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No Power

Earlier this week my parents took Jaden on an overnight to Iowa. That meant, I had a night where it was just Logan, Weston and I. When I was a stay at home mom, it was just the three of us every day. Since I’ve gone back to work, I’m not sure when the last time I had the triplets all on my own. Monday night was a little treat for everyone ūüôā

I had wonderful plans of cuddling up on the couch with the triplets, some popcorn and watching a movie, cuddling before bed. We weren’t even through dinner before the bad weather knocked the power out. Then the fun really began …

I couldn’t find a candle for the life of me. I had packed them all away since they were merely decorative – I didn’t really need them, right? So here I am, in the basement, with my iPhone flashlight looking at all these boxes … I must have gone through all of them four times until I found the ONE box I didn’t check – the one at the bottom of the stairs. As in, the very first box I would have come across and I just walked right by it. OYE. The good news is I found plenty of candles. Thank you Jesus for iPhone flashlights!

I quickly grabbed a few things out of the fridge just in case (i.e. my wine for when the kids were sleeping … I had great plans of reading a book by candlelight with my wine) … I then instructed the boys not to open the fridge. They didn’t quite get it … they kept forgetting and would try to get a yogurt or more water in his cup. Drove me a little nutty.

Then, the boys decided they were going to have a sword fight … in the dark … not the smartest idea, as you can imagine. It was only a matter of minutes before someone got clipped in the knuckles and was crying. That’s it, we were done with swords. I asked Weston to give me the one he was holding. He looked me right in the eye and flicked his sword up into the air. It came crashing down on the table – just barely missing all the candles. I had a flash of the house burning down. The sword landed in my wine glass instead … my full wine glass of the-only-cold-white-wine-I-was-going-to-have-that-night … it crashed to the floor, glass and liquid heaven flying in all directions. My usually defiant Weston knew right away and for the first time in my life, he went to the time-out chair on his own without having to be walked there. I instructed Logan to sit on the kitchen tile while I attempted to clean up wine and broken glass off the living room floor … IN THE DARK! Not really the start to my cuddly night I had imagined.

We read half a dozen books and then attempted to go to bed. We walked by iPhone flashlight and I tucked them both in their beds. You would have thought that the complete¬†darkness would have been calming. Not for my boys! Pitch black = gymnastics! They were crazy! And by crazy, I mean it took me two HOURS to get them to settle down and go to sleep. Now, let me also say not the entire two hours was horrible. They were pretty darn cute too! At one point, they were cuddling in Logan’s bed together. Cute until Weston bit Logan. At another point, I played the Frozen soundtrack and Logan and Weston sang along with all the words. Eventually they both snuggled in and fell asleep.

By this point, the house was getting hot and I was tired and uncomfortable. My phone was almost was dead so I decided to go out to the car to plug it in for a while. I walked out the back door to find a HUGE animal in my garbage can. The animal scattered and I yelped loud. Not sure who scared the other more! While sitting in the car, watching the little green lightening bolt, I started to really freak myself out. The street was dark … really dark. It’s usually pretty lit up with the street lights, the church parking lot and the huge light up sign outside. But I couldn’t even see across the street. I felt like when I was a little girl and had to run up the basement stairs “just in case” because it felt like someone was chasing me. I braved it until my phone got to 60% and then I ran back inside, quickly locking the door behind me. I tried to not psych myself out … no such luck. I grabbed one candle, my wine, my journal and decided to write in my bed with the covers over my head.

It came time to blow out the candle. I made sure to put the lighter close to bed, just in case. At 3:30 a.m. I opened my eyes groggy, there was something lit up. All I could think was, “Crap! I thought I blew the candle out! I lit the whole house on fire!” After 2.5 seconds I realized the light was coming from the living room – the power was back on! I got out of bed to check on the house and turn off the lights. I crawled back to bed and treated myself to a few games of Candy Crush before going back to sleep.

Who knew the sound of cartoons would be like sweet music at 6 a.m.? Who knew I would have another surprise?!? I was getting into the shower when I found THIS on the curtain:


I can’t even tell the story without wiggling all around. Gross-gross-gross! It was time to put on my big girl pants one more time. I grabbed the biggest wad of toilet paper I could. I climbed up on the edge of the tub and I let out a ninja scream as I killed that sucker! ew ew ew I shivered as I threw the ball into the toilet and flushed. I jumped into the shower and as I was washing my face, trying to find my happy place again, I looked up to find ANOTHER SPIDER up in the corner – this time too high for me to reach. Sick – I closed my eyes and took the world’s quickest shower.

By this point, I was so over being the adult. Not just the¬†adult, but the only adult in the house. I was exhausted of playing both mom and dad. There was a very vulnerable moment when I just wanted someone to protect me. I was tired of being strong and I just wanted to be weak. I wanted to fall limp into someone’s arms and be taken care of. I allowed myself to feel this for just a while. Any longer, and the feelings would have started to take root. I can’t afford to be shaken at my foundation right now. My children need me to be strong. So strong I am – Supermom/dad, cook, comforter, disciplinary, protector, handyman, bringer home of the bacon – I’m it all. I’m strong not by desire or any power of my own, I’m strong because my kids need me to be and because I ask for God’s help.

Love, Mel


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Shoe Shopping

Took the boys shoe shopping for new shoes. For the life of me I couldn’t get then to try on boy shoes … they loved anything pink, sparkled, and with a heel. I decided to give up my agenda of finding new shoes and sat back for the fashion show!







How can you not just love these two?!? Ok I might be a little biased ūüôā

Love, Mel


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Boys at the Pumpkin Farm

My daily quiet time hasn’t been going any better than the last time I blogged. ¬†In fact, it didn’t happen at all on Saturday or Sunday. ¬†How am I going to make this a habit if I can’t seem to even start?

Saturday I took the boys to a pumpkin farm with my sister, Rachael. ¬†We had SO much fun! ¬†The weather was amazing and the farm was filled with so many fun activities. ¬†Bounce houses, mirror mazes, hay piles to jump in, two trains, pumpkin hay rides, corn mazes … and the list keeps going! ¬†I think the only thing that went wrong was that we didn’t plan enough time for everything. ¬†Ok … Jaden was kind of a pistol the whole day … but we still managed to have a ton of fun & Rae and I vowed to do it again next year (with the plan to stay the whole day).

Here are a few pictures from our adventure:


TeeTee won the “Greatest Aunt in the World” award and went into the bounce house with the boys!


Bah haha!


OK РLogan flew down the slide on his own Рgoing head over butt the whole way down.  He landed laughing Рthought it was the greatest thing ever!


When I zoomed in to see Rae’s face I laughed so hard I cried!

We went through the Batman corn maze!


This is Weston throwing a fit because I didn’t want to carry him any more … laying in the middle of the maze kicking and screaming. ¬†Classic. ¬†Rachael thought it was funny enough to take a picture – I just got annoyed.


We made a game of hiding in the corn and jumping out and scaring whoever was behind us!  (which was always Rachael haha but it was still fun!)


Towards the end the only thing that would keep Logan walking was his apple juice.


This isn’t very flattering, but all of us were racing to the end of the maze – final stretch! ¬†Not to mention Weston was laughing hysterically¬†while bouncing on my hip.


Jaden went through his first haunted house – it was a mirror maze. ¬†I tried to take him through it but, because I’m a huge sissy, I convinced him to turn around and not go. ¬†Rachael called me a whimp (rightfully so) and took Jaden through instead. ¬†I’m such a scaredy cat …


While Jaden and Rachael were in the mirror maze, Weston, Logan and I hung out with the goats and llamas.


Don’t tell anyone, but Logan actually let one of the baby goats out!! ¬†The gate wasn’t locked and he just pulled it open. ¬†Thank goodness I was able to herd the little guy back in before he got away and anyone saw – man oh man …


There was this huge jumping pillow Рit was just that, a ginormous pillow of air that the kids could run and jump on.  They loved it!


What pumpkin patch isn’t complete without a train ride?!?


And a pumpkin Xpress?

Logan – my little lover ūüôā

Jaden and Rae loooooooove each other!


The two babies sitting side by side – they LOVED the ride!



The very last thing we did was shoot pumpkins out of this huge bazooka thing. ¬†The man was so nice ūüôā ¬†Jaden even hit the huge pumpkin target (on the right hand side of the photo) a few times. ¬†He LOVED it!


Logan & Weston got a turn shooting too!

Like I said – there was just A TON to do at this farm. ¬†We had so much fun – and were SO tired by the time we headed home. ¬†Can you believe we didn’t even come home with a pumpkin? ¬†I had planned to stop at one of the pumpkin carts in Sussex, (after spending so much at the farm, I thought it would be better to just get the affordable pumpkins in town) but we were running late. ¬†Soooo looks like we will be getting our pumpkins another time – it’s only the beginning of October, we’ve got plenty of time! ¬†Right? ¬†I AM looking forward to our first batch of pumpkin seeds tho …

Love, Mel



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Is it legal to have this much fun?

Today was a FAN-TASTIC day! ¬†I started out with a shopping trip to the outlet mall with my mom, sister and brother. ¬†I don’t really remember the last time it was just us – without my kids running around like crazy boys. ¬†I spent most of my time walking around with my brother – helping him pick out new clothes for school. ¬†My baby brother is going to be senior in high school this year! ¬†I remember changing that boy’s diapers! ¬†And here he is, way taller than me, with a girlfriend and planning to go to college. ¬†How on earth did this happen?

I don’t get to spend a lot of time with him anymore. ¬†He is busy with sports, friends and a job — and I don’t need to elaborate on what I’m busy with. ¬†When I lived at home after I graduated college I remember watching Hannah Montana with him every night before falling asleep. ¬†I slept on a day bed – so we usually pulled out the under mattress and would have sleepovers. ¬†(sorry Jake if I’m¬†embarrassing¬†you with these stories!) ¬†I just look so fondly on these memories – bonding with my baby brother. ¬†I miss it. ¬†A lot.

After some amazing sibling and mama bonding, I headed over to a dear friend’s house to help her paint her on-the-way-baby-girl’s nursery. ¬†Patty is a woman who I actually met through the blog, believe it or not. ¬†She has proven to be a supportive friend with a deep faith, who can understand just how crazy it can be to raise a 20 month old boy(s). ¬†Her son Tucker, was born just two weeks after the triplets. ¬†This time she is having a baby girl – and she’s coming in about a month an a half! ¬†Not like I’m excited or anything ūüôā

She’s a planner — so a few months ago she asked me if I would be her daughter’s godmother (along with her brother and sister-in-law). ¬†I was thrilled to say yes! ¬†I wanted to help in some way to prepare for this little girl’s arrival. ¬†When she said she wanted to repaint the nursery, I offered my services. ¬†Little did I know it wasn’t just going to be just painting four walls – it would be painting stripes on a wall! ¬†Together we managed to get the taped lines pretty darn straight, along with two coats of crayola yellow paint AND hundreds of laughs.

I can’t wait to see what our master piece looks like without the blue painter’s tape! ¬†I’ve got a few more pinterest projects to finish off the Sunshine theme … gosh I love crafts ūüôā

What can I say … it was a good day! ¬†And tomorrow I get to head to a birthday party for the kids of another dear friend of mine. ¬†Is it legal to have this much fun in one weekend?

Love, Mel

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A Day on the Farm

Doug’s aunt and uncle are dairy farmers in Black Creek, WI. ¬†We decided to take the kids out there to show them what it was like. ¬†Truth be told, I have never been on a “real” farm either. ¬† Sure, I’ve gone to a farm to pick out my pumpkin for Halloween, but I don’t think that really counts. ¬†This was going to be an experience for the entire family!

We started out the visit with a ride on the ranger. ¬†All four of my boys piled into the front seat and took a drive around the farm and through the hay field. ¬†Weston was peeved when it was over and wanted to go again and again!¬† Each time they took off, you could hear Jaden’s squeels and yelps of excitment.

Weston (my little animal lover) found the barn cat(s) almost right away.¬† One in particular became a “toy” for the triplets.¬† The cat was so tolerant of them too .. letting them pick her up and carry her around like a stuffed animal.¬† Both of the boys FREAKED out and get so excited!

We saw two of calves. ¬†At first, the triplets weren’t too sure about them. ¬†Jaden named them right away. ¬†The one on the left was named Daisy and the other Josie. ¬†Funny how Owen was still on the farm with us ūüôā

After about an hour, the boys warmed up to the calves and jumped right in feeding them and letting them suck on their hands. ¬†Weston would bend over to get a handful of corn out of the bucket and the calf would lick his hair.¬†¬†When he stood up, his hair was also standing straight up … he got lots of cow kisses!

You MUST watch this video!  I laughed soooo hard!

As you can see, by the end of our visit, the boys were totally comfortable with the animals!

Of course a visit to the farm wouldn’t have complete without some tractors!¬† Jaden convinced Mike to take out the really huge tractor too … if you look really hard you can see my little Jaden in the cab.¬† He was trying to ‘run me over.’

This is my new favorite picture of the boys.¬† All of them hanging out together … I can almost imagine them a few feet taller standing in the same sort of way.¬† I still picture four heads looking out over the field. I don’t really know that will ever change.

Dang … just writing that last sentence made my chest tighten.¬† Funny how quick the grief can sneak up on you.¬† One of my kids died … like actually died.¬† I had another child.¬† It’s hard to remember at times … as I start to feel like this is ‘normal’.¬† It gets¬†harder to image life any other way.¬† I can’t picture three cribs anymore.¬† It’s normal to have only two.¬† Does that make me a bad mom?¬† Am I forgetting Owen?¬† I don’t think so … I feel like I’m living the way I’m supposed to.¬† I’m letting myself get lost in the love of my boys on earth.

Well this post took an unexpected turn!¬† I saw down excited to share pictures from our farm adventure and I’m ending it on a serious note.¬† I guess that’s pretty true of how greif comes and goes.¬† A constant, surprising journey.

Love, Mel


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24 Crazy Hours

My cute triplet boys are quickly unraveling out of control! ¬†Just last week, Weston learned how to climb out of his crib … and it’s only gotten worse!

Let me preface this story by saying this all takes place within 24 hours – and Doug is traveling for business.

Yesterday, the triplets went down for their naps as normal. ¬†I enjoyed the peace and quiet. ¬†Emptied the dish washer. ¬†Made a few phone calls. ¬†Finished counting some of the sales from the rummage sale this past weekend. ¬†I was on the phone with a client (I’m helping a military couple plan their wedding in Milwaukee) when I heard the boys start to giggle and talk back and forth. ¬†I remember thinking “Ok I’ve got to wrap this up … I’ve only got a few minutes before hell breaks loose.”

I was just getting off the phone when I heard a big thud. ¬†It sounded like a battery operated owl candle that is sitting on top of the bookcase. ¬†I figured Logan must have found something to throw at it. ¬†Then the noise I never expected to hear …. the sound of the door trying to be opened from the inside. ¬†One of them was out of their cribs again! ¬†I quickly got up to see who it was … and to my surprise it was LOGAN!

Great, now I have two 17 month olds who know how to climb out of their cribs.  I am SO not ready for toddler beds!

The rest of the day was pretty well-behaved. ¬†My mom watched the kids so I could go see a possible wedding venue for the wedding I’m helping with (thank you YaYa!) and they were in bed and sleeping by the time I got home.

This morning I could hear them start to cry around 6:30am.  I drifted in and out of sleep while they were playing and occupying themselves.  I finally dragged myself out of bed around 7:15.

Well the first thing I noticed was that Logan was bottomless … diaper and all. ¬†He was flapping in the wind! ¬†(and loving the fresh air I might add) ¬†Then I saw Weston. ¬†He had rocked back and forth in his crib to move it back against the wall – so he was just in reach of the humidifier. ¬†He had the humidifier by the cord and had tipped it on its side, with the water pouring out onto the floor. ¬†I walked over to stop him and stepped into a puddle of something wet on the floor. ¬†Logan had peed in between the crib rails and on to his bummer and on the floor. ¬†Yep … it was gonna be one of those days!

I managed to get a diaper on Logan and get most of the mess cleaned up before I had to focus on getting Jaden ready for school. ¬†I surprisingly got him out the door with a minute to spare. ¬†I no sooner watched the bus drive by, when I heard the garbage can lid shut. Have I told you my kids are part racoon and like to eat out of the garbage? ¬†I hurried¬†into the kitchen to find the boys shaking the empty Bugles bag over their head. ¬†The itty bitty crumbs were flying all over the kitchen like confetti! ¬†AHHHH STOP!!! ¬†I grabbed the broom and swept it all in the corner. ¬†I didn’t even bother to get the dust pan at this point. ¬†WE. MUST. GET. OUT. OF. THIS. HOUSE!

So I tackled each kid to the floor, wrestled some pants and socks on each of them and we headed out to run some errands. ¬†Cars are one of the few places its preferred to strap your kids down so they can’t move ūüôā

Now brace yourself if you happen to work in retail. ¬†I did too…but DANG what are these companies thinking? ¬†They brand themselves for being a one stop shop for the soccer mom … yet they don’t carry carts that hold more than one kid. ¬†I could bring in my stroller, but the point of walking around your store is to buy stuff, right? ¬†I walked in one end of the Super Wal-Mart to find only ‘regular’ carts. ¬† I walked to the complete other end of the building to see if there was one there. YES I found one! ¬†Crap … both straps are shredded and useless.

Tell me, why do you even bother having this cart out? ¬†Just to tease us moms with more than one child? ¬†I can hear WalMart talking to me: ¬†Haha you could have shopped with your kids buckled safely, but as payment for having a litter of children you now have the pleasure of wrestling your toddlers to sit in the basket of the cart while you price compare every item (so you can afford your family of four or more). ¬†We sure do hope your children don’t fall out and break their heads. ¬†We¬†apologize¬†for any inconvenience.

Needless to say by the time we were ready to check out, Weston had taken a bite of a banana peel, was slightly covered in banana juice from sitting on the bunch, the bread had a footprint in it and the envelope to the birthday card I bought was crumpled in a ball.

Just when you think you might lose it … the only lanes that were open were express! ¬†Yep, 10 items or less. ¬†I said “screw that!” ¬†and I checked out through the express lane with my 30+ items … proudly. ¬†haha

I’m pretty sure running errands was still more enjoyable than staying home this morning … but yet again, I emphasise … this was only the last 24 hours. ¬†What other choice do I have but to laugh?

Here’s to the next 17 years being even more crazy! ¬†and thank goodness for wine!

Love, Mel


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Rummage Sale Preparations

I have way too much to do these days … so what do I do? ¬†Blog of course! ¬†haha

My supermom’s group (from Ascension church) is holding their first ever rummage sale this weekend. ¬†We were aiming high with hoping for 25 sellers. ¬†Guess how many we have, just guess …. over 40! ¬†We are so excited (and a little nervous) for the great turn out!

Last fall, I participated in my first ever¬†triplet rummage sale. ¬†It was emotional to say the least. ¬†I insisted on pairing all my triplet clothes together in matching sets of three. ¬†In my mind they were going to go to the perfect family, also expecting triplets. ¬†The clothes my blessed three wore would be worn by another special trio. ¬†I knew I was being irrational, but I just couldn’t find the strength to talk myself into splitting¬†up the clothing. ¬†They had already been torn apart by death, I wasn’t going to disperse the only items I had left that were proof that I gave birth to three boys. ¬†I remember the panic I felt when I saw a pregnant mom who was purchasing several of my sets of three clothes. ¬†“Are you having triplets too?” ¬†No, she was having twins, she just couldn’t pass up the great deal. ¬†She figured she would just have an extra outfit. ¬†The only physical evidence I had left was an “extra” so someone else. ¬†I don’t think I was ready for the sale.

This time is different. ¬†I’ve gone through all the clothes again and pulled out a few outfits that I’d like to keep in the boy’s baby boxes. ¬†I’ve grown into the idea of only needing clothes for two of my triplets. ¬†My third baby is already clothed for life … in wings.

As being one who is always comparing something to another, I find this experience to have so many differences than the last rummage. ¬†I broke apart all my “sets” of clothing, in hopes that they will sell faster. ¬†I am excited to make some extra money – hopefully to be put towards a vacation for my next birthday. ¬†My husband reminds me that some of the profit will have to go back into buying¬†the kids bigger clothes. ¬†He’s so practical …

Maybe I’m a little more experienced this rummage. ¬†Perhaps I’m a little more healed. ¬†Perhaps I’m looking forward to working two full days side by side with some of my best friends. ¬†Whatever the case is, I praise God for the strength to see something good in this. ¬†I am thankful for the fact that there is less pain in my life during these days of rummage preparation.

Now … COME AND SHOP! ¬†Here is my pubic service announcement to all those who live in the Milwaukee area:

When: Friday, April 20 at 4-8pm and Saturday, April 21 at 8am-2pm

Where: Ascension Lutheran Church — 1415 Dopp Street, Waukesha


Please share this information with your friends and families!

For more information and a printable flyer visit:

It’s going to be an anwesome event with tons of really great clothes and toys for sale. ¬†Just check out a few pictures taken after only 9 sellers dropped off their items!

Hope to see you there!

Love, Mel


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We survived our trip to the zoo!

Two weeks ago (when it was just about 80 degrees outside!) I took all three boys to the zoo … by myself! ¬†I’m not sure if I was brave or out of my mind!! ¬†I was too terrified to take the triplets out of the wagon, so they just stayed strapped in the whole day. ¬†They were pretty good about it … lots of stuff to look at I guess.

Jaden was pretty good too. ¬†He liked being the big brother and being able to make all¬†the choices. ¬†I pretty much let him lead us all around for the day. ¬†We saw the fish, tigers, monkeys, lions, bats … you name it Jaden took us to see them.

The greatest part? ¬†We SURVIVED!! ¬†And I think could do it again. ¬†It’s a little hard to sneak in a zoo visit while Jaden is in school (we either run into nap time or we wouldn’t get home in time to get Jaden off the bus). ¬†BUT this summer, when I’ve got all three boys all day long (I’m tired just thinking about what it’s going to be like) the zoo is going to be a savior! ¬†Can the zoo be voted best mom of the year?

Love, Mel

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb

That face pretty much sums up Jaden …

All I asked for was one picture of them all … and they are all looking in a different direction!

Jaden walked around the entire zoo – I thought I’d be a nice mom and let him ride to the car – all three boys all together. ¬† Makes this mom smile ear to ear ūüôā

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The rest of the weekend

After our traditional Black Friday shopping, we hit the road later on Friday morning and headed up to DePere (Green Bay area) to visit Doug’s family. I am really lucky that I really love my in-laws and Doug’s extended family.

On Saturday we headed up to Doug’s grandma’s house to make holiday candy and cookies with all of his aunts. The tradition wouldn’t have been complete without stopping for cup of coffee first. The drive-thru line was long so I decided to run in quick. Everything has a reason. I had the blessing of meeting a blog reader (Hi Katee!) When a blog reader introduces themselves, it’s like a little hug from God. A nod from the big guy that I’m on the right path and I’m following his word. These encounters usually happen on the hardest of days or the days that I could use help to smile. I am always humbled by the words and kindness I receive from these meetings.

Saturday could have been a really hard Owen day … I was all worked up. It was the 6 month “anniversary.” The term anniversary is almost sickening … it’s not something to celebrate. I often thought about what that day was going to be like. 6 months later, gone almost as long as he was alive. How was I going to feel? I was on egg shells, just waiting for grief to knock me over the head and take over the day.

A piece of “advice” we talked about in my grief support group was to let your wishes be known. Let your family know when you want to do something in memory of your loved one. So I did … I brought an orange candle and asked that we light it. I spoke his name when I was thinking about him. It helped. The aunts chimed in. We cried, we laughed. We remembered what it was like to be in the hospital. Grief was still visiting … still pulling at my heart-strings, but family came together and didn’t let it steal the day.

We created memories. True, Owen should have been there to complete it, but he wasn’t. It’s the just facts. He wasn’t there but we were.

Here are a few pictures from the day:

Al the ladies sitting around the table (taking a small break from all our cooking)

Abby & Nya were loving the babies!  Here is Abby having her turn at feeding Weston.

Doug’s cousin Kayla feeding Logan

All I had to do was¬†say “squeeze in for a picture” and this is what I got! ¬†Such good picture-taking kids we have in our family!

Owen’s light

The kid’s table at Great-Grandmas. ¬†Doug eat many meals at this same table. ¬†In fact, he wrote his name in a Sharpie on the chair Logan is sitting at. ¬†The first time Jaden was over, he had to write his name on the other “just like daddy.” ¬†His name is on Weston’s chair.

That face that Weston makes gets me every time …

What grandma doesn’t love naked babies in her sink?? ¬†Auntie Krissy gave him a mohawk – lookin’ good!

Nya was super excited to help with Weston’s bath. ¬†Weston wasn’t digging the bath that night though …

Here is all of our hard work!

At the end of the night, Logan – so fresh and so clean after his bath – sat belly up to the table and helped himself to hand full after hand full of popcorn puffs.

It was a really nice visit in Green Bay. ¬†I only wish we could visit more often. ¬†It’s hard since my side of the family doesn’t see each other any more. ¬†They are the only extended family I have. ¬†So … they kind of are stuck with me ūüôā

Love, Mel


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SNC Homecoming

This weekend, we were at SNC’s homecoming. ¬†We started off the weekend with the SNC homecoming parade!

Doug and I took Jaden on a walk around campus.  We thought it would be fun to show him were Mommy and Daddy when to college and where we first met each other.

We stopped in at the new library … freaking amazing! ¬†I am convinced that I went to college in the wrong decade. ¬†There was a cart of free books. ¬†Jaden really really wanted one … sure why not! ¬†Well, he insisted on finding a quite spot so he could sit down and read his book. ¬†He licked his finger before turning the page. ¬†Kicked his leg up on his knee. ¬†A little Doug! ¬†Cracked me up!

** Note the title of the book: New Rules РSearching for Self-Fulfillment in a World Turned Upside Down.  Whoa!

We went into a few classrooms where Doug and Jaden pretended to have a class. ¬†Instilling in Jaden how important it is to go to school at the old age of five ūüôā

We ended the night at airbands.  Some of them were really clever!  I felt like I was right back in school and I should have been wearing my delta jersey.  My girls of Delta Phi Epsilon won homecoming!  Way to go girls!

It was one of those days where you are just really happy and proud to be apart of your family. ¬†We didn’t have to spend a lot of money, but rather just enjoyed walking around and exploring. ¬†Doug DID buy me a Pizza Fry at Phils. ¬†It was one of my favorite foods while at SNC – right up there with the popcorn chicken cesar¬†salad! ¬†I’m sorry to report that it didn’t taste as good as I remember it …

Doug’s mom and dad took care of the boys a bunch so Doug and I could enjoy some of the homecoming festivities. ¬†It was really nice visit … but I’m still glad to be home. ¬†I’m super tired and really looking forward to some sleep!!

Love, Mel

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