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Happy New Year! 2013

Wow … another year has passed.  How time flies!  I took the triplets to their 2 year check up this morning.  They are 10 lbs apart!!!  Logan and Jaden are only 6 lbs apart.  Weird how genetics work.

I took a look back at my resolutions for 2012 … I didn’t do horrible, but I didn’t accomplish all that I had wanted to.

Cook with more vegetables.

Well I started the year off pretty well with this one.  I made a homemade chicken pot pie … lots of veggies in that one!  I did, however, make keeping fresh fruits in the refrigerator part of my weekly shopping trip.  I have the boys hooked on apple slices and oranges.  So I wouldn’t call this one a total loss … but I still have some improvement to do.


I did research!  I actually took a class at UW-Waukesha called “How to Get Published.”  I have TONS of notes on how to get a book published.  I guess the next step would to actually take a step.  Who knows … maybe I’ll actually get around to that when all the dishes are all washed (and put away), the boys are fed, laundry clean and the kids are in bed.  Who am I kidding?!?  If all those things happened at the same time I’d be in bed by 9pm 🙂

Hang pictures.

Yeah …. I think I hung one.  And it was on a nail that was already in the wall from the previous owners.  Big FAIL on this one haha  Oh well …. life still keeps going and God still loves me.  I have found lots of time for crocheting hats & blankets and doing pinterest projects.  I’m not sure it counts towards this resolution, but it does go to show that I had some fun and not all work in 2012.

What are your New Year resolutions?  Got any ideas on what I should work on?  I’m not feeling very motivated to goal plan right now.  Maybe I’ll end up with “second quarter” new year resolutions …

I do think having yearly goals are important.  I was actually pumped to sign the square “made 2012 resolutions” in one of those ice breaker BINGO games.  Looking for things to improve in your life and in yourself are important.  It’s important as moms that we invest in ourselves and we work on the things that are still important to us.  Yes, our families usually come first but we still need to be a role model in how to care for yourself.  One day our little ones will be in charge of themselves … they will need to know how to be their own care giver.  Act in a way that we hope our children will act one day.

So … I’m going to keep brain storming on what my resolutions for 2013 will be.  Unless you’ve got a good idea for me??

Love, Mel


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Jaden’s School Harvest Dance


Being a kindergartner this year, Jaden had his FIRST school dance this past Friday.  He was super excited to dance with his “buddies” (as he put it) and wear his new Batman costume.  He really wanted to be Rafael (the red ninja turtle) but we couldn’t the costume in stock anywhere.  He found a “real” grapple hook from Batman and that made his decision.  He picked his costume out by the weapon accessory … sort of reminds me how I pick out my outfit by the shoes I want to wear 🙂

I dug out two of Jaden’s old costumes to wear, as the triplet’s costumes for this year aren’t finished yet.  Logan was a cowboy and Weston a dinosaur.  (check below for pictures of Jaden wearing the same costumes)

Logan as a cowboy (below)

Jaden as a cowboy 2008 (below)

Weston as a dinosaur (below)

Jaden as a dinosaur 2007 (below)

Jaden doing is best Batman leap — from the coffee table to the couch — made Doug NUTS haha I thought it made for a pretty awesome picture opportunity 🙂

The first stop we made when we got to the dance was the cookie table.  The triplets sat and enjoyed a treat while Jaden ran off and disappeared into the sea of elementary school kids.

Jaden found us to see if we could go across the hall to the book fair.  We all headed over to see what was going on.  Jaden picked out a chapter book – more appropriate for a 5th grader.  I told him to put it back because he wasn’t old enough for that scary book.  That’s when the attitude started – he pouted that he couldn’t have it.  Unfortunately that meant he wasn’t going to get any book – hence the pouting face in this nice brother photo.

We managed to get over the book situation and we enjoyed the last 30-45 mins of the dance.  Jaden totally loved it.  The babies were zonked by the end of the night.  It was a great Friday night in the Bissing house!  Now I can’t wait for you all to see the triplet’s costumes for THIS year!

Love, Mel



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Boys at the Pumpkin Farm

My daily quiet time hasn’t been going any better than the last time I blogged.  In fact, it didn’t happen at all on Saturday or Sunday.  How am I going to make this a habit if I can’t seem to even start?

Saturday I took the boys to a pumpkin farm with my sister, Rachael.  We had SO much fun!  The weather was amazing and the farm was filled with so many fun activities.  Bounce houses, mirror mazes, hay piles to jump in, two trains, pumpkin hay rides, corn mazes … and the list keeps going!  I think the only thing that went wrong was that we didn’t plan enough time for everything.  Ok … Jaden was kind of a pistol the whole day … but we still managed to have a ton of fun & Rae and I vowed to do it again next year (with the plan to stay the whole day).

Here are a few pictures from our adventure:


TeeTee won the “Greatest Aunt in the World” award and went into the bounce house with the boys!


Bah haha!


OK – Logan flew down the slide on his own – going head over butt the whole way down.  He landed laughing – thought it was the greatest thing ever!


When I zoomed in to see Rae’s face I laughed so hard I cried!

We went through the Batman corn maze!


This is Weston throwing a fit because I didn’t want to carry him any more … laying in the middle of the maze kicking and screaming.  Classic.  Rachael thought it was funny enough to take a picture – I just got annoyed.


We made a game of hiding in the corn and jumping out and scaring whoever was behind us!  (which was always Rachael haha but it was still fun!)


Towards the end the only thing that would keep Logan walking was his apple juice.


This isn’t very flattering, but all of us were racing to the end of the maze – final stretch!  Not to mention Weston was laughing hysterically while bouncing on my hip.


Jaden went through his first haunted house – it was a mirror maze.  I tried to take him through it but, because I’m a huge sissy, I convinced him to turn around and not go.  Rachael called me a whimp (rightfully so) and took Jaden through instead.  I’m such a scaredy cat …


While Jaden and Rachael were in the mirror maze, Weston, Logan and I hung out with the goats and llamas.


Don’t tell anyone, but Logan actually let one of the baby goats out!!  The gate wasn’t locked and he just pulled it open.  Thank goodness I was able to herd the little guy back in before he got away and anyone saw – man oh man …


There was this huge jumping pillow – it was just that, a ginormous pillow of air that the kids could run and jump on.  They loved it!


What pumpkin patch isn’t complete without a train ride?!?


And a pumpkin Xpress?

Logan – my little lover 🙂

Jaden and Rae loooooooove each other!


The two babies sitting side by side – they LOVED the ride!



The very last thing we did was shoot pumpkins out of this huge bazooka thing.  The man was so nice 🙂  Jaden even hit the huge pumpkin target (on the right hand side of the photo) a few times.  He LOVED it!


Logan & Weston got a turn shooting too!

Like I said – there was just A TON to do at this farm.  We had so much fun – and were SO tired by the time we headed home.  Can you believe we didn’t even come home with a pumpkin?  I had planned to stop at one of the pumpkin carts in Sussex, (after spending so much at the farm, I thought it would be better to just get the affordable pumpkins in town) but we were running late.  Soooo looks like we will be getting our pumpkins another time – it’s only the beginning of October, we’ve got plenty of time!  Right?  I AM looking forward to our first batch of pumpkin seeds tho …

Love, Mel



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Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there!  And to those single dads who fulfill the mother role in so many ways.  Being a mama isn’t always easy, but the perks are worth it.

I woke up to Jaden asking me what day it was.  When I said it was Mother’s Day his eye lit up and he jumped out of bed and reached underneath his bed frame and pulled out two wrapped gifts.  He was SO excited!  I opened them up slowly … he made me two garden stones at school.  He showed me each stone … this was is smooth … this one is really bumpy … I like the way it shines.  Then he sat up really tall and says “Ok I gave you your gift, now where is your gift for me?”  BAH haha  sweet kid.  I ended up finding him a set of Sponge Bob Square pants markers I had hidden away for a rainy day.

Doug treated me to a homemade breakfast of eggs & toast.  Isn’t it funny how much better food tastes when someone else makes it?

Then we headed over to my mom’s house.  My dad cooked for us … and I’m not lying when I say it was the best meal I have had in as long as I can remember!  Everything was perfect and sooooooo good.  Thanks Dad!

My mom had gotten a kiddie pool for the triplets to play in.  We striped them down and let them run around naked.  They had SO much fun!  I learned my first lesson of the summer … when the babies are naked outside, don’t forget to put sunscreen on their butts too!

As of course we couldn’t leave without a photo with all my boys (just like last year).

Then we tried for a full family photo.  Let’s just say out of the ten photos we took, we got one that was just ok.  It was blog post worthy experience!

Love, Mel


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Easter 2012

Easter morning came at about 6:45am.  Jaden was SUPER excited to see what the bunny brought for him this year.  He’s been telling me how the bunny totally messed up last year and he hopes he gets it right this year.  We still need to work on Jaden’s thankfullness … yikes!

Logan found his and Weston’s baskets right away.

Weston dug right into the Peeps … he eat a whole row of them like corn on the cob!

Yep, this picture pretty much sums it up …

Took Jaden a bit to find his basket … but he finally did.  AND he’s been talking about how awesome the Easter Bunny was this year.  Excuse me while I rock on with my bad self … thank you very much!

My sister bought the boys their Easter outfits.  SO STINKING CUTE!  Of course you would think that Jaden was a teenager the way he complained the entire day about only wanting to wear his new Batman Lego tshirt he got from grandma.  What happened to the kid that wore a collared shirt and tie to school all last week?  I was able to get a few really nice pictures of the boys in their outfits.

I find myself wondering what this picture would look like if Owen where here.  Then, I see Jaden’s arms around Logan and Weston, and I feel like he is in this picture.  He’s in Jaden’s arms that hold and guide his brothers.  He’ll remember Owen.  He’ll be able to tell them about all three babies when they get older.  Even though it kills me that Jaden knows the pain of death so early, it’s beautiful to know that he will remember it so he can tell the triplets.  Maybe it will mean something different to the boys hearing about their brother FROM their older brother.

Switching gears … I know that I’m their mom … but dang I think my kids are cute 🙂  Now I just need to remember this on the days that I don’t find them so cute …

We headed over to Doug’s grandma’s house in the afternoon.  The boys had a blast playing outside with all of the older cousins.  It’s really special watching Jaden run around with the other kids … he’s so proud to have his cousins.  Watching how happy he is, makes me even happier.

Watching the boys play together was so much fun too!

Easter was also Aunt Kris’ birthday.  She is such a great sharer that she decided to let the babies dig into her cake!  They eat just like their first birthday!  Weston dug in with both hands and Logan was danty about it … just using one finger and careful not to make a mess.  So funny since Logan is a garbage disposal and will eat just about anything you put in front of him.  Weston eats like a bird (another reason to call him bird boy haha!)  I think he’s going to be like me with a MAJOR sweet tooth 🙂

Overall it was a wonderful holiday.  We got home nice and late … just hand enough energy to unload the car.  Forget about unpacking.  But that’s exactly what a holiday is all about – spending time with each other and not on chores.

Hope you all had a blessed Easter as well!

Love, Mel


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Four Easter Baskets

Happy Easter everyone! He is risen. He is risen indeed!

I really wish I could be in my church for Easter service. We are visiting Doug’s family in the Green Bay area. And if I was going to miss church, this is where I would rather be.

The Easter bunny came last night as expected. I bought the boy’s baskets last year after Easter (I got a really good deal!) — but we still had Owen. It hurt to take out the brand new baskets — looking at four but only having three children who would go hunting for them on Easter morning. I packed all of them anyways. I couldn’t leave Owen’s behind.

When assembling the baskets, I put grass in all four of them. I assembled the triplet’s baskets first. So proud of all the great finds I got for them! There were microphones that sing. There were two bunny books. Magnets for the fridge at home. Goldfish crackers and fruit snacks. Pinwheels …

Then I assembled Jaden’s basket. Still not sure what I was going to do with the Owen’s. Then I started to fill the easter eggs with jelly beans. I then decided I would use Owen’s basket for the candy. That way I didn’t have to figure out how to fit them into the already full baskets. Done.

Owen was still apart of the family. Not in an obvious way. But I know morning when they reach for a candy filled egg this morning, they are sharing in Owen’s peace. They are taking a piece of their brother to enjoy. I thank Owen for looking out for his brothers. I pray that he lets them know him in a way only he can.

I can only imagine what it’s like to celebrate Easter in heaven. There must be one HUGE party going on. Party on Owen – show them how us Medal/Bissings do it!

Love, Mel

PS I can’t wait to post pictures of the boy’s Easter outfit – Thank you TeeTee

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Easter Preparations

Easter is almost here … crazy.  I naturally think about what we were doing last year.  Last year Doug and I were so excited to bring the triplets up to Green Bay for the first time.  I remember their matching “My First Easter” onesies.  I can remember taking tons of pictures as it was the first time many of Doug’s relatives had met the new babies.  Then I remember printing the photos for the boards at Owen’s funeral … that quick a happy memory is brought back to reality.

I’m not really sure how I feel about Easter.  We are going up to Green Bay again to visit Doug’s family.  I might be the only wife who gets excited to see her in-laws 🙂  I don’t have an extended family to offer my kids and family is so important.  My heart is so happy seeing Jaden run around with the cousins and having so much fun.  I’m really glad Doug agreed to make the drive up again this year.

In the same breath I fear doing the same thing.  Will Owen’s absence feel greater by being in the same house?  With the same people?  Every second of reality being echoed by a memory of what used to be.  I welcome the pain.  It’s how I know I’m still alive – I feel.

The hype of the one year anniversary continues to build.  I’ve been thinking of what I want to do to honor the day.  I don’t want it to pass like just any other day.  There are people who I think of every day that should be recognized.  I still think of the paramedics who flooded the nursery sometimes when I walk in to change a diaper.  I picture the view from the ambulance front seat when I drive past the fire station on my way to the grocery store.  There is no escaping these memories and flash backs.  The come without warning and leave a trail of raw pain.

I’ll figure out a way to remember Owen in a special way on Easter.  I still have a few days to figure it out.  To prepare myself for what I may or may not feel/think.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from last Easter.  So much life and wonder in these.  I miss Owen.

(Logan, Owen, Weston)

My sister just bought the boys’ Easter outfits – just wait to see what they’ll have on this year.  I’ll be posting pictures for sure!

Love, Mel


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Reflections on 2011

With 2011 drawing to a close … I keep thinking about the News Year Resolutions I posted last January.  This past year has been a doo-see that’s for sure.  No one would blame me if I didn’t make a single one come true.

  1. Make a Mommy Friend
  2. Keep Blogging
  3. So fresh and so clean
  4. Jaden’s Activity of Choice
  5. The Great Outdoors
I think I did pretty darn good though …
I made lots of new mommy friends.  It started with the Supermom’s group at church and continued with meeting many moms over the internet.  This year was the first year I had other kids to shop for for Christmas.  Jaden had a bunch of friends to get a little something for.  It was really a lot of fun … especially those friends with girls.  hehehe I love me a baby tutu!
Keep blogging?  I think that one turned out … wink wink  Not only did I keep blogging but it went almost viral with 123,000 hits on May 26th.
I showered most every day … I get dressed most of the time 🙂  I can’t say I’ve showered everyday of 2011 … just being honest.  But I got into a good habit of making sure to shower before Doug leaves for work.  That helped a lot.
We signed Jaden up for TBall last summer.  He also wanted to attend Healing Hearts.  Next on the list is Karate.  He loves his superheros and wants to be more like them I think.  Perhaps that’s something for 2012.
The great outdoors I think I failed at.  The only time I really get out of the house these days is to go to Target and the bus stop.  Even in the summer time I found that the effort it took to get all three babies out the door and into a stroller was way more work than it was worth.  Jaden did play outside more than years past.  He played with the neighbor kids a lot.  To the point I was happy for school to start because they were all fighting.  I’m hoping when the triplets are bigger this summer it will be easier to get outside more.
Four out of five isn’t bad.  I think I passed 🙂  Now for thinking up a few resolutions for 2012.  Any ideas?
Love, Mel


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Christmas Eve

I’m FINALLY getting time to sit down and recount our Christmas celebration.  Having a husband home on vacation throws a wrench into my normal routine where I would have time to blog during the triplet’s morning nap.  Glad to have him home, but sheesh I miss my routine.

The day before Christmas Eve Doug got sick.  Like up on night-puke bucket next to the bed-keep the door shut so the sickness stays in there-kind of sick.  I thought I was successful in keeping them out of the bedroom until Logan started to up heave Friday night.  My first thought?  Crap, now we really are going to miss Grandma Van’s Christmas Eve party.  That makes four years in a row!  Who misses something four years in a row?  This family does.  I was irritated.

Logan woke up fine and did fine the rest of the day too.  I was waiting on pins and needles to see who was going to drop next … hoping it wouldn’t be me.

Jaden realized we didn’t have any cookies in the house to leave Santa – pretty sure we can thank Doug for that one 🙂  So Jaden and I made a batch of peanut butter cookies for the big guy. (yes he is wearing a batman costume haha)

We played a few family games.  Watched a bunch of Christmas movies.  Opened up some new Christmas pj’s from my sister.


I love how they start to get worse and worse as they go one.  Jaden tries so hard to keep smiling while the triplets beat him up.  Good big brother.  But this wrestling and monkey pile is a normal fixture in our house most days 🙂

I made Doug snap a few of me and my boys too 🙂

It started out innocent with a smile from Logan …

Then mass chaos set in!

They get worse and worse as we try to take a nice family picture 🙂  I feel bad for Jaden’s face in these …

Doug read Jaden the Night Before Christmas as Grandma Van reads the story every Christmas Eve – at the family gathering we weren’t able to attend … I’m not bitter …

And of course we put out cookies for Santa before heading to bed.  Six cookies to be exact.  One for each member of our family 🙂

Doug and I watched a movie ourselves before heading off to bed.  Praying that no one would wake up puking during the night ….

Love, Mel


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Magic of Christmas – Followup

So when Jaden and I were hanging out yesterday we started talking about Christmas and how Santa was coming soon.  I asked “Now what did you ask Santa for again?  I can’t remember.”  Do you know what he said?!!?!?!?  “I can’t remember either.”  I swear I’m going to get an ulcer from this kid some day …. I will be reminding him of this when he is old enough hahahaha

Well, I still ran across town last night and finally found him a true batman.  In fact he is getting two!  Thank you very much KMart!

Him saying that he doesn’t remember, while is still a little disappointing, was reassurance that he’ll be happy with whatever we pick out for him.  Good boy Jaden!

Love, Mel


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