Ahhhh Choo!

It’s things like this that I remember how good life still is.

The babies were in their cribs trying to go down for their naps.  They were fussing and Logan started to cry.  So Jaden shot up and headed to the door – he was going to help his brothers.  Being the camera freak of a mom, I grabbed my iPad and snuck around the corner to see what was really going on …

What is better than one video?  TWO VIDEOS!

The triplets learned a new trick … how to sneeze.  It’s not the greatest video of their new baby trick, but it’s still hilarious!

I know everyone is busy with Thanksgiving day preparations … I hope you all find some time to relax and really enjoy the holiday.  I know we’ll be heading over to my mom’s house tomorrow.  Then, my sister and I will hit up some Black Friday shopping.  A game of Marco Polo is usually in order while shopping the electronics.  Then, when I get home and have a chance to shower, we’ll be heading up for a wonderful weekend with Doug’s family in Green Bay.  Making some cookies at grandmas … I’m really looking forward to it.

I think this fun stuff is the only thing that will keep me from sinking into a huge pity party.  Hell, I might still cry or bite someone’s head off (tends to be my reaction when I’m sad) but it’ll be ok.  The sun will rise, and the sun will set.  The earth still goes around the sun (isn’t there a song about that??)  There is no pausing time for grief.  It becomes entwined in the very clothes I wear, the meal we eat and the conversations we have.  So bring on the grief …

Love, Mel




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4 responses to “Ahhhh Choo!

  1. Jen

    The boys are so stinkin’ cute “sneezing”!! The girls watched it with me & Haiden started mimicking it to! Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving & I will be thinking of you. Call if you need a mama to chat with 🙂

  2. Harlowe

    Just precious. You have the cutest little guys ever. Hope the holidays aren’t too hard on you.

  3. Amber

    Oh, the boys are so cute! Jaden is great. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Mel. Looks like you have a lot of fun planned.

  4. jeanette

    I can;t see the videos cause its blocked here at work, but I can;t wait to get to a computer (sister in laws) LOL that I can see them in. I can only imagine how adorable those videos are. I hope the holidays were good for you and your family. I had a nice family holiday!!! God bless Mel.

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