Music & Muffins 2012

Doug is finally home from his business trip!  Now there is at least a 1:1 ratio of parent to crazy toddler 🙂

This morning, I heard Jaden ask Doug if he was going to come to his Music and Muffins concert.  (Mind you I asked Doug WEEKS ago if he thought he would be able to go …)  Doug asked Jaden what it was all about.  Jaden said “Well we are singing … so there is music.  And then when we are done, we have muffins … and there is milk.  You love milk Dad.  Want to come?”  What a charmer!  And it worked too!  Doug called into the office this morning to let them know he was going to take a half day of vacation.

Jaden was super excited to see us all there.  Here is a video of his performance:

So Jaden might not have a career in singing & hand movements.  Did you notice the striped tie with his plaid shirt?  That was ALL him this morning 🙂  The bus driver even commented this afternoon that he is his best dressed student. Oh Jaden …

It was a great day today!  Not only was Jaden the proudest kid at school because his dad was there … but we also had our first family bonfire in the fire pit Doug gave me for Mother’s Day last year.

It’s the little things these days that reminds me to keep fighting.  Not going to lie, I’ve started to think and worry about May 26, 2012 already.   It was nice to have a pleasant and calm day to offset the worry.

Love, Mel



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7 responses to “Music & Muffins 2012

  1. Ha ha ha….what a sweet daddy he has. I’m so glad you had a nice day with your family.

    And Yes, Jaden is BY FAR the best dressed there. 🙂 What an awesome sense of style.

  2. That is so cute 🙂 luv it ❤

  3. Shelby

    How Awesome…my oldest will be in 4K next year and this has gotten me teary eyed and excited all at the same time! Man he is a DOLL Melissa!!

  4. I have a first baby boy coming at end of July. I’m the most happiest father of all time.

  5. theebonygirl


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