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Week 33 Update

I’m not sure anyone really thought I would make it this far once I was dilated and in the hospital.  The false alarms also led us to believe that these little ones were breaking out.  But here I am … still pregnant!  Now start the jokes of how we can get labor going and of course the bets on when they really are coming.  I say the next few days are all good … they’ve got great birthdays!

  • 11-9-10
  • 11-10-10
  • 11-11-10
  • 11-12-10

After that the birthdays just aren’t’ that great …  Who knows, I’m such a freak of nature, I’ll still be pregnant at Christmas!

I’m dilated to about 5 cms now, but not contracting.  So we are waiting for more of a progressive labor before we deliver.  Each morning I wake up hoping today will be the day!  I’m still on bed rest, so I’ve been laying around and watching TV.  It’s funny as I have tons of projects to work on – Thank You notes, work on my scarf, gifts, creating the blog book.  But I just don’t have the motivation to do them.  I’m turning into a vegetable!

My belly measures 59 cm!!  Thank goodness for the Plus size maternity shirts … those are barely fitting these days!

Rae brought me a present too!  A princess crown.  I think I get a little sassy when I wear it too 🙂

My nurses, mom, Rae, Doug and me have been brainstorming ways to get the babies to come faster.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Salsa dance in my huge room
  • Walk laps back and forth
  • Hide my anti-contraction meds like a psych patient would
  • Hit every bump on my wheel chair rides
  • Better yet, instead of going on a wheel chair ride, push my wheel chair around the hospital
  • Eat spicy food like Dad’s chili
  • Mom says some kind of oil and root beer is supposed to work

Those are just a few!  Dr. Akea came to check on me this afternoon.  I told the doc how miserable and how uncomfortable I am.  I even reenforced that even though I was laughing and smiling while I said it I really meant it!  She smiled and encouraged me to talk to Dr. Epperson tomorrow to pin point a more solid plan of action.  She then reminded me that every extra day in the womb is one less day in the NICU.  At this point I’m ok with the NICU!  I mean, come on, they have the best docs and nurses there!  Right?

As much as I complain or joke about wanting the babies out and as much as I really mean that I want the babies out, I still want them to come on their own time.  They should come at the “right” time.  Who am I to say that they are ready?  I can’t even see them!  I just don’t want to force something.  What I really want are these contractions to kick in and the docs to make the call.  I had one contraction while playing cards with Rae and I got SO excited.  That was it though … one contraction.

Thank goodness for my visitors!  They all keep me sane!  The mornings are so sluggish and yucky.  Then when my visitors come, the whole day gets better!  Mom and Rachael make me laugh SO hard!  They usually play a game or two of cards with me (even though they LOOSE!).  Tonight she cut out a little early since Brittany, Rae, Doug and Jaden were all there.  We were in the middle of a game so I think she just forfeit (afraid of loosing again haha)!  Visitors are the very best part of my day!  Thank you to everyone who has spent some time with me.  You all have made each day a little brighter and me a little happier.

Love you!



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Halloween Sleepover

I’ve been looking forward to Saturday night since I was admitted last week Thursday.  During the day Doug was busy with the basement and I was busy getting ready for their visit.  Rae came and decorated my room with Halloween decorations.

Mom even carved me a pumpkin.  It’s an owl …. see it?

Rae helped me out by picking up some snacks for little Jaden so he could trick or treat at my bed.  AND she took me on a wheel chair adventure.  At first it felt like we were whipping down the halls and I told her to slow down!  But I think it’s just that I walk so slow these days, normal pace feels like running!  We went down to the gift shop for a bit and found a few activity books for Jaden.  Then we grabbed a snack and sat outside for a little bit.  It was a tad cold, but I was outside darn it!  I just zipped up my fleece.  Besides, the people watching was insane!  Who knew people wear ass-less chaps to the hospital?

The boys finally arrived around dinner time.  We all got to eat together.  Me and Jaden in the bed and Doug at the small table.  Then Jaden got to “find” his present in the “elevator to China” (the closet).  He was really excited.  In fact I think he colored every picture in the invisible ink book I got him.  We eat lots of candy and snacks and watched Casper.  At 10 I got hooked up to the heart monitors and Jaden was really excited to “see” his brothers.  In fact, he wanted to help!  So he crawled up onto the bed behind me.  Nurse Sue was so sweet and asked him to “help” by holding one of the monitors for her.  He was pretty excited to help … for 30 seconds.

After all the candy and coloring Jaden went to sleep really well …. he was SO cute!

At about 5am Jaden woke up and wanted to sleep with me.  I couldn’t say no.  But for heaven’s sake … he cannot sleep straight in a bed.  By the time I was woken up at 6 to be put on the monitor Jaden had his legs wrapped on top of my belly and had taken over 3/4 of the bed.  I had just enough room to lay for my test, then I gave up and moved to the chair.  I wasn’t mad or even irritated … I was so happy to have Jaden with me!  Both boys slept right through all the heart monitoring …. and it’s LOUD!!  I was really surprised.  Look at how cute they are ….

Katie was sweet enough to bring us breakfast in the morning.  Yum yum bagel, egg, cheese and sausage sammies!  Jaden woke up shortly after we started eating and the first thing out of his mouth was “can I have a sucker?”  And you know what I said?  “Of course!  Happy Halloween!”  It was a special sleepover!  We bummed around as a family watching Halloween movies, playing the banana game (has a bunch of letter blocks like Scrabble).  Doug and Jaden were spelling all the triplet’s names and I hear Doug go “W-e-s-t-i-n, that spells Weston”  I was like ” you don’t know how to spell your sons name?”  And that started the facebook vote on how we should spell our W boy.  I think the majority has voted Weston.  I think I win!

Day 4 in the hospital complete!  31 Weeks complete!  Tomorrow we are officially 32 weeks!  more updates to come …

Love you all!


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Getting a little giddy…

Staying at mom’s definitely hast it’s perks … and one of them is having Rae and Jake for entertainment.  When trying to feel the babies kick, they discovered my belly button.  I don’t think there are words to describe what happened next … just take a peek at these pictures!

After applying lotion, lots of things stick to a belly!



Belly Table


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28 & 29 Week Update

We are in month 7!!  Which means:

Baby’s now the size of a squash!
Baby’s energy is surging, thanks to white fat depositing beneath his skin. And since he’s growing so fast (weight will triple by birth), things are getting kind of cramped in the womb. What all this means for you: Get ready for some more kicks and jabs to the ribs.

My belly is getting bigger and bigger .. 53 cms now!  The stretch marks are growing and getting darker.  Sexy….oh baby!  Making babies isn’t all pretty but it’s a job worth giving everything into!

Speaking of jobs, I’m done with Kohl’s now.  After the itchy feet stuff and being so tied, it’s time to call it quits.  I’ll go in on Friday to get a few things (empty my snack drawer and my digital photo frame) and of course say my goodbyes.  I hope I don’t cry … but I’m sure I will!

Also on Friday, we’ve got more doctor appointments.  But first a recap of our appointment today.  We (Doug and I) saw another doc in my OB’s office (while Dr Epperson is in Paris).  The protein levels are elevated but are still in the normal range for being pregnant.  AND while my bile acids are elevated, they are also still within normal range for being pregnant.  However, we need to start Non-Stress Tests and we are going to repeat the potty test (I know you are ALL jealous!) and I had to get my blood drawn again.

Now since I wasn’t seeing my regular doctor I also didn’t have my regular nurse.  This new nurse was a little older and very sweet…. but the woman cannot draw blood!  She pokes me in the right arm and I could feel her digging a little bit.  Then she says “sorry hun, I missed”.  I’m thinking that’s why she was digging.  The needle comes out and look over and the tubes are still empty!!!  WHAT?  So now she’s got to poke me in the left arm too.  She’s got me sitting in the other chair, standing, holding my arm, on with the elastic band, off with the elastic band, on with the elastic band….holy moly!  My regular nurses come in to drop off the jugs for the protein test and they are throwing me glances from the door.  Finally we got the blood and we could head over for the Non-Stress test.  As I’m walking out, Katina was like “I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry!”  haha  She just owes me one now!  She said next time I should just say no and request someone else … I was like I could…..but you know I can’t!  I’d feel horrible!

So we walk over to another office to have a non-stress test done.  There are a series of monitors strapped to my belly, one for each baby’s heart beat and a fourth to monitor if I’m having contractions.  The test is usually 15 mins long …. our took about 2 hours.  Babies were rolling around and kicking and not being very cooperative.  The Nurse Tracy’s hands, arms and back were cramping while she was trying to find all the heart beats for long enough to pass the test.  Baby A started on the right side of my belly and by the end of the test was on the lower left side.  The other good news is that I need to have this test done twice a week from now until the babies come!  Me and Nurse Tracy are going to be very good friends!

Our next appointment is on Friday.  I’ll meet with Tracy again to talk about my diabetes at 9am then seen Dr Miller at 10:30.  We are going to try and do a biophysical profile during my ultrasound.  It’s  an ultrasound test that can tell the same information from a non-stress test.  However, they aren’t sure as the babes might be too little still to have it done this way.  If it doesn’t work then I’ll have a non-stress test again after my apt with Dr. Miller.

Things are really starting to heat up with this pregnancy.  But I would go thru all of these tests again as long as it means my baby boys are healthy and come into this world with the best start possible!  I was lucky to have Doug there with me today.  I know it’s hard to sit in a room for two hours while nurses are trying to get a heart beat and no one is talking to you.  But I hope he knows just how much it meant to me to not have to be alone today.  My best friend was in the room with me and for that I felt 200 times more brave!

Of course I’m a little behind on the belly shots …. so here is 28 & 29 Weeks!

28 Weeks (Jaden took this one!)

29 Weeks

Next posting I hope to have pictures from Mom’s baby shower from Sunday.  Just a little teaser to keep you all reading!

Love you all!  Mel


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27 Week Update

My typical day starts with rolling out of bed with a grunt and help from the wall.  I get dressed and waddle myself to my car.  Jaden and I drive to daycare either listening/watching Alvin and the Chipmunks or Over the Hedge.  I get a good hug and kiss from Jaden and I’m off to work.  I’m a little out of breath by the time I get to the elevator from my front handicap parking spot.  Then I usually get a few “what are you still doing here”  where I respond with something like “yea, I guess I’m just the energizer preggo” or someone asks “how are you feeling”  in which I respond with “big”.  I get to my desk and boot up my computer.

I get a little work in and drink at least two fills of my water (50 oz).  By lunch, I’m sort of hungry and I eat with either my girls or my team.  After lunch I’m really ready for a nap.  Kohl’s had a nursing room for new moms, I think they should have a nap room for pregnant mothers.  Drink another two fills (total of 100 oz of water).  By the time 5 rolls around, I’m SO ready to go home.  Get my little man and roll into the house.  We eat dinner, Doug makes Jaden dinner and does bath.  Then I get the best job … crawling into bed with Jaden and reading stories before bed.  Then I usually lay and cuddle with him, itching his feet until he falls asleep.  I know that he should be able to put himself to bed by now, but can’t help but think that one day he won’t want or need me to put him to bed.  So for now, I treasure our cuddle time.

Overall health, I’m feeling ok.  Just really tired, and big.  I know, I’ve got three babies and I should feel big, but my shirts do this weird tent thing on the bottom of my belly and it drives me nuts haha.  I feel like the bottom of my belly and all my stretch marks are being displayed for the world.  I can tell that the end is nearing and I won’t be able to work for much longer.  I get tired faster and sometimes I get a cramp when I over do it.  Don’t yell … I know I need to take it easy.  I’m trying, it’s just hard to limit yourself when you want to be able to care for your family or do something for yourself.

I have moments of disbelief.  I think … this is impossible, there can’t possibly be three lives growing inside of me.  There must only be one in there!  Or have thoughts that I can’t do it.  But I can and I will!  Looking forward to my doc appointment on Friday.  Hoping for another good report.

Here are some belly shots.  From what I’m told, the best view is when I’m laying on my back.  These don’t really show how big I’m really getting.  My belly measures 44 cm now … 6 cm larger than full term with Jaden.  And 5-7 weeks left!

Here is an excerpt from on how the babies are growing this week!

Baby’s now the size of an eggplant!
Baby’s lungs are going through some major developments these days, which (combined with the opening of previously plugged nostrils) means he’s now able to practice inhaling and exhaling. The lack of air in your womb means every “breath” is filled with amniotic fluid, but hey — it’s progress.


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26 Week Update

Things have been very busy these days!  School, work, basement, nursery, laundry…  I’m still working, now two days from home.  I really love the two days at home.  My feet don’t get swollen, I can watch the Ellen show and I get a lot more done than when I’m in the office.

So the update on the babies:  They all are over 2  pounds now!!  Baby A has caught up to little chunker Baby B.  They are both measuring at 2lbs 3oz.  While Baby C is measuring 2lbs 1oz.  They are in the 67th percent tile.  They guesstimate that if I carry them to 34 weeks, the babies will measure to 4.5-5 lbs each.  That means I’ll be carrying around 15 lbs of baby!  It’s also time we start thinking about meeting with the NICU to learn about where the babies might be once they are born.

We didn’t get new ultrasound pictures of all the babies, but I do have a new belly shot to share!

I think there is something going on with my sciatic nerve on my right side.  When I try to go to sleep at night, I get a shooting pain down my right leg and my hip aches sooo bad!  Dr. Miller mentioned that I might be able to start PT a little early to help with that.  I’ll bring it up when I visit Dr. Epperson on Thursday.  I also get my glucose tested again when there on Thursday.  Yippee!

Last night was one the first nights I was getting really mad that I couldn’t get comfortable.  I wish I could roll over without it hurting or having to exert a lot of energy!  Too bad it’ll be months before that is possible.

Yesterday Mom and Rae took me shopping for rocking/recliners.   Who knew one could get THAT tired from sitting in a bunch of chairs.  I was EXHAUSTED!  We went to three stores.  And of course when I thought I had found one, me and my pregger mind would be undecided again.  So we decided to think on it a while longer and perhaps go again some time.  But we started looking for it and that’s what counts!

Rae and Sarah came over last night to hang out and they ended up helping put together the cubbies we’re going to be using as a dresser.  I love them and of course, Doug does not. Once he sees the whole room set up I think he’ll change his mind.  Here are some sneak peek photos!

And I got the paper lanterns I want to hang above the baby’s cribs.  Doug of course finds them to be “hippy”  but I love them!

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24 Week Belly Shot!

My OB measured my belly today!  Also found out I’ve been measuring my belly “wrong”.  I’ve been measuring around my belly, from front to back.  The OB measures from the top to the bottom of my belly.  I’ll need to fix that going forward.  With Jaden I measured 38″ at the very end.  This week I measured 40″!  and we’ve got 8-10 weeks left.  Whooo Rah!

Also found out I lost two pounds in the past two weeks.  Looks like I’m not eating enough.  Lately I do forget to have dinner.  It gets to be 9 at night and my heart burn kicks in hard-core and then I remember I forgot dinner!  I just need to be better about remembering even when I’m not hungry.

Enjoy the photos!  Love, Mel


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23 Week Belly Shot

Introducing … my belly!  It’s funny cuz I didn’t realize I wore the same shirt for the 21 Week belly shot … so you have some good comparison in growth this week!  I’m still measuring 49″ around but I think I look bigger …. what do you think?

The kicks now are so big you can see my belly shake and flip and flop right along with the kicks.  I can sort of tell which baby is which kicks.  Baby A is really low and more “inside”.  Baby B is on my left side and moves into the back of my rib cage.  Then Baby C is all on top.  Baby C is by far the most active and I feel the most.  I’m not sure if it’s because of where he is positioned or if it’s because he really is that more active.

Next doc apt is on Friday morning…hope to have a weight and ultrasound update!

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21 Week Update

I can’t believe the babies will be here in 2 and a half months (hoping that all goes as planned).  Where did the time go?

Doug is working hard on getting the basement finished.  Dad and him just have some electrical to finish up and then we’ll have a contractor come in and drywall.  I know everyone keeps telling me to calm down, but honestly … I just wanna get it done before things get really crazy.  Once the basement is finished, we’ll have more room for all the furniture that needs to come out of the office (now nursery).

I’ve got my OB appointment on Thursday.  Hoping to get a final day of work out of it.  But whenever I’m hoping to find something out at an appointment, it never happens!  So … not going to keep my fingers crossed!

Here are the most current belly pictures!  We measure 49.5 inches around.  Yeee Haw!

I can really feel the babies kicking around, mostly at the end of the day … when I’ve sat for a while and started to calm down.  I mainly feel the flips and flops on the top of my belly.  I can feel a little of Baby A on the bottom of my belly, more on the inside tho.  Doug, Abby and Rae have been able to feel the kicks.  It’s so cool to share the movement and exciting with my family.  )That’s right Abby … I called you family!)  It’s harder for Doug to feel than the girls … I wonder if it’s a boy thing?

Next on the list is that darn minivan.  I’ve found a few that I like … just need to get them in front of Doug to approve or deny.

Tomorrow night is dinner for Dad’s birthday.  I made him a special dessert .. hope he likes it!  When picking up Jaden from school today I asked him if he wanted to call Pa to wish him a Happy Birthday … he was like “yesssss … yea … .oh yeah!”  ::arms in the air::  Which I thought was REALLY enthusiastic for someone’s birthday.  Then he followed up with … “I get cake!”  haha  they learn about birthdays so young!

Babies are the size of bananas this week … three naners in my belly!

Another exciting note … a mom in Shawno, WI reached out to me via one of the multiples websites!  Her mom lives in GB and heard of a woman having triples and half wondered if we might be the same.  She has SIX kids .. two and a set of quads.  I’m so excited to have my first mother of super twins correspondence.  Wow I’m a huge dork.  She emailed me right back … looks like I might have a new pen pal.  Ok I might be a little over excited.  The forums seem to be a great way to network.  I’m looking forward to meeting more moms and learning from the field experts!

It’s getting late … I should get to bed.  Have to take Jaden to the allergist tomorrow morning bright and early.  We’re going to see what we can do to get the little booger to sleep thru the night.  Poor little guy, wakes up every 4 hours, almost on the dot.  I’m guessing it’s when the Benadryl wears off.  Hope the Doc can hook us up!

Love you all!


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17 Week Update

17 Weeks already?!?! nuts!  I’m feeling pretty good, still loving the back brace.  Just realized that my belly looks a little weird .. sort of torpedo shaped in the photo.  I’m still wearing my brace in it.  Now I’m in my pjs and much to lazy to re-take the picture!

This week we’ve got two doc appointments (1 on Thursday with my OB and 1 on Friday with the specialist).  Hoping everything still goes well and we get good reports.  This will be the first time at my OB knowing that it’s all boys.  Wonder what they’ll say!?!?  I really do love going to my OB … they are quite wonderful!  To really finish off the week, Saturday is Wicked and Sunday is the Bissing Baby Shower!  Sherri is coming into town … can’t wait to visit with her!  Once Wednesday is over, it’ll be down hill for the rest of the week!

On another note, here is the “Your Pregnancy: Week 17” from … it sounds HORRIBLE .. really makes all you non-mothers out there want to jump on the baby band wagon!

Though increased blood flow is good for baby, it might be making you a little…damp. Body secretions (think sweat, mucus, nosebleeds, and vaginal discharge) are in full force. This week might also mark the first time you feel baby move inside you, but don’t worry if it’s another two months before you notice anything. (Or realize that this time, it’s actually not gas.)

……I don’t even know what to say following that.

Babies are now the size of an onion!
Babies skeleton are hardening, changing from rubbery cartilage to bone, and fat is finally accumulating around it. His umbilical cord is getting thicker and stronger, and those little fingers and toes now feature one-of-a-kind prints.



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