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A 5 year tale of transformation

5 years ago this afternoon, a few new friends were over making iron on t-shirts with the aspiration of starting a mom’s group at church. I didn’t know how these women would become a life support for me while Owen was on life support (and continue to support me in the years to come). Little did I know that Tony Maroni’s pizza would be the last meal I had with all four of my children healthy. I didn’t know my little sister would be a rock at home so I could hop in the ambulance and focus on breathing.

These past five years started with a mother’s worse nightmare coming true … and have taught me what healing feels like. It’s taught me how surrendering brings strength. When you can’t breath … a mother’s hug, a friend’s card in the mail, a therapist’s ear, a Sunday morning church service, a family remembering your baby brings the air you need. My family and friends have literally breathed for me at times.

To my friends and family, thank you for walking these 5 years with me. Thank you for carrying me when I wasn’t able to stand and for bringing the sunshine through my rain storm.

I still cry during the month of May at random times of remembering what life was like. I am still moved by other women’s stories of loss and wish there was something I could say or do to lessen their pain, knowing all too well there isn’t anything I can say or do but listen, pray and just show up.

Thank you for being a part of a beautiful story of healing. You have helped me. You have helped my family. Without you, this might not have been a story of healing but rather just tragedy. Owen’s story is a beautiful tale of transformation. A beautiful monarch butterfly and you as the cocoon that have wrapped me with protection and shelter.

As Logan and Weston have told me, Owen lives in my heart now.

Love, Mel


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How did you do it?

Over the last few years, many who have lost their children have reached out wanting to know how “I did it.” Although I’m not quite sure what “it” was that I did …  I would suppose they are referring to getting up each morning and most of the time showering, how I continued to love my other children in the midst of my own unbearable pain, how I spoke of God’s love continuously even when I had countless moments of doubt I was too afraid to speak, or how I have continued on with life for four years.

Many have commented on how hopeful my posts were or how much strength I showed. I call this out because it is the absolute opposite of what I felt during those days after Owen’s death. I felt anything but strong, positive or hopeful. My life was upside down and I had no energy or idea on how to put it back together again. But I suppose that’s just where we all need to be in order to give up. That’s right, I threw my hands up and said, “I GIVE UP! I don’t know where to go from here so the rest of you just need to tell me.” And that somebody included God.

I completely surrendered myself to the care and love of my family and friends and most importantly my Creator. When friends called and asked if they could bring meals, I said sure. When church called to see if there was anything my family needed, I said, “well we are running low on diapers and that would save us a trip to the store.” A childhood friend wanted to give me a blanket she had made for Owen, I said thank you! and slept with it every night. My sister’s friend offered to just move in while Owen was in the hospital and take care of my kids and the house – I said thank you. I called uncle and gave up my control. The world had been trying to push me down my whole life, and it finally won.

It’s in that surrender that I found strength. Crazy and kind of poetic, right?  I found a path or a cue to what my next step should be. This strength did not come from my own will or decisions. It came from complete hopelessness, fatigue and grief. It came from the the conversation I had with God that went something like this:

God – what the heck? Are you kidding me? I have loved you. I went to bible study this week. When I was so mad at you after my car accident I continued to work on it with YOU! I could have ran, but I didn’t. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad I did – but wasn’t that enough? Didn’t I prove to you that I love you then? Why are you testing me again? This isn’t fair. My marriage is already falling apart, I have no idea how to mother these children and now this? Are you taking Owen away because I didn’t love my kids enough? I swear I’ll turn the tv off and just play puzzles on the floor with my kids like the commercials if you just make this all go away.


FINE. I give up. You let this happen – you figure it out. I’d like to see how you’re going to make anything good come of this.

I think God was waiting and hoping I’d say that. Because then, and only then, did he have a complete empty canvas – clean from any of my scribbly attempts of fixing things. He had all the paintbrushes in His hand so he could create a masterpiece I could never have imagined. He delights in those moments when His children give him total control. Not because He is this sadistic puppeteer but because He knows He can create something far more beautiful for us when we just let Him do His job – love us. He is our protector and our creator. He knows us far better than we know ourselves – which is hard to believe after how many hours of therapy I’ve been through trying to understand why I do the things that I do.

To my dear grieving parent friends, let go. Let it all go – drop it on the floor and rest at Jesus’ feet. Do not try to make sense of what has happened, but rather let those around you take care of you. Rest. Focus on your own feelings, allow yourself to feel the pain. Even if it’s for only a second today, try for two seconds tomorrow. Thru that pain you will pick up all of these treasures.

Love, Mel

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To each and everyone one of you (yes, I’m talking to YOU!) …

Four years ago – I wrote this blog:

Today, there is so much more. There is Josie who takes good care of Owen’s heart. There is an unnamed girl in IL who was given more time with Owen’s liver. There are family and friends whom I met in the midst of my grief and now I have NO CLUE how I could ever live without! I bubble over with care and love from the angels God has sent my way.

To each and everyone one of you (yes, I’m talking to YOU!), thanks for loving me and my children. Thank you for walking this path with me … I didn’t have a choice but you did. You chose to weep and cry with me 4 years ago and you continue to walk with me today. I am totally convinced that life is about who is on the journey with you, rather than any destination. It’s about the love we share, the support we offer and the truth we speak. I know with God all things are possible and I believe that he makes it just a little bit easier by giving us each other.

My gratitude for for family, friends and internet besties is endless. If there is ever a time when you need a sister to walk with you, I’m here. I’d be honored to pray for you or to be a listening ear. It’s the least I could do after all the healing you have offered me. Ya’ll are like my life band-aids 🙂

God is good all the time. All the time God is good.

Love, Mel


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How did I get here?

As I was getting dressed for the day I looked at myself in the mirror and wondered, “How the heck did I get here?” How did I get to this point in my life? Where on earth have the last 32 years and 7 months go? How did day come to be?

It’s been four years since I last saw Owen’s smile and laugh. In some ways it feels like it only happened yesterday, but in other ways it seems it happened a lot longer ago. Perhaps the time warp feeling has something to do with the fact that I’ve been divorced, moved twice, started two different jobs, Jaden has switched schools and I’ve bought a house since then.

I stared right into my eyes – studied my freshly mascaraed lashes, my blushed cheeks. I saw the face of a young, naive fifteen year old girl, who thought she could conquer the world. She was a hopeless romantic and totally in love with a boy in the youth group at church. She dreamed of how wonderful life was, how having a family would be so many laughs and smiles. She didn’t expect life to throw her out of cars, give her the greatest children in the world and then have one of them taken away. How did that young naive girl get to this point in life? How the heck am I still on two feet and getting up in the morning?

That young girl I saw this morning didn’t know how hard life would be, but she knew to cling the Lord and her family. She believed in good and she was right. I certainly don’t feel old enough to have that long of a rap sheet … yet here I stand – with many more years to live. What else is going to be thrown my way? The Lord only knows …

You all know I broke my ankle at the end of February. I got my cast off about three weeks ago a11265303_892450959551_3055223719381654783_nnd am getting around pretty well now. I  still have trouble with stairs and steep hills, but heck, I’m walking! School called me on Monday – Jaden fell off the monkey bars. He was moving his wrist, but was pretty sore. The next day it was swollen so I took him to the doctor. And wouldn’t you know … Jaden broke his wrist! My friend Sara said it all yesterday: “Mel, the universe likes to screw with you!” haha We are so lucky that it doesn’t need to be in a cast but he needs to wear a brace for 4 weeks – only taking it off for bath time. I suppose it was his turn … triplets had their tonsils out, my ankle … yep it was just his turn 🙂

I’m not quite sure how I have survived life up until this point. It certainly hasn’t been anything I imagined it would be. I can tell you that the fifteen year old girl was totally wrong about some things, but she was dead right about others. Life isn’t always wonderful – crumby but true. But it is good to be a hopeless romantic. Being a romantic isn’t always about a boy. Sometimes it’s about friends, God, or family love. We aren’t all lucky enough to have met our perfect spouse, but that doesn’t mean there is a lack of love in my life. Family is the greatest blessing in the entire world! Family doesn’t always last a lifetime, so love them while you do and trust them with God when you don’t.

I love you Owen and I’m so glad you get to cuddle with Jesus today. If you had to be anywhere but with me, I’m glad you are with the greatest Father! It brings me peace knowing that you are safe and happy.

Love, Mel


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November creeps in … the hole of Owen’s death starts to bleed again. I find myself having the ugly cries in church – every Sunday. I feel broken and weak. Funny how it almost hurts more two years later than it did days after Owen was gone. Perhaps the numbness of it all is still wearing off.

November is the start of all my Owen memories. It starts with the triplet’s birth. That Monday night when my sister and I gave each other mud masks in my hospital room. The goofy belly dance I atempted during Dancing with the Stars. The fetal monitoring that showed the baby’s heart beats didn’t have the accelerations they should. Then the news that they were just fine and everything was status quo. The Tuesday morning I woke up to more fetal monitoring and the news that the heart beats were a little faster than they’d like. Waiting for my “regular” nurse to come in at 7am and then the news that I had gone from 5 cm dilated to 7 cm dilated over night. WE WERE HAVING BABIES! The phone calls to our friends and family. My in-laws jumping into the car to drive down from Green Bay. My brother leaving school and my sister driving back from Watertown. All the happy, excited memories. The risk of so many things going wrong and everything being just fine. The peace I felt that evening when all three of my newborn babies had entered the world safely.

The months to come are filled with memories of lack of sleep, struggle, questioning if I’ll ever survive this. Soon the memories of hysterical “field trips” and first smiles. Falling in love with making my own baby food.

Then the night my entire life changed … all of our lives changed forever. The night that I gave my own child CPR. The taste of blood and the shaking from adrenaline. The desperate prayers that my child would be spared, but the deep knowing that he was already gone.

In the moments, hours and days of Owen being on life support I had all the time and space to sit and digest what was happening around me. Now in the the midst of “normal” life, I feel like I’m drowning. So many leaking holes in my water vase. So many that I can’t plug them all. My water is running out so much faster than it’s being put in. It’s depleting to matter how hard I struggle to keep it all in. So rather than mend and patch the brokenness, it’s all gushing out – I’m broken and drowning.

Tell me I’m normal. Tell me I’m not the only one falling apart at the seams. Stuggling to keep it together. This has got to be normal. Even in the midst of my own mess, I know there are others far worse off than I am. I know there are mothers who are just starting their journey of grief. There are mothers who will never hold their babies. There are single moms who are stuggling to pay the bills. There are mothers who can’t feed their children. I’m making it. I’m still above water, barely.

My mom told me to embrace the pain. Absorb it and process it. Don’t try to stuff it back in because it’s messy and you might not give the impression that you were hoping to make. But rather, be real. Be what you feel and act what you believe. I believe it’s ok to be sad. It’s ok to cry. So why do I try to stuff it all inside when that’s exactly how I feel? If you process the yucky stuff it turns into strength. It becomes “where you came from” rather than “what you are.”

In November, I miss Owen more than other times of the year. Please don’t take that as I don’t miss him other times of the year. It’s just a closer kind of pain. All the memories come slapping me in the face.

Sometimes when I write these horribly broken and sad blogs I fear that I sound weak or broken. I fear that people will take pity on me. I don’t write these words for sympathy or pity. I write them because they are real and honest. They are me. I write them because I find healing in sharing the hard truth. I pray that others will find comfort that they are not alone in their own sadness.

I continue to pray that God will use this horrific loss to make something good. I pray that he will use me and give me strength to be a blessing in the world. I pray that my ears and heart will be open to receive his message. I pray that those I love will feel just how much I care about them. I pray that my life might have a slight impact on just one person. Don’t let my loss go to waste – let good continue to come from it.

Love, Mel


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Want to walk with me?

Anyone in the Milwaukee area want to take a walk with me and the boys? I was thinking September 14, downtown Milwaukee!

It’s that time if year again … The Briggs & Al run/walk for Children’s Hospital of WI. This hospital is the same four walls we kissed Owen goodbye for the last time. The nurses and staff were the ones that, not only cared for Owen, but cared for my family and I as we prepared to walk a long road of grief.

So I would LOVE to see you on the streets of Milwaukee with us this year! We’ll bring the OWENGE, if you bring a smile! It’s super kid friendly, so kids can walk with us in strollers or wagons! And I’m hoping I can talk my brother into wearing the OWENGE man costume again this year 🙂

CLICK HERE to register to walk with “Owen’s Little Warriors.” See you on September 14!!

Feel free to email me if you’ve got questions about joining the team!!


Like Owen’s Little Warriors – Al’s Run Walk for CHW on Facebook to get updates!

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2 Years Ago Today …

Today marks two years since I last saw Owen alive, since he drank his last bottle, smiled his last smile and took his last breath on his own.  Today is almost more significant to me than his official death date (May 26).  Perhaps it’s because today is when everything changed.  Today was the day everything was flipped upside down and inside out.  My “perfect” family of 6 was changed in a very big and un-fixable way.

This is also a time when I think about the EMTs and firemen that invaded my home.  Their faces are on my heart and their jobs are in my prayers.  Last year I brought the fire station a meal as a way to honor them and to say thank you for all that they did.  This year I decided to do the same.  So yesterday we brought the fire house that responded to my 911 call a meal.  We spent over an hour with the station – the boys got to sit in all of the fire trucks and ambulances.  And when I say all – I mean every last vehicle in that garage!

Last year I was a little disappointed to find that the man who gave Owen CPR wasn’t able to attend the meal.  They explained to me that he had a class to be in.  I couldn’t picture his face.  I could see him on his knees in the nursery, I could see his hands on Owen’s chest, but I couldn’t remember his face. When I looked around the room this year, I recognized him immediately.

I spoke with him for a bit towards the end of the visit.  He apologized for not being able to save Owen and said that he still feels like there was more he could have done.  I was surprised to hear that he felt that way.  I have always been so eternally thankful to him – I have never blamed him, wondered if he could have done more or even wished he would have done something different.  I knew he had done his best.  He was my hero in all of this – he revived Owen’s heart so that he could be an organ donor.  Without him my journey would have ended on May 21, 2011.  Owen would have passed away silently as so many other infants to.  But Owen was given a chance to tell his story.  My family was given five beautiful days in the hospital – sitting around Owen’s bed, all piled on top of each other, laughing and crying and saying good-bye to our beautiful baby boy.  This EMT gave this gift to me.  It’s been the only part of this journey that gives me peace and healing – two little girls lived through the death of my baby boy.  I lost so that others could win.  If Owen’s heart had not been revived, he would have only been able to donate his heart valves – that’s it.  This blog wouldn’t exist.  I wouldn’t have found my love for writing.  Being about to speak about my faith so openly wouldn’t happen.  This entire journey would have ended in one night.

I wanted to find the words that would let him see into my soul and see what I saw in that night.  I wanted him to know, with certainly, how thankful I am.  It was by far the most painful experience of my life – but I’ve also be so richly blessed through it.  Isn’t there a bible verse about “blessed are those who grieve for they are comforted”?

I am surprised by the emotions that still sneak up on me.  My mom came over today on a whim, just to keep me company.  I didn’t know I needed company, but her being there made me feel better.  I continue to be thankful for all the prayers my family and I received during Owen’s hospital stay and continue to receive.  You are what made my story start to feel like it was serving a bigger purpose.  Thank you.

Owen – mom still loves you.  I always will.  We speak your name in our home.  We pray for you at night.  Your brothers will grow up knowing about you.  Chunky Monkey.  Buddha.  Oh-Dee-Doe-Dee.  Owen.

Love, Mel


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Jaden’s Family Portrait

I knew it would happen some day … I just didn’t think it would happen so soon. Jaden made a wonderful drawing of our family … Without Owen in it.





Let me first point out that 1+4=5 🙂 haha I wasn’t mad that Owen wasn’t on the drawing but it made me sad. I know Jaden, nor anyone else, has forgotten Owen. It’s normal, natural and healthy to move on. The painful truth is that we only have 5 people living in our house.

It was the first family portrait of only 5 … And I know it won’t be the last. And that’s ok. They just won’t ever look “right” to me. They will always look like they are hiding something. Even though the picture might now show it … We are always a family of 6 and I have 4 children.

Love, Mel

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Brenda’s Story – Women of Faith Conference 2012

Yesterday I attended the second day of the Women of Faith conference.  It was better than the first night.  One speaker spoke louder to me than the others – Brenda Warner.  Her story is similar to mine in many ways.  Her 4 month old son stopped breathing and she walked the same path as I did … wondering if her baby would wake up again.  Later she would find out that her (then) husband had dropped him on his head while giving him a bath.  Her son did recover – but not fully.  He still has severe brain damage which has left him with many handicaps in life.  I saw what Owen’s face could have been.  I saw a wonderfully loving and funny young man … someone who Owen could have grown up to be had he woke up.

I thought back to those nights in the hospital.  When, at night by his bedside – holding his cold little baby hand, I didn’t pray for Owen to come back to me, but rather, I prayed for God’s will to be done.  I whispered into Owen’s ear when Doug was asleep that if Owen didn’t want to come back to his broken body, I would be ok.  I would understand.  I didn’t want him to come back to me just because he thought I would be broken if he left.  I didn’t want him living in a body that was more of a prison cell to him.  See, I knew that he would have brain damage.  I had been unresponsive for over an hour.  I knew that if he came back he wouldn’t be the same boy that was laid in his crib for bed on May 21, 2011.  He would be different – his body would fail him in many ways.

BUT if he wanted to come back – if he wasn’t ready to leave this world, I would take care of him – I would love and help him through life.  As a mother, I didn’t know what was best – him to be alive or him to be in heaven.  I didn’t know if my prayers for him to wake up were selfish or if they were what God wanted.  I didn’t know so I prayed for the strength to let God’s will be done.  I prayed that Owen would feel my love even as he was in a coma.  I prayed that if Owen had a choice he would know how much I loved him – I loved him so much that I just wanted him to be content – I didn’t want him to worry about me and what I wanted.  This was his choice – his life.  He was only 6 months old – yet, I knew as a mother, I couldn’t ask him to come back if it meant he would be unhappy.

I don’t know what Brenda prayed those days – but I do know that she did answer God’s call and while her whole life was turned upside down a few times more … she continued to serve the Lord and to love her children.  Her son was at the conference – I looked at his handsome face and thought about Owen.  He looked so happy to be on stage, he looked so loved by his mother.  I couldn’t help but imagine what Owen would be like – how my life would have been different – what I would be doing on a ‘regular’ day if he were still here.  I even found parts of me that rejoiced that Owen was in heaven.  I have no doubt that Owen only knows pure joy each and every day.  I know he is not in pain.  I know he is not sad.  In the face of grief and pain and longing to hold one of my children, I rejoice knowing that Owen is in the best place possible – with his Father in Heaven.  And for that alone I can celebrate.

Love, Mel

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Briggs & Al Run/Walk 2012 – Reflections From Mr. Jake Appleton

Let me introduce the fabulous Jake Appleton from Appleton, WI again! Below are his reflections from the Briggs and All Run/Walk which benefiting Childrens Hospital of Wi … Where Owen was treated after being found not breathing.


Saturday, September 15th was the 35th annual Briggs and Al’s Run/Walk in downtown Milwaukee. The goal of the event was to raise money for Children’s Hospital, and I’m pleased to report that 13,000 people showed up for the event, and over $13 million was raised. Interestingly, Mel Bissing wasn’t one of the 13,000 in attendance. Nor was her sister, Rachael. Or best friends, Sarah Meyer and Abby Snopek. So, what in the world happened? A sequel to “Home Alone”? Maybe someone unplugged their alarm clock and it was flashing 12:00 when in reality they had overslept and missed the race? And now Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern are sneaking around, ready to break into their houses?

No, nothing that interesting. A close friend of theirs got married on 9/15 and each of them made the tough decision to attend the wedding instead of walking for Owen’s Little Warriors. Let’s just say that marriage BETTER NOT end in divorce!! (totally kidding) So, going in, we knew Mel and some of her usual entourage would not be in attendance. But did that dampen the spirit? Not even a tiny bit. Here’s what happened.
I woke up at 5:40 AM…seriously, Owen, I hope you’re looking down and smiling, cuz that’s dedication. I started getting the girls ready, and woke Tina shortly after. My daughters were really excited for the walk, particularly Violet, who is borderline in love with Mel’s son, Jaden. Tina had the girls so cute in all their orange stuff, and before we knew it, the time had come to leave. We managed to score free parking, which was a plus, and then it was time to board the school bus. You might recall the year prior where we were celebrities, of sorts, due to our dyed orange shirts. People were coming up to us saying, “That is SUCH a good idea! Oooohhh, are you on Owen’s Little Warriors team? I LOVE Mel’s blog!!” This year was different, mostly because we weren’t the trendsetters anymore. The trend had been set, and others followed suit. We saw yellow shirts, blue shirts, pink shirts…you name it. They all have Mel to thank, but who’s counting?


all the “bling” Mandy (the team captain and dear friend of Mel) made


Weston & Logan on the bus ride down to the start line


Doug and the Boys

Speaking of colors, my leg quickly turned red, as I somehow cut myself getting on the bus after trying to maneuver two strollers into the seat next to me. I glanced down and saw a red trickle, beginning at my knee, and ending at my calf. Great start, Jake. Tina saved the day with a Kleenex, which I fashioned into a tourniquet. Problem…solved.

We were fairly early, so we walked to the starting line and looked around for other orange shirts. We found only 3 – a nice couple and their son. After chatting with them for a few moments, others started to arrive, including Mel’s husband, Doug, and the boys! As we looked around, we found a very odd celebrity mix: the Brewers Racing Sausages, Bango the Buck, the Admirals’ Mascot, a lady on stilts, Chewbacca and some Storm Troopers. Wait a tic…did you just say Chewbacca and some Storm Troopers?! What were they doing at an event for Children’s Hospital? Don’t know, but Doug sure was excited about it. He was like, “OH MY GOD!!! CHEWWWWIIIIEEEE!!!” Jaden rolled his eyes and tried to keep up as Doug sprinted away.

My favorite pre-race moment was definitely Mel’s brother, Jake. He came dressed head to toe in an orange suit. Picture those “Blue Man Group” dudes…only orange. I can’t describe how awesome that was. There’s spirit…and then there’s what Jake did for Owen. He became an INSTANT celebrity once the mask was zipped over his face. Little kids started walking up and giving him hugs, parents wanted to take pictures with him, hot girls wanted him to autograph their cleavage (ok, I added that last part).



Another thing that really stood out was the green shirts all around us. The green shirts were special because they were given to Child Champions, who were defined as someone who was once a patient at Children’s Hospital. It really hit home for me when I saw the sheer number of green shirts. Whether you have been blessed with healthy children, like us, or if you have needed the services of Children’s Hospital, this thing is bigger than all of us. And I GUARANTEE everyone reading this knows someone that has been helped by these fine doctors and nurses. There is no better cause than helping children.

Owen was in the forefront of our minds as the walk began. The throng of 13,000 strong started marching onward as the inspirational music blared over the loudspeakers. “Brighter Than the Sun” was an appropriate first song, and the Marquette cheerleaders were once again brought to tears when they saw Mandy and Jessie Buschke walk past, holding the banner with Owen’s photo and lifespan in full view. Not the first time the power of Owenge moved someone to tears, and it won’t be the last… My wife noticed a monarch butterfly again stick with our group, but this time only for about a minute. Still, just knowing that Owen acknowledged and thanked us for marching in his memory for a second straight year was pretty awesome.

As we passed a half mile, I decided to look up at the building where last year, someone high up in a skyscraper was waving an orange pom-pon. He wouldn’t be back again this year, would he? My eyes glanced up, and landed on something bright orange. Same guy, this time with a bright orange shirt. He waved his arms wildly at us when he saw our group. To this day, we have no knowledge who this man is, but we do know this…Owen touched his life, some way, somehow. Just as he has to all of ours.


See him on the left hand side of the building 8 windows up on the balcony?

The rest of the walk was rather uneventful. Poor Jake in the head-to-toe orange outfit had to relent and take the mask off after awhile because it got to be pretty hot in the sun. We didn’t want him to change his orange shirt to green after a hospital stay, so his decision to cool off was the right one. Mostly, the day was one of reflection. Owen’s Little Warriors consists of people from all walks of life. We may not all be close friends outside the walk environment, but at least for a few hours, every year, we’re family. Owen’s family. I know Mel couldn’t be there on Saturday, but we all know she appreciated the support everyone gave to her team. Some of us knew Owen his whole life, others never had the chance to meet him until it was too late, but for me, I gained a valuable lesson that I will never forget: Live in the 2%. Keep your faith strong. Believe.



Where did Jake go?

Logan and Mandy having a “moment”


There are no words to express how sad I was that I couldn’t be there at the walk … but after getting pictures send to me during the day via text and email, I felt like I was walking right there with everyone.  I know that Owen was proud of everyone that walked – we raised a bunch of money for Children’s Hospital.  I think just about everyone knows someone who has been treated by the wonderful nurses and doctors there.  They make dreams come true, they heal the sick and they make the worst life nightmare seem almost bearable.  The staff at Childrens do a lot more than just care for sick children – they also care for the families of the sick kids by offering training and education and sometimes just being an ear that will listen in the middle of the night when you just can’t sleep because you are so worried for your little baby.

Thank you to the 13,000 people who walked!  Thank you to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin for all that you do!

Love, Mel



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