber

    That’s fantastic! Looks beautiful on you.

  3. Not only is your haircut gorgeous but the orange looks awesome! What a good friend you have.

  4. Erica

    Love it!
    Off topic here two of my kiddos are talking about Owen, Mitch again about the scooters , and his buddy’s, and Madison said if she has a son she’s going to name him Owen. I told her that that’s a fantastic name!

  5. pink puffy heart love it!!

  6. Kim

    That looks awesome!

  7. Jeanette

    I think it looks great. I love it.

  8. Melly

    Hi, Mrs. Bissing. I’m the 13 year old who made that little picture for/of sweet Owen. I saw this post and just wanted to say that your son totally has your eyes…how amazing.

  9. lindsey

    That is the coolest! I didn’t even realize they made things like this! And Jaden….What a cutie pie! Just another way to wear your Owenge proud! 🙂

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