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Shoe Shopping

Took the boys shoe shopping for new shoes. For the life of me I couldn’t get then to try on boy shoes … they loved anything pink, sparkled, and with a heel. I decided to give up my agenda of finding new shoes and sat back for the fashion show!







How can you not just love these two?!? Ok I might be a little biased ūüôā

Love, Mel



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Logan Wasn’t Exactly Wrong

Last week the triplets and I spent almost everyday at church getting ready for the rummage. The first day they were pretty well behaved. I was able to work for hours getting everything sorted!! The second day they were still pretty good, but you could tell they were getting a little comfortable.

I was in the lobby sorting clothes and my friend, Jen, came out to tell me that Logan had taken his clothes off and was sitting on the potty saying “poo poo”. I jumped up right away — they aren’t potty trained yet! So I turned the corner ready to walk into the women’s bathroom when Jen turned right to enter the room where all the rummage toys were. I followed and found Logan!


He wasn’t exactly wrong … I couldn’t exactly be upset. But boy oh boy was I embarrassed! Logan had tried to use the pretty pink potty all by himself …. Just in a potty that was for sale!!! I was thankful for two things at that very moment. 1.The boys might be out of diapers soon. 2.The church had bleach in the maintenance room!!

The rummage was a huge success! We sold a ton of stuff and made a ton of money for our ministry. And the potty sold ūüôā

Love, Mel


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Getting CrAzY at the McDonald’s Playland

My kids are nuts … we are talking banana crazy … do-wack-a-doos!

Doug and I took all the kids to the local McDonald’s for dinner and to run off a little steam. ¬†The triplets are still just a little too little to get up in the tunnels on their own. ¬†I usually end up having to get in there with him and help them up. ¬†Weston has way more adventure in him than his little body can handle just yet.

Today was no exception. ¬†The babies wanted to follow Jaden up to the slides but couldn’t quite pull themselves. ¬†I start crawling in right away and Doug said “Ummm, Mel, the sign? ¬†You must be between the ages of 5-12 … you are 29!!” ¬†Does he know me? ¬†I’m certainly 12 on the inside! ¬†I just giggled and kept on climbing. ¬†I¬†embarrassed¬†Doug – but more importantly … Mom of the Year Award over here please!

If I hadn’t been up in the tunnels with them, how would I have been able to take these cute pictures?




It was just the three kids and I playing for the longest time – we had the whole thing to ourselves. ¬†Jaden and I played hide and seek in the tunnels. ¬†I actually hid in the slide (thanks to keeping my shoes on for traction – Doug pointed out that it was yet another rule broken). ¬†We made a four person choo-choo down the biggest slide. ¬†We practiced our¬†tumbling¬†in the open area up top. ¬†I tickled all three boys to the point where you couldn’t understand them … it was the best time ever!

Logan and I came down the slide and Doug was shouting for me to get back up to the top. ¬†In my head I was thinking “what did I do NOW?” ¬†But I looked up and saw just a diaper butt running in the big open area up top. ¬†Told you my kids were banana crazy! ¬†Weston was the only one still in the tunnels and took the opportunity to strip down into just his diaper!


ImageOf course I snapped a few pictures before trying to get him clothed again – come on – this is funny! ¬†A part of me wanted to laugh out loud, the other to discipline and yet another part of me was jealous of how confident he was! ¬†Only my kids would get naked in such a dirty place like the McDonald’s Playland!

I’m thinking after that stunt, Doug was a little happy that I was able to crawl up there and chase him down. ¬†Needless to say it wasn’t an easy task. ¬†He is much faster in those tunnels than my fat butt is. ¬†It took a great deal of effort to tackle him and force him to get his clothes back on. ¬†He was loving all the freedom a little too much! ¬†I was just thankful he kept his diaper on!

Yep … my kids are “those” kids!

Love, Mel


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Introducing Son #5

Logan has made a new best friend and lately he has been one of the family. I’ve got to be honest, I thought this was just going to be a day or two long interest … But we are going on a week and a half of this love affair!

Logan insisted on “Wee” being buckled in.

Once at the grocery store, Logan tucked him into the front seat before climbing into the infamous car on the front of the cart.20130213-141541.jpg

The separation didn’t last long … 20130213-141550.jpg

Nap time20130213-141559.jpg

Sharing is caring20130213-141606.jpg

Logan’s turn on top!20130213-141616.jpg

Guess where we are …20130213-141627.jpg

That’s right! Woody even keeps Weston company on the potty!20130213-141635.jpg

iPad time – Woody was pretty agreeable and didn’t mind watching what the other boys wanted to watch.20130213-141647.jpg

Woody even has a chair at the dinner table. In fact, Logan took Jaden’s dinner plate and gave it to woody. You can imagine how that went over. 20130213-141658.jpg

I think it’s even cuter because Woody is the same size as Logan. Logan is so attentive to him … Super cute to see your baby pretending to take care of another “baby”. What isn’t so cute is how Weston has figured out that he can really get under Logan’s skin buy casually walking off with Logan’s BFF. So many fights … Add referee to my job description!

Love, Mel


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Monkey See Monkey Do

I don’t know about your kids but mine love to watch themselves on camera and look at pictures of themselves. Sometimes its fun to play with them ūüôā





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Baby Tricks

The boys have a few words and tricks that they learned.  I find this video quite entertaining and I was excited I could get them to do most of their tricks right in a row!

Happy Friday! Hope this video makes you smile!

Love, Mel


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Happy 2nd Birthday Triplets!

My “baby” triplet boys turned two this past Saturday (Nov 10). ¬†I can’t believe it’s been two years … honestly, when you are a mom, where does the time go? ¬†I spent the night before wrapping their gifts and decorating the living room for them. ¬†When we got them up the next morning they rushed out into a room of balloons and instantly starting throwing them at one another. ¬†The giggles were SO worth the effort the night before.

The very next thing I did that morning was light a candle for Owen.

Started the day off with doughnuts for breakfast! ¬†They only eat the top of them off … smart ūüôā

Doug’s parents came down from Green Bay to celebrate – the boys were really happy to see them!

Then it was present time!  And boy were they spoiled!

When Weston opened up some clothes, he just threw them to the side – we need to work on our “thank you” manners!

Logan’s CHEEEEESE face!

Doug & I got the boys a trampoline – hopefully it will help burn off some of their two year old energy this winter!


And of course there was cake!

Jaden had to show them how to blow out the candles and then there was no stopping them!


By 6:30pm the boys were tired out!  Having no nap and countless sugar highs and lows Рboth boys fell asleep in my arms.

Turning two is tiring stuff! ¬†The boys are getting HUGE! ¬†It was a great day … can’t wait to celebrate again with my side of the family this Saturday (after the Little Warrior event).

Love, Mel



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Watch Out I Bite!

We have a problem … Weston has learned to bite. ¬†It started with Logan. ¬†But he did it when he got overly excited … like he would run up and tackle you in a big hug and get carried away and bite into your arm. ¬†Weston is a whole other story! ¬†He bites when he gets mad! ¬†It’s his way of fighting back with Logan.

I usually hear the blood curdling scream and find Logan in tears with a big, red, wet bite mark on his arm. ¬†I’ve only seen it happen right in front of me a few times. ¬†Picture this: ¬†Logan is riding on a bike that Weston wants. ¬†Weston tries to push Logan off which he can NEVER do considering he weighs a full 10 lbs less than him. ¬†Then his eyes flare rage and he sinks his teeth into whatever flesh is closest.

I feel horrible! ¬†I’ve been able to catch him before he bites only a few times. ¬†(I’m starting to learn the look in Weston’s eye in order to stop him before it happens.)

Anyone else out there have biters? ¬†How do I get him to stop?? ¬†Right now I put Weston in his crib for a minute or two every time he does it. ¬†But we are going on two full days of this with no signs of learning. ¬†Pretty sure Love & Logic would tell me to keep with it and he’ll learn … but gosh I’m afraid to take Logan out in public for fear that people will think I beat my children! ¬†His arms are COVERED in bruises!

Love, Mel

ps. ¬†I had another thought … do they make¬†muzzles¬†for toddlers??? ¬†::kidding!::


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Weston = bird boy

With the weather getting warmer these days, I’ve learned something about Weston – he LOVES birds. ¬†We are talking total freak out – will watch them out the back door for hours kind of love. ¬†I grabbed my iPad to video tape a freak out session while trying to get the kids in the house after running Jaden to school. ¬†Hence the pj’s in the video ūüôā ¬†Enjoy!

Love, Mel


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A good birthday, indeed.

We woke up to snow this morning … yep, the white nasty stuff. ¬†We sang happy birthday to all three of the boys this morning before Doug headed off to work. ¬†I was picking out clothes for Jaden and suggested he wear green and blue for the birthday boys. ¬†He reminded me that he needed orange too. ¬†I found some orange¬†Halloween¬†pumpkin socks. ¬†He suggested orange pants. ¬†Then I remembered we had a pair of orange sweatpants from a pumpkin costume. ¬†So here is what Jaden picked out to wear today in honor of his brother’s birthday:

Dear heavens I hope his teachers get the drift that he dressed himself today ūüôā

After I walked Jaden to the bus stop, the triplets and I had a laid back morning. ¬†We played with the new musical instruments the boys got a their party. ¬†I drank a pot of coffee. ¬†By myself. ¬†Didn’t get to shower though … ¬†That’s ok, playing is more fun anyways. ¬†I got the boys dressed in some new shirts … blue and green of course and snapped their 12 month photos.

We even snuck a play date in with Layla … ¬†The three babies had a ton of fun stealing each other’s sippy cups at lunch and popping all the balloon I blew up for a mock party.

Doug has been saying since the triplets were born that he wants them to be walking before their first birthday. ¬†I’ve said he’s freaking nuts!!! ¬†Walking babies are much harder than crawling babies. ¬†In just the past few days, the triplets started to stand on their own, without holding onto something. ¬†Wouldn’t you know … Weston took a step today! ¬†That little booger. ¬†He got so excited with me hooting and hollering that he couldn’t stand up on his own …. he just kept bouncing. ¬†So Doug didn’t get his whole wish … but a little bit ūüôā

As I’m watching the boys play, I started watching the snow falling. ¬†They were those huge fat flakes … the kind that make you want to dance in the snow. ¬†I started thinking about Owen and angels … and heaven. ¬† An image of an angel baby with big fluffy white feathered wings … what if, just what if, the angel babies were celebrating Owen’s first birthday so hard, their feathers were falling from heaven. ¬†The snow. ¬†You know¬†like one of those pillow fights from the movies with the girls jumping on beds in their underwear, hitting each other with pillows and feathers exploding all over the place.

The orange marigolds I planted in memory of Owen are still in bloom.  The bright orange color showing through the falling snow was a reminder that he is here.  (these are actual photos of the plant outside our front door)

We enjoyed some more cake tonight too … Owen’s smash cake. ¬†Along with the lit orange candle on the dinner table, it was our way of including him in our family dinner. ¬†The boys were much more ‘dainty’ with it this time around. ¬†They still needed baths though ūüôā

Lately I’ve been having these very real experiences of feeling Owen. ¬†I feel like a flake for admitting this. ¬†I swear I’m not trying to go all Jerry Springer physic on you. ¬†But I just have these feelings like he is really here. ¬†Sometimes I want to reach out and rub my hand across the top of his head like I used to. ¬†I can still feel it. ¬†His hair was the smoothest of them all and his head was the roundest. ¬†I want to kiss the top of his head like I do with Logan and Weston. ¬†Instinct. ¬†I do it so often, most times I don’t know I’m doing it. ¬†Instinct.

When we were in the hospital I was in tune to these feelings. ¬†I had time to sit and absorb. ¬†To feel. ¬†To think. ¬†The rest of the world seemed to stand still while we were in this small room. ¬†I was able to think. ¬†Real life is nothing like the protected little hospital room. ¬†It’s fast paced, racing time,¬†chaos. ¬†Time is limited and there is not silence for me to think in. ¬†I remember searching for him … praying that Owen would come back. ¬†Certain he was not in the child’s body that lay in my son’s hospital bed. ¬†Leaving a light on for him, just hoping he’d find his way back to me. ¬†I didn’t know if he would stay, but I didn’t want his spirit to leave me. ¬†It’s been nearly 6 months before I’ve been in tune with this feeling again. ¬†He’s just been right here … you know when something works for so long on its own, you forget what it’s like to not have it. ¬†I haven’t felt a need to search for him. ¬†I haven’t felt him leave me.

Until that night with the lanterns. ¬†He left me and now he’s back. ¬†He’s back so real I want to reach out and touch him sometimes. ¬†Please don’t mistake this for some Hollywood type movie where the guy is talking to his dead wife and people on the street look at him like he’s nuts – talking to himself. ¬†I have complete awareness of reality … I’m not seeing dead people. ¬†The feeling is just strong.

As I sit on the couch with my glass of wine, typing my little heart out, I hear the triplet’s cooing and talking in bed. ¬†What the heck is going on? ¬†If the babies wake up in the middle of the night, they cry, yell and scream. ¬†They don’t play. ¬†Has Owen made a birthday visit to them? ¬†Are Logan and Weston talking to Owen? ¬†Am I sitting on my couch listening to my angel baby talk with my earthly babies? ¬†Or is it just a coincidence? ¬†Am I trying to convince myself of the things I want to believe in?

I suppose this is what faith is about. ¬†Not always having the proof you want in order to believe what you should. ¬†I try to listen to my heart. ¬†If I want to believe these magical and spiritual happenings are true …. what is the harm? ¬†If this is God’s gift to me on my boy’s birthday then who I am I to turn it away? ¬†Thank you for these blessings. ¬†Thank you for allowing my heart to be open and to feel the holy spirit.

It’s been a good birthday … a good birthday indeed.

Love, Mel


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