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Tonsil Update

My family is officially four tonsils, four adenoids down and two ear tubes up. The last five days have gone by in a blink of an eye!

The morning of surgery, we were taken back to a pre-op room pretty much right away. The boys were so dang cute in their footy pajamas talking about how they were getting their tonsils out.


Logan went back first. They gave him a happy cocktail that made him keep pulling up his hospital gown. The doc said it was quite normal for boys to have that reaction to the medicine. HA!

Weston got a little restless when his brother was gone. He saw the team take Logan to surgery all by himself – he was thinking that I’d be coming too … whoops! Moms might be super heroes, but they don’t get to go into the OR for tonsillectomies. He started to get a little nervous and squirrely. It wasn’t long before he got his silly juice and settled down. Phew that stuff works magic! Weston tried to pull himself up to sit. I think the whoosiness hit him … he giggled and flopped back down – like a drunk 4-year-old. He thought it was great and tried to pull himself up a few more times, each time his head would sway and he would flop back down. Funny stuff. As the doctors got him ready to go back for surgery, he asked about Logan. “Is my brother all done? He ok?” My sweet boy … asking about his brother. A triplet’s bond is tight.

There was only a few minutes before I was called back to see Logan in recovery. I walked into Logan’s room and his poor eyes were swollen from crying. His eyes said it all .. You tricked me! This surgery stuff is no fun.


I dropped my bags and sat next to him to hold his hand. My heart just broke! It’s funny because I didn’t imagine them being scared or crying … I imagined them having sore throats, but not having the sups sups. Logan said he didn’t have any owies, which was good – the emotions were normal from what the nurses told me. It was only about 20 minutes and two popsicles before Logan was ready to move to his post-op room. I was going to go back with Logan while¬†Doug met Weston in recovery. I walked two steps out of Logan’s room and I could hear Weston screaming “I want mama! I want mama! MAMA!!!!” We paused for Logan’s nurse to see if they wanted me to come in or not. They said yes. I walked into Weston’s room and he was hysterical. Trying to climb out of his bed – just screaming. Once he had his mama and some morphine he was much better. A post-op M&M ūüôā

photo (15)

I was happy that neither of the boys were in any pain – they were just sluggish and glazed over. Logan was quick to bounce back. He was back in his pj’s in no time. He got a wheelchair ride from his room to Weston’s. It was a little ridiculous because they were literally 10 feet away from each other. Logan crawled up on my lap as I sat in the rocking chair next to Weston’s bed.I snapped this priceless picture of them:


Logan was getting fidgety and starting to climb all over. Logan and I occupied ourselves with selfies while Weston slept …


Finally, Weston was alert enough that we could go home. We closed down day surgery – rebels!


Once we were home the boys settled in well. They pretty much just fell asleep on the couch. I slept on the couch with them. A pretty uneventful evening really. I had expected so much worse!


The next few days were filled with snuggles. As long as Weston could see or touch me he was fine. As long as Logan had his panda and baby doll he was fine. My favorite was sitting in the middle of the two of them. Being a single, full time working mom I don’t have much time to just sit and cuddle. Cuddling was my full time job for the last few days. No complaints here!



Day three¬†–¬†Weston really perked up. Logan had not.


Friday night Doug picked up the boys as it was his weekend with them. As a mama that was hard to hand over my babies when they weren’t feeling well, even if it was to their dad. No one can take care of her baby cubs like a mama bear.

I can say that the past few days have gone a lot smoother than I could have ever imagined. I thought I would be up all night with crying kids but that wasn’t the case¬†at all. They only cried when it was time to take medicine. I have to admit that Weston spit out his medicine all over me not once, but twice. Wardrobe change!

We still have Monday and Tuesday home from school. I’m actually looking forward to playing stay at home mom again. Keeping them low key is going to be a challenge …

Thank you prayer warriors for all of the prayers and thoughts! They all worked wonders! I don’t think we will be missing those tonsils at all …

Love, Mel

Little hands fit perfectly in a mommy’s hand.
I especially love this picture, because the blanket in the background is the blanket I slept with every night while in the hospital with Owen. A friend of mine, from elementary school, made the blanket for Owen, but since he was on the medical study and had to be kept cold, I slept with it. It’s turned into my adult security blanket. Thank you Kate – your beautiful gift still brings me comfort!



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Adios Tonsils!

Tomorrow is a big day … the triplets are getting their tonsils out. I’ve known this day was coming for quite a while … their tonsils are so huge that they are actually impeding their speech. I’m quite glad they are getting them out – I remember how wonderful it was when I got mine out at the age of 21. I wish I had gotten mine out a lot sooner!

I was rock solid about the whole thing until today at about 11:30 a.m. I started to piece together what tomorrow would be like. We would walk into the same hospital that we said goodbye to Owen in. We would kiss our babies goodbye as the doctors took Logan and Weston to the same OR where Owen’s heart, liver and kidneys were removed. I picture the recovery room – where Doug and I were escorted to a small room off to the side, where we would hold and kiss our baby boy for the last time. Then I remember how his cheeks were pale and cool to the touch – like we had been out for a walk on a crisp fall¬†day. I can still feel his cool cheeks on my lips.

My mind just went crazy, remembering all kinds of things that 1. I haven’t thought of in sooooo long and 2. weren’t really helpful in preparing for tomorrow. I’m taken off guard on how quickly these memories come to the surface. I mean, things have been good for a really long time and then BAM the memories and pain in my chest all come back. I attempted¬†to fend off the thoughts as I tried to focus in a meeting and while I tried to get bulletins done for worship while I’m out of work – brushing the slow tears that formed in the corner of my eyes away and taking in a deep breath as my heart skips a beat. Gosh – it’s crazy how the mind can just take over.

The boys are ready … we’ve been talking about it a lot. A typical conversation goes like this:

Me: Boys, are you ready for your surgery?

Weston: Yeah Рthese balls in the back of my mouth are going to get out when we go to see the doctor.

Logan: Daddy has the balls in his mouth out.

Me: Yes, that’s right! Mommy has her tonsils out too. When we get to the hospital they are going to give you a funny gown to wear.

Logan: Mama, I keep my underwear on?

Me: Yes, Logan, you can keep your underwear on. Then, you’ll go to sleep and when you wake up, you’ll have a sore throat.

Weston: ME NO WANT TO HAVE A SORE THROAT! I reaaaaally no wanna go Mama.

Me: It’ll be OK bud. How many popsicles do you get to have for breakfast?

Weston and Logan (looking confused): Popsicles no breakfast food mama. We eat pancakes for breakfast.

Me: But when you have your tonsils out you can have a popsicle for breakfast … or 5 or 6 or 12!

Weston: I like popsicles. I eat Popsicle for breakfast and no go to the doctor?

Smart kid … always thinkin’.

They’ll be fine … most likely clung to me over the next few days but just fine. I’ve cleared my schedule – gotten caught up on most of my chores so I can just focus on them. I’ve got my brother and sister lined up to spend extra time with Jaden. It’s gonna be good – hard – but good.

I’ve got their bags packed – favorite blanket, baby pandas (they have matching stuffed animals), favorite movie and their LeapPads. All I have to do is give them some jello for an early breakfast and get to Children’s Hospital on time ūüôā

If you think of it, could you send a prayer our way tomorrow? One for Logan at around Noon and one for Weston around 1 p.m.? You have been such prayer warriors for my family in the past, I feel bad asking for more … but prayers are free right?¬†And hey, I’ll make you a deal .. you pray for my kids and I’ll pray for your kids any time! Just drop me a note and I’d be honored to pray for your little life’s treasures!




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When Dreams Come True

Yep – this happened a few weeks ago.


I think I am still in shock that I would ever have a home I would be proud of. Being a single mom of three boys isn’t easy. Every morning I wake up I wonder if it was all a dream. A happy home. A home where there is enough room for my boys to play. A kitchen with more than 18″ of counter space to make lunches on. Enough bedrooms for each of my kids. A neighborhood where I feel safe. Finally a home that reflects the kind of family I want to be.

There is a sense of sadness in being a home owner on my own … I’m alone. I never dreamed of owning a home by myself. I never wanted to bare the responsibility only on my shoulders. It sort of made me stare at myself in the mirror and be honest with the fact that I am single. Which hurt. It sucks to be honest with the truth that someone who was supposed to love you forever, really didn’t love you at all.

I have received so much help over the past few weeks – it’s hard to know where to start in thanking them. I like to think of myself as a handy girl – and if not handy at least, resourceful. But dang there is so much to learn and I’d be lost without my loved ones, especially my dad. I did successful learn how to lay commercial grade tile in my laundry room and how to re-stain and varnish my window sils. I also learned how quickly a dishwasher can flood my kitchen floor. My dear family friends and family were at my house until almost midnight, every night, for almost a week – painting, cleaning, unpacking and making my house a home. I’d be lost without them … or buried under unpacked boxes.

So yes, I wake up every morning thinking that it couldn’t possibly be true that a dream became a reality. I am reminded of how much I still have to learn every corner I turn. And I am starting to wonder if¬†there will ever be a night without a house project!

I am so blessed. Dreams really do come true and girls really can know how to use power tools!

Love, Mel


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Reflections on Jaden’s 8th Birthday Party

Today is Jaden’s 8th birthday. I became a mother for the first time 8 years and 12 hours ago, photo1 ¬†¬†almost exactly. Where on earth did the time go and how on earth do I have FOUR more children already!?!?

We like to celebrate birthdays big in my family … my mother coined the term “birthday week.” So last night, we had a bunch of Jaden’s friends over to my parent’s house for an outdoor movie. The party didn’t start until 7 p.m. which is quite late for a bunch of 7-8 year-olds. I had thought we’d be able to start the movie around 8 and then kids would be picked up by 9:30. Not so much … turns out the sun sets at 8:30 ish and it’s not even really dark enough to show a movie outside until almost 9 p.m. Sure wish I would have known that before 7:30 p.m. on the night of the party. Needless to say, I had a lot of stalling time with 15 kids running wild. Annnnd one might say I didn’t do the best job planning either. That doesn’t change the fact, that I was highly unprepared to entertain my own children, let alone the 15 that were dropped off at the front door.

We played Red Light, Green Light. We played ghost in the graveyard, which apparently is called fox in the cornfield when played in daylight. We played pick up the broken pieces of balloons in the grass. We sang happy birthday and eat Minecraft rice crispy¬†bar cake (because it’s photo2something that I can make Jaden-friendly because of¬†his food allergies). I¬†was running out of stalling activities and the sun was still very clearly still in the sky. I texted my sister, who was upstairs, and asked for HELP!!! ok it was a mayday signal. I was in over my head, and I had no idea how on earth to control the situation. Just because you are a mother, does NOT mean you have the gift of controlling mobs of little people called children. I was in over my head and sinking fast.

My sister and brother came outside and asked me what was next – presents, another game, start the movie? They were there to help. I was a deer in headlights and didn’t know what to do. At first they thought maybe I was just being flighty Mel – the one that can’t really focus enough to make a decision. Then, they saw my face and realized that I really didn’t know what to do … they jumped in to help. It was¬†decided that it was time to open presents, then we would start the movie inside and move outside when it was dark enough. THANK YOU!

The rest of the night turned out great. My sister continued to give me pointers on what to do next. When they had all been picked up, I was feeling both like a failure and that I accomplished a miracle, But most of all, I had such a profound appreciation for teachers. They actually choose to do this on a daily basis and most of them actually like it. Saints I tell ya.

Being able to control small mobs of children is not easy – it’s a god-given gift, one that I do not have. There are many talents God did give me, just not this one. It’s also evidence that just because you have lots of children, does not mean you are a good with children. I love my kids to the moon and back, but for the most part, I have no clue what I am doing. I relay on books, parenting groups, prayer and advise from other moms on how to mother. It does not come easily for me, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to be. I find that I’ve got the loving and playing with my children down pat, but not the disciple or getting them to do what they are supposed to do thing down.

I continue learn a lot from my sister in that department. She has the god-given talent of being in control of young people. She is able to captivate their attention and get them to quiet¬†down so they can¬†listen. She shows strength and discpline. She is my role model when trying to be a better mother. Ironic because she isn’t a mother herself (yet). But lordy has she taught me lots and shown me how to be a better leader in my own homes.¬†(Side note: my own mom teaches me a heck of a lot in this department as well!)¬†

Lessons I learned on Jaden’s 8th birthday:

  1. 8 years goes by really super fast
  2. Jaden is my favorite 8 year-old on this planet!
  3. I have little to no experience (or talent) in being in control of 15 people under 4 feet tall
  4. It doesn’t get dark enough outside for a movie until 9 p.m. and the time between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. can seem like an eternity
  5. When having a “build your own trail mix” bar – kids really interpret that as a “fill my bowl with candy and skip the cereal” bar
  6. Having lots of children does not mean you are good at being in charge of lots of them
  7. Mobs of children can be intimidating
  8. My sister is an amazing teacher
  9. My 8 year old, Jaden, is an incredible little man
  10. I would miserably fail at being a teacher

I have now delegated the motherly task of planning my children’s birthday parties to my sister. She will be in charge going forward. It’s for everyone’s best interest …¬†

Love, Mel

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Shoe Shopping

Took the boys shoe shopping for new shoes. For the life of me I couldn’t get then to try on boy shoes … they loved anything pink, sparkled, and with a heel. I decided to give up my agenda of finding new shoes and sat back for the fashion show!







How can you not just love these two?!? Ok I might be a little biased ūüôā

Love, Mel


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Logan Wasn’t Exactly Wrong

Last week the triplets and I spent almost everyday at church getting ready for the rummage. The first day they were pretty well behaved. I was able to work for hours getting everything sorted!! The second day they were still pretty good, but you could tell they were getting a little comfortable.

I was in the lobby sorting clothes and my friend, Jen, came out to tell me that Logan had taken his clothes off and was sitting on the potty saying “poo poo”. I jumped up right away — they aren’t potty trained yet! So I turned the corner ready to walk into the women’s bathroom when Jen turned right to enter the room where all the rummage toys were. I followed and found Logan!


He wasn’t exactly wrong … I couldn’t exactly be upset. But boy oh boy was I embarrassed! Logan had tried to use the pretty pink potty all by himself …. Just in a potty that was for sale!!! I was thankful for two things at that very moment. 1.The boys might be out of diapers soon. 2.The church had bleach in the maintenance room!!

The rummage was a huge success! We sold a ton of stuff and made a ton of money for our ministry. And the potty sold ūüôā

Love, Mel


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Getting CrAzY at the McDonald’s Playland

My kids are nuts … we are talking banana crazy … do-wack-a-doos!

Doug and I took all the kids to the local McDonald’s for dinner and to run off a little steam. ¬†The triplets are still just a little too little to get up in the tunnels on their own. ¬†I usually end up having to get in there with him and help them up. ¬†Weston has way more adventure in him than his little body can handle just yet.

Today was no exception. ¬†The babies wanted to follow Jaden up to the slides but couldn’t quite pull themselves. ¬†I start crawling in right away and Doug said “Ummm, Mel, the sign? ¬†You must be between the ages of 5-12 … you are 29!!” ¬†Does he know me? ¬†I’m certainly 12 on the inside! ¬†I just giggled and kept on climbing. ¬†I¬†embarrassed¬†Doug – but more importantly … Mom of the Year Award over here please!

If I hadn’t been up in the tunnels with them, how would I have been able to take these cute pictures?




It was just the three kids and I playing for the longest time – we had the whole thing to ourselves. ¬†Jaden and I played hide and seek in the tunnels. ¬†I actually hid in the slide (thanks to keeping my shoes on for traction – Doug pointed out that it was yet another rule broken). ¬†We made a four person choo-choo down the biggest slide. ¬†We practiced our¬†tumbling¬†in the open area up top. ¬†I tickled all three boys to the point where you couldn’t understand them … it was the best time ever!

Logan and I came down the slide and Doug was shouting for me to get back up to the top. ¬†In my head I was thinking “what did I do NOW?” ¬†But I looked up and saw just a diaper butt running in the big open area up top. ¬†Told you my kids were banana crazy! ¬†Weston was the only one still in the tunnels and took the opportunity to strip down into just his diaper!


ImageOf course I snapped a few pictures before trying to get him clothed again – come on – this is funny! ¬†A part of me wanted to laugh out loud, the other to discipline and yet another part of me was jealous of how confident he was! ¬†Only my kids would get naked in such a dirty place like the McDonald’s Playland!

I’m thinking after that stunt, Doug was a little happy that I was able to crawl up there and chase him down. ¬†Needless to say it wasn’t an easy task. ¬†He is much faster in those tunnels than my fat butt is. ¬†It took a great deal of effort to tackle him and force him to get his clothes back on. ¬†He was loving all the freedom a little too much! ¬†I was just thankful he kept his diaper on!

Yep … my kids are “those” kids!

Love, Mel


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Introducing Son #5

Logan has made a new best friend and lately he has been one of the family. I’ve got to be honest, I thought this was just going to be a day or two long interest … But we are going on a week and a half of this love affair!

Logan insisted on “Wee” being buckled in.

Once at the grocery store, Logan tucked him into the front seat before climbing into the infamous car on the front of the cart.20130213-141541.jpg

The separation didn’t last long … 20130213-141550.jpg

Nap time20130213-141559.jpg

Sharing is caring20130213-141606.jpg

Logan’s turn on top!20130213-141616.jpg

Guess where we are …20130213-141627.jpg

That’s right! Woody even keeps Weston company on the potty!20130213-141635.jpg

iPad time – Woody was pretty agreeable and didn’t mind watching what the other boys wanted to watch.20130213-141647.jpg

Woody even has a chair at the dinner table. In fact, Logan took Jaden’s dinner plate and gave it to woody. You can imagine how that went over. 20130213-141658.jpg

I think it’s even cuter because Woody is the same size as Logan. Logan is so attentive to him … Super cute to see your baby pretending to take care of another “baby”. What isn’t so cute is how Weston has figured out that he can really get under Logan’s skin buy casually walking off with Logan’s BFF. So many fights … Add referee to my job description!

Love, Mel


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Monkey See Monkey Do

I don’t know about your kids but mine love to watch themselves on camera and look at pictures of themselves. Sometimes its fun to play with them ūüôā





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Baby Tricks

The boys have a few words and tricks that they learned.  I find this video quite entertaining and I was excited I could get them to do most of their tricks right in a row!

Happy Friday! Hope this video makes you smile!

Love, Mel


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