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Thanksgiving 2010

We had A LOT to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!  Jake & Rachael are in NY for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  We watched the Northstar Band on TV yesterday morning.  Weston is on the mend and should be back to feeding today!  Logan and Owen made their trip home yesterday (Thanksgiving Day).

The pick up was probably the most stressful pick up in the history of Waukesha Memorial Hospital!  Doug and I were nervous about hearing all of the discharge paperwork and Jaden didn’t have a nap.  Jaden was climbing on stools to see in the bassists and grabbing stethoscopes.  Clearly this didn’t go over well with Doug.  We all went out to the car to install the car seat bases and Jaden was goofing off again and gave Doug a blood blister.  Oh man … that was NOT pretty!  We all took really big deep breaths and re-set.  Things went a little better after that.  The minivan is really packed with just two car seats.  This is going to be NUTS with all three car seats in there!  I could barely get into the back bench I’m not sure how I’m going to snap them in.

Mom and Dad brought over a wonderful steak dinner.  We all spent the night together, celebrating two of the triplets being home!

The babes eat every four hours so that gives us “a lot” of down time.  We gave them a feeding at 9pm so that meant the next one was at 1am.  Doug said he would take that feeding on his own and I said I would take the one after that so we both could get a chunk of sleep.  At 2:30am Logan was up screaming again.  I got up to give him his nook  and pump.  Well, apparently when it was time for their 4am feeding, I told Doug in my sleep that it was his turn since I just pumped.  Whoops!  I felt bad when I heard that this morning.  Looks like I need to switch to baby night time mode.

Thank you to everyone who helped keep our babies safe and helped get Owen and Logan home safe!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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A Lot to Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

We got great news this morning!  Not only is Weston doing much better, his brothers are ready to come home on Thanksgiving!  It’s not a 100% positive ship home date … things sometimes change, but it’s looking pretty good!

Doug had his ESP working again.  He wanted to take Wednesday as a vacation day and I was nervous about using up his days off before the babies even came home.  Good thing he did!  Now we have a whole day together to get ready.  Right now, you could gently toss the babes into their cribs.  There is stuff everywhere!  So our priorities for tomorrow are to clean up the nursery, at least enough that you can get babies in and out of the crib and change a diaper!  I’d also like to clean the fuzz out of my bath room and run a dust rag around the living room.

I know the babies won’t mind the fuzz, but it’ll just make me feel a little bit better.

When visiting the boys in the NICU today, I made sure to give Weston a pep talk.  Not to worry, I’ll still visit every day and to make sure he got what he needed to get done so he could come home too!  He gave me a great smile!

Mr. Owen was wide awake after I fed him today!  He’s now a whole ounce bigger than Logan!

Last thing to do before we bring the Logan and Owen home is to be CPR certified.  Doug and I will go tomorrow during the day at some point.  The boys also have to pass their car seat test.  We should know tomorrow morning if they passed.  (I’m sure they did!)  Then it’s smooth sailing home!!

The Bissing family has A LOT to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

Love, Mel


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2 Boys Become Men!

First off, Weston is doing much better today!  The antibiotics seem to be working as his scan didn’t show any signs of infection today.  They are going to keep him on the IV for another 4-5 days to give his tummy a rest.  They’ll start him on what’s called TPN – basically it’s a meal in a bag.  Gives him the nutrients he needs and helps him to continue to gain weight.  He seemed a whole lot happier today when I was visiting.

My other two boys became little men today.  Their wieners were whacked.  They were circumcised.  Just another step closer to coming home!  They are still on track to come home soon … yikes!  They didn’t circumcise Weston since he’s already having a hard enough time.  They’ll give him a break and do his when he’s feeling better.

Owen has gone over 36 hours without a gavage feeding!  He doesn’t have the tube in his nose anymore.  Ok – he ripped it out.  But the nurses didn’t put it back in since he’s doing so well.  Logan has gone about 24 hours without a gavage feeding.  Should he be a little rascal and rip his out too, they most likely wouldn’t put it back in either.  Little stinkers are getting so big and so smart.  I’m so happy they are doing so well!

Milk Update:  I’ve now got 5 trays of frozen bottles!!  The picture below shows what one of them looks like.  And it’s only been just under two weeks.  Aye karumba!  Can you imagine what it would be like if I was only feeding ONE baby?

Love, Mel

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Big Brother Jaden

Jaden was so excited, he finally got to hold “his babies”.  Mom, Rae and I were each holding one of the triplets when Jaden came into the NICU with Doug.  He ran right over to each of his brothers and gave them all huge kisses and cuddles.  Then when he learned that he could hold them, he was SO excited!

Jaden & Owen

Jaden & Logan

Jaden & Weston

Jaden wanted to feed Weston while I was holding him.  I said that he could help me feed him and hold the bottle with me.  Jaden replied “Mom, I can do it all by myself.  I’m the big brother!”

Love, Mel

He is just so proud and so in love with these babies.  I just hope that doesn’t change when they come home …

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Progress Update

Logan and Owen are doing well and making lots of progress!  We got a call today that Weston might be sick.  He’s got bloody poo which could be stomach infection, virus or maybe a milk allergy.  We should know more tomorrow.  He’s getting antibiotics tonight so we are hoping to see improvement with his belly scan in the morning.  That means it really is just a virus/infection and not something bigger.

This is the second time milk allergy has come up.  First with Owen when he wasn’t digesting all of his feedings and now Weston.  It makes me sick to my stomach to think that these kids could have allergies like Jaden.  Doug reassures me that they don’t.  If they did it would be one of my deepest fears coming true.

Nurses say that it’s totally possible that Logan and/or Owen could come home as early as Thanksgiving.  It’s just hard to tell since things can change so quickly.

We are SO not ready for them to come home….carpet in the basement isn’t installed until Friday and the house is still a mess.  Doug and I are trying to work thru it … but man it’s a lot of stuff to sort thru!  I feel like myself again, but need to remember I just had surgery and don’t have the energy I wish I had.  It’s hard to remember to do the little things like eat breakfast.  With all this breastfeeding and milk making I need to eat and drink tons of water!

Moral of the story, we are doing well and holding on for the ride!  I can’t imagine how things are going to change when these babes are actually home!

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I’m a milk making – breast pumping machine these days!  Having to pump every two hours for 15 mins only gives me an hour and 45 mins between each pumping.  The amazing part is that I’m able to feed all three boys on my milk alone!  No formula at all!  In fact, we are freezing milk!  Who on earth thought it would ever be possible to feed three babies at once?

I had a few issues in the beginning.  I got this special cream from a compound pharmacy.  Other new mom’s raved about it.  I’m hoping it does the trick.

We counted today … I made 30 bottles in the last 24 hours.  The nurses in the NICU are impressed with my milk making capabilities.  They said that in the last 10 years they haven’t seen a mom of triplets be able to produce enough milk like I have been able to be.  Looks like I might have found my calling!

I hope I’m able to continue this when the babes come home.  I’ve heard it’ll just be another mouth to feed and a lot of mom’s give up quickly.  I can already picture it now … hooked up to the pump with one of those handless bra things, feeding a baby a bottle with each hand.  Oh man…talk about multi tasking!

We’ll see how it goes when they come home.  For now, just call me Bessy!
Love, Mel


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Dress Up Day!

When Doug and I got to the NICU today we were surprised to find all the boys dressed!  No more naked diaper bodies in those little incubators.



I thought it perfect he has cameflauge on since he’s been such a fighter since born.


We were also pleasantly surprised to find that all three were breathing on their own and all three lost their IVs!  Owen is like a black horse, coming from behind and catching up to his brothers.  Both Doug and I were lucky enough to give a feeding today too.

Yaya showed up at the perfect time and took a turn holding Owen and Logan.  She’s the first person, other than Doug and I, to hold the babes.  Lucky lucky!

Doug only has one more day of vacation before returning to work.  I secretly wish he could be on a permanent vacation so we could hang out all the time.  I’m sure it would be old after a while … it’s just that life has been so perfect this past week, I don’t want anything to change.  I’m also a little afraid of being alone again.  That bed rest thing got a little old – and this time there aren’t fun nurses to break up the day.  I’ll spend time up at the NICU and will also have more time to hang out with mom when she gets out of work.  The babies have brought so much joy into our lives and have brought Doug, me and Jaden so much closer.  I don’t want one thing to change … except that the triplets come home of course.

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Happy Birthday Doug!

Today is Doug’s birthday AND I get to head home for the first time in more than a month.  We started the day with a bagel sandwich and milk.  (I had chocolate milk of course!) Then we headed down for our morning visit of the triplets.   Doug got a very cool birthday gift from the ladies … he held all three babies at once!  The nurses laid each baby across Doug’s chest while he hyperventilated!  He was SO nervous.  It was so cute!

Then once the babies were situated, Doug was ALL smiles!  What a proud Daddy!

Logan is on the left, Owen in the middle and Weston on the right.  Once we got all the pictures, I got to hold Logan again.  We got a nice family (minus Jaden) picture.  Weston and Logan no longer have IVs so they will be easier to hold when we come to visit.  I’m hoping Jaden gets to hold one of “his” babies soon!  He’s been asking a lot.

We are on our way home now!  Time to load the car and hit the road!

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Cool Dudes!

All three of the babes have high Bilirubin levels so they need a little photo light therapy.  Check out the sunglasses!



He’s so relaxed and chill, laying on his back, hands on his legs.  Cool Dude!


I was holding Weston right before this picture was taken.  He spit up on me really good twice!  First one to make a mess on Mom!

Doug and I will be staying one more night in the hospital and will be discharged tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to being home again. It’s been over a month since I was there!  Jaden is coming up to the hospital for a visit soon.  He’s then going to see a movie with Pa and Yaya.  Doug and I have a date night – bath time with Weston at 6pm!

Looking forward to being home with Jaden!  It’ll be interesting on how we are going to be able to divide our time.  I won’t be able to drive for another 2 weeks or so because of my pain meds.  I’ll be dependant on others to bring me to visit for a while.  We also have the option to take a board room and stay here too.  It’s free for parents to stay while their babies are in the NICU.  Or we can stay with Mom and Dad for a while.

Alright … back to Dexter!  I got the first DVD of season 3 in the mail from Netflix.  Doug even likes the show (a little).

Love you all! Mel

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Baby Progress

I know I still owe you all our baby story.  Doug and I have been working on capturing all the details of the day and will post soon!

We’ve been going down the NICU every morning, afternoon and evening.  The first night we were able to hold Logan for just a little bit.  The next day we held Weston for a little bit.  Finally we were able to hold Owen for a little bit last night.

Logan and Weston are all breathing on their own and doing pretty well with sucking and swallowing.  Doug was able to feed Logan yesterday and I fed Weston today!  Weston sucks down his milk so fast he forgets to breathe!  I had burped Weston twice already during his feeding and he stopped sucking again.  Doug whispered over my shoulder that he thought Weston needed to be burped again.  I told him how much I love him telling me how to feed since I kept my mouth shut when it was his turn.  As soon as I sat Weston up, he let out a rip roaring belch!  Looks like Doug was right …  He’s so tiny!  I couldn’t tell if he looked more like a caterpillar, large vegetable or a small turtle without his shell.

Owen seems to be a little behind his brothers a little bit.  He’s still getting a little help breathing with some oxygen.  And since he still as that tube, he has been gavage feeding and not able to try the bottle yet.  Tonight when we were visiting, his IV kept getting kinked.  The nurse was trying to get it fixed and re-taping it and all you could hear was Owen whining and whimpering.  He sounded more like a crying cat than baby!  So cute but heart breaking all the same.

All of the warming beds in the NICU have a donated blanket on top that we get to take home with the babes.  Today, someone dropped off three blankets that all sort of matched each other – airplanes!  So we swapped out the original blankets with the plane ones … and now they all match with slight variations.

Here are some updated photos without the crazy breathing tubes.  You can see their faces better.

Mom holding Logan

Mom holding Weston – Weston says “no pictures please”

Dad holding Weston

Big Brother Jaden rubbing Logan’s head.  He is SUCH a proud big brother and asks to hold/touch his babies every day.  It’s great to see him so excited to be involved.

I asked Jaden if he was going to help change Owen’s diapers …. this was his response:

Logan with his eyes open

Jaden with little brother Weston

Holding Owen.

Both Doug and I were able to hold him.  He started to breathe really fast towards the end, so the time was cut a little short and we got him back in his incubator quickly.  He wasn’t hurting, just struggling to breathe a little. By laying him down on his tummy, gravity helped him and his breathing slowed down right away.

Check out how small the bottles are!  They are drinking about a teaspoon or two at a time.  That’s it!

There hasn’t been talk about when the boys will be able to come home.  All three boys are making progress.  We don’t anticipate it being a super long stay in the NICU, however kids surprise us both ways (getting out sooner than expected or taking longer than expected).  A NICU nurse said it the best I think.  Prepare physically for them to come home soon and prepare emotionally for them to come home later.  As far as me coming home, I can go home either tomorrow or Sunday.  I’m leaning towards Sunday only because we have so much wonderful help here, I’m sleeping well in the hospital bed and we are close to the babies and are able to visit whenever we like.  Jaden is doing well at Yaya and Pa’s and wants to sleep over one more night.  Not to mention it’s like a date night each night for Doug and I.  Once our visitors leave, we head down to see the babies for about an hour.  Then we come back and both sit in the hospital bed to eat snacks and watch a show together.  It’s been pretty cozy here!

So everyone is doing well!  We’ll post a recap of the boy’s birthday soon and I’ll do my best to keep posting pictures!

Thanks for all the great messages!  We love you all!


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