Fox 6 News Story – Healing Our Heavy Hearts

The cover story aired on Wednesday night. My parents, sister and I gathered on the couch together to watch it. I really hope that this story helps others … lets them know that there is a place to go when your little one is grieving.

Check out the clip here:

Here’s the behind the scenes recap of how this all went down …

The same night the reporter and camera man were going to film, I had to be at school for to get Jaden’s school iPad rollout. I had to be at school at 5 so I thought filming at 7 would give me plenty of time. I got home from work, threw a bunch of stuff in a closet and ran to school. OF COURSE Jaden’s iPad would be the one that need to be rebooted, taken to the communication station and have all sorts of hiccups along the way.

At 6:50 I looked at his teacher and said, “I couldn’t make this up if I tried … I have Fox 6 News coming to my house in 10 minutes and I really have to get home.” We both had a giggle. A teacher said she would help finish up for me.

I flew in the door with just enough time to throw some Chapstick on need brush Jaden’s hair.  Enter Fox 6 News.

Jaden went first. He did so awesome! I sat on the couch to his right. He didn’t really need me. He knew what was on his heart.

Then it was my turn.  While answering my questions, Jaden stood by the camera guy. He thought it was pretty cool. All of a sudden he was walking around wearing a Fox 6 News hat. We laughed and I cried a bit. It was emotional retelling Owen’s story.



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3 responses to “Fox 6 News Story – Healing Our Heavy Hearts

  1. Jessica Carpenter

    What a great piece. Jaden was fantastic!

  2. Courtney

    Hey Mel! This was a great news segment — you both did fabulous! And how cool that the news guy even wore an orange tie! God is funny because your blog about healing hearts came the same day that we told our boys that their grandpa is dying and doesn’t have much time left…I don’t know if we will need to use them, but I’m so glad to be reminded that they’re there.
    Thanks for sharing. Miss u! Hugs!

  3. This is incredible. What an amazing group. I’m so glad Jayden is doing better. What a blessing

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