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Is it legal to have this much fun?

Today was a FAN-TASTIC day!  I started out with a shopping trip to the outlet mall with my mom, sister and brother.  I don’t really remember the last time it was just us – without my kids running around like crazy boys.  I spent most of my time walking around with my brother – helping him pick out new clothes for school.  My baby brother is going to be senior in high school this year!  I remember changing that boy’s diapers!  And here he is, way taller than me, with a girlfriend and planning to go to college.  How on earth did this happen?

I don’t get to spend a lot of time with him anymore.  He is busy with sports, friends and a job — and I don’t need to elaborate on what I’m busy with.  When I lived at home after I graduated college I remember watching Hannah Montana with him every night before falling asleep.  I slept on a day bed – so we usually pulled out the under mattress and would have sleepovers.  (sorry Jake if I’m embarrassing you with these stories!)  I just look so fondly on these memories – bonding with my baby brother.  I miss it.  A lot.

After some amazing sibling and mama bonding, I headed over to a dear friend’s house to help her paint her on-the-way-baby-girl’s nursery.  Patty is a woman who I actually met through the blog, believe it or not.  She has proven to be a supportive friend with a deep faith, who can understand just how crazy it can be to raise a 20 month old boy(s).  Her son Tucker, was born just two weeks after the triplets.  This time she is having a baby girl – and she’s coming in about a month an a half!  Not like I’m excited or anything 🙂

She’s a planner — so a few months ago she asked me if I would be her daughter’s godmother (along with her brother and sister-in-law).  I was thrilled to say yes!  I wanted to help in some way to prepare for this little girl’s arrival.  When she said she wanted to repaint the nursery, I offered my services.  Little did I know it wasn’t just going to be just painting four walls – it would be painting stripes on a wall!  Together we managed to get the taped lines pretty darn straight, along with two coats of crayola yellow paint AND hundreds of laughs.

I can’t wait to see what our master piece looks like without the blue painter’s tape!  I’ve got a few more pinterest projects to finish off the Sunshine theme … gosh I love crafts 🙂

What can I say … it was a good day!  And tomorrow I get to head to a birthday party for the kids of another dear friend of mine.  Is it legal to have this much fun in one weekend?

Love, Mel


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Professional Volunteer?

I had a busy busy day today, but it was a lot of fun too. I helped my mom make golf ball cake pops. For those of you on Facebook, they turned out a lot better than one ones I attempted last week. Here is a pic of how they turned out.



Then this evening I had a meeting about a future endeavor of mine … The church website. I’ve gotten myself involved with the small group ministries and am working on how to get more information on the website. Anyways what started out as a bumpy meeting couldn’t have ended on a better note. I’m super excited about getting more involved. My only worry is maybe taking onto much. I honestly could be a professional volunteer …. Which sometimes drives my husband crazy.

I’ve also been working with Mandy and Patty to get ready for the Briggs and Al walk this weekend. We’ve got some awesome orange surprises up our sleeves.

In order to help me reach my goal I’ve got an owenge special going on …. If you donate $20 or more using the Donate Here button (money goes to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, where Owen was treated) I’ll send you a free beaded or silicone bracelet. After making your donation please email me your choice of bracelet and the address of where you’d like me to send your gift.

I feel moved to help because the nurses and staff helped my family so much … Through making medical decisions, late night chats and the grief process. Even the small things like tickets to the zoo for jaden or feathers to make a warrior head dress for owen. All of those little things that relieved some of the worry or made me smile … Even a little bit made all the difference in the world. They really helped us through this whole ordeal … I can’t imagine someone else going through this same thing without the same support.

The house is finally quiet and I’ve got another big day tomorrow. I suppose I should try and get so me sleep.

Love, Mel


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Easter S’more Pops

Found a great “pop” idea on  I thought Easter would be a great time to make them!  I bought some fun spring sprinkles and some pop sticks, then set to work!

I was really happy with the way they turned out.  Thought that they were stinkn’ cute! (if I do say so myself…)  My only complaint is how messy they are to eat.  Otherwise they are both adorable and delicious!

Love, Mel

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Teacher Appreciation Week

If you know anything about me, it’s probably that I rarely say “no.”  And this is how I found myself helping with Teacher Appreciation Week.  You might also know that I don’t know how to passively help.   haha  So here I am neck-deep in mailbox gifts, gift baskets and “why we love our teacher’ books.  But I’m loving it!

Here’s a peak at the mailbox gifts we put together for the Teachers at Willow Springs.

I did get help from  What do you think?  I hope they enjoyed these as much as I got a kick out of making them!

Love, Mel


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Gifts for a Baby Girl

One of the disadvantages of being a Bissing boy is that you still need to help model Mom’s girl creations.  A good friend of mine is having a girl and I wanted to make her something special … so I made some head accessories for her.  A bear hat .. with a flower of course!  Jaden was really jealous that I was making someone else a bear hat so he made me promise that I’d make him a bear hat too.  In fact, if I don’t have brown yarn in my hand, he gets upset and asks me where his hat is.  I think he’s hungry for a little attention these days … I wonder why?  haha

Then I made some headbands with big … no wait HUGE flowers!  First was pink … lots of pink!  I think the flower is bigger than Owen’s head!

Now Moushie isn’t a girly girl and I wasn’t sure how she’d feel about all the pink … so I also made her a black one too.

And the best part?  They are interchangeable!  You can wear the black flower on the pink headband or the pink flower on the white headband and so forth.  Since I don’t have any girls of my own I think I went nuts, but it was so much fun!

Doug is probably going to give me a hard time about dressing up Owen in girl stuff and then posting it to the web.  But they are just babies … besides it’s GREAT amo for when he has girl friends!  That’s what a good mom is supposed to do, right?

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