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Week 33 Update

I’m not sure anyone really thought I would make it this far once I was dilated and in the hospital.  The false alarms also led us to believe that these little ones were breaking out.  But here I am … still pregnant!  Now start the jokes of how we can get labor going and of course the bets on when they really are coming.  I say the next few days are all good … they’ve got great birthdays!

  • 11-9-10
  • 11-10-10
  • 11-11-10
  • 11-12-10

After that the birthdays just aren’t’ that great …  Who knows, I’m such a freak of nature, I’ll still be pregnant at Christmas!

I’m dilated to about 5 cms now, but not contracting.  So we are waiting for more of a progressive labor before we deliver.  Each morning I wake up hoping today will be the day!  I’m still on bed rest, so I’ve been laying around and watching TV.  It’s funny as I have tons of projects to work on – Thank You notes, work on my scarf, gifts, creating the blog book.  But I just don’t have the motivation to do them.  I’m turning into a vegetable!

My belly measures 59 cm!!  Thank goodness for the Plus size maternity shirts … those are barely fitting these days!

Rae brought me a present too!  A princess crown.  I think I get a little sassy when I wear it too 🙂

My nurses, mom, Rae, Doug and me have been brainstorming ways to get the babies to come faster.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Salsa dance in my huge room
  • Walk laps back and forth
  • Hide my anti-contraction meds like a psych patient would
  • Hit every bump on my wheel chair rides
  • Better yet, instead of going on a wheel chair ride, push my wheel chair around the hospital
  • Eat spicy food like Dad’s chili
  • Mom says some kind of oil and root beer is supposed to work

Those are just a few!  Dr. Akea came to check on me this afternoon.  I told the doc how miserable and how uncomfortable I am.  I even reenforced that even though I was laughing and smiling while I said it I really meant it!  She smiled and encouraged me to talk to Dr. Epperson tomorrow to pin point a more solid plan of action.  She then reminded me that every extra day in the womb is one less day in the NICU.  At this point I’m ok with the NICU!  I mean, come on, they have the best docs and nurses there!  Right?

As much as I complain or joke about wanting the babies out and as much as I really mean that I want the babies out, I still want them to come on their own time.  They should come at the “right” time.  Who am I to say that they are ready?  I can’t even see them!  I just don’t want to force something.  What I really want are these contractions to kick in and the docs to make the call.  I had one contraction while playing cards with Rae and I got SO excited.  That was it though … one contraction.

Thank goodness for my visitors!  They all keep me sane!  The mornings are so sluggish and yucky.  Then when my visitors come, the whole day gets better!  Mom and Rachael make me laugh SO hard!  They usually play a game or two of cards with me (even though they LOOSE!).  Tonight she cut out a little early since Brittany, Rae, Doug and Jaden were all there.  We were in the middle of a game so I think she just forfeit (afraid of loosing again haha)!  Visitors are the very best part of my day!  Thank you to everyone who has spent some time with me.  You all have made each day a little brighter and me a little happier.

Love you!



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THE Batman Blanket

Way back when we first found out we were pregnant, Abby started working on a gift for Jaden.  I wasn’t 100% sure what it was … but I was pretty sure it was a crocheted blanket.  I was right!  This weekend Abby brought her finished blanket to give to Jaden.  Sometimes Jaden can be a little moody so I wanted to make sure we gave it to him on a “good” night.  He was SO excited!  He wrapped himself up in the blanket and danced around the room.

What a special gift for Jaden.  Abby is quite the amazing auntie!  Thank you so much for the wonderful gift!!

The rest of that night was so much fun!  We had Doug with the girls goofing off.

We had Jaden playing with the rubber band thing I’m supposed to be using for physical therapy.

And we had me riding my bed like a wild bull!  You can’t really tell by the picture, but the bed is lifted really high (a couple of feet off of the ground).

It was a crazy fun night in the hospital with good friends.  How can it be fun if it’s not a little crazy, right?

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30 Years of Marital Bliss

There were no babies today, BUT it was Mom and Dad’s 30th wedding anniversary!  Rae and I did the best we could to make it special, even though I’m stuck in the hospital.  We had the family for dinner in my room.  Rachael picked up Mama Mia’s for dinner.  Jaden was having so much fun – running around, playing with his YaYa.  Overall I think it was a success!  I wish I could take credit for it, but it was really all Rae.  She did all the running and organizing.  Thank you Rae!

Dad got Mom an anniversary band with three diamonds to symbolize us three kids.  The pictures below show a perfect story of how the gift opening went.  Bottom line, mom loved the gift and dad really spoiled mom!  They sure do make a cute couple!

“I thought it was just a red bag from Walgreens!”

“Oh my!

“I can’t believe you did this!”

Here are some more pictures from the night:

Proof of mom and dad’s anniversary dinner – it’s only missing a candle!

Hanging out on the couch together

It was a great family night!  When it was time for Doug and Jaden to leave, it was pretty sad.  It’s the true proof that this is harder on Jaden than he lets on most times.  He’s so happy to run around the room and he tells me crazy stories on the phone.  But when it’s time to leave after a two-hour visit, you’d think he was only here for 5 mins.  Made me get a little teared up tonight.  That little man and his smile have been my entire world for the last four years.  It’s the longest we have EVER been away from each other.  It’s inevitable that he feels some sort of loneliness with this whole triplet thing, but it still breaks my heart.  I think Mom is going to pick him up from school early one day so Jaden and I can have an extra long visit.  I’m hoping to be able to take him on a walk outside in my wheelchair.  I just think it would be fun.

Mom & Dad – Congratulations on 30 years of marriage!  Here’s to another 30!

Love, Mel

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False Alarm #86,000

So really … it’s been three false alarms.  But it might as well be 86,000!  The emotional roller coasters are nuts!

Yesterday, Doug and Jaden were still here from their sleepover.  It’s the first one Doug has been able to experience first hand.  First, I started to feel crampy.  Then the contractions start.  I was really feeling those contractions too!  The nurse checked me and she thought I was about 4.5 cm dilated.  So we got an IV started, made phone calls to our immediate family, they called in Dr. Epperson.  Since Mom and Dad Bissing were driving down from Green Bay, we called them, gave them all the information.  Knowing it wasn’t set in stone, they started to drive down.  If the doc called it off they would just be turning around.  We really thought it was the real thing.  Doug proceeded to clean my hospital room.  I’m not really surprised by this, are you?  I love my Type A personality husband!  And Jaden asked for bacon over and over again.  I wasn’t really surprised by this either.  Dr. Epperson came in to check me and she says there really isn’t a change in my dilation, and now we wait again.  WHAT?  All this hype to come crashing down in 30 seconds.  Mom and Dad Bissing were already in Oshkosh!! But a few more days in the belly is better than the NICU (I keep telling myself this …)

Dad and Jake came by to visit before heading to the Packer game yesterday afternoon.  I again started to have contractions.  The kind that made me curl my toes, breath really deep and gave me the chills.  Again, I thought we were going to see a change in the dilation.  NOPE!  Another let down.

Mom, Rae and Sarah came to visit me after the boys left to run their errands and get ready for bed.  After Mom left, and right before the girls were going to leave the contractions started AGAIN!  I was so uncomfortable.  They were almost stabbing.  The nurse called Dr. Epperson and the girls were so good to me they waited to see what might or might not happen.  The nurse checked me and still no changes!  I was fed up with the day and when the girls left, I went to sleep.

Now it’s Monday morning and I slept alright … But I’m a little crampy again and feel another contraction episode might be starting.  November 8th would be a good day to have these babies … Mom and Dad’s 30th wedding Anniversary!  But who knows … I don’t want to get my hopes up in case it’s just going to be another day of false alarms.  But on the other hand I don’t want to be caught off guard.  Not to mention, I ran out of Dexter episodes to watch online … so I’m pretty lonely during the day now.  I’ve got to wait for the discs to show up from Netflix, which I think will be Wednesday.

These little owls are already teaching me that they now run my schedule  🙂  I’ll try to keep everyone updated if we do end up having these babies today or tomorrow.  Things get pretty crazy around here when they think something might be happening.  Thank you for all of your thoughts!  Love you all!

Love, Mel

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A little secret…

I’ll let you all in on a little secret … I miss being home.  I’m ok being in the hospital because I know it’s best for both me and the babies.  Besides, if I were at home, every little pinch would get me thinking I was having contractions.  Here, they can just hook me up to a machine and things are good.  But I miss family dinners at the table and bedtime with Jaden.   I look forward to seeing Doug and Jaden each night … even though it’s only for an hour or two.  I’m holding strong and loving the visitors.  They help the time pass.  Just wish being in the hospital didn’t mean that I had to miss my family so much.

Thank goodness the nurses are so nice and my mother comes every afternoon!  If I were smart I would probably enjoy the quiet time a little more knowing that once the triplets come, there won’t be a quiet time in the next 18 years!

My spirits are high and my health is in check … I just love and miss Doug and Jaden so much!

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Big Brother Class

When mom came to visit me this afternoon, I pretty much fell asleep right away.  I got hooked up to the baby heart monitor and, for whatever reason, I couldn’t keep my eyes open.  I slept thru the entire time I was on the monitor.  I woke up towards the end.  Baby A had a heart beat of about 170, which is quite high.  Nurse Jodi explained that it could be a sign of infection.  So they ordered a blood test and made a quick appointment at the PAC for me (with the specialist doctor).  All the tests came back ok … babies are good!

All I could think today was “I can’t have the babies today … I’ve got my PAC appointment tomorrow morning.  And if we have babies tonight, then I won’t have my appointment!”  I still got my PAC appointment, but a little early.  As odd as it sounds, I wasn’t ready for it!  I had cookies I was going to decorate and bring over for them.  And since I slept all afternoon, I didn’t decorate them.  Come to find out Dr Miller wasn’t there anyways.  I think I’ll decorate them tomorrow and deliver them on my once a day wheel chair ride.

While at the PAC, it was a party …. of course!  I told Caryn about the “Jesus lights” in the room.  They are two spot lights that shine SO bright directly at the bed!  When Rae found the switch to turn them on they blinded me!  Why on earth are they shining high enough to blind me?  Shouldn’t they be lower? … just saying ….  We then found out that there is a magic wand that controls the spot light.  Nurse Colleen said that it was her wand … and I couldn’t have it.  I think we should get a nurse in on a little prank, get a hold of the wand, take a picture of me with the wand and then tape it to her locker!  We all laughed.  It was at this point that we realized this poor guy, who was trying to draw my blood, was the only male in the room with five women!!  He sort of blushed and said that it sounded like the light at the end of the tunnel for babies.   hahaha

Tonight was the Big Brother/Sister class … finally!  Jaden came busting in thru my door carrying his three chosen stuffed animals.  I was allowed to go in a wheel chair and only as long as I didn’t feel any contractions.  I made it about 45 mins thru the class and started to feel tight, so Doug took me back.  When we first got to the class, Jaden was so proud in telling the whole room that he was having triplets!  He was also “that” kid in the circle … throwing his Panda in the air, interrupting the teacher to tell her stuff.  He was so excited … probably going to be a class clown.  The other kids were slightly shy and you could tell they were nervous.  But not Jaden!  He learned how to put a diaper on his panda.  Doug and I offered to help him, but Nooooo he wanted the teacher to help him.  What a booger.  When I left they were getting ready to watch a short movie.  Then the boys came back to the room and Jaden and I colored a picture he got.  It was all too soon before they needed to head home for showers and bed time.

So no babies yet … but they are coming.  It’s only a matter of time.  I’m getting less nervous and more excited to meet them!  Boy is our life going to change when the owls decide to enter the world.  Watch out world … here come the Bissing Boys!

Love, Mel

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Greatest Breakfast!

After blogging last night, Nurse Nicole came in to monitor the babies. I ordered Nachos as a nighttime snack at 10pm so they would arrive around the same time we were finishing up monitoring. (Pretty great planning, right?)  Well, when we started to monitor the babies, I started to have contractions again. This time they were a bit more intense … sort of took my breath away. We hooked me up to the IV again to hydrate me and I laid on my left side.

Needless to say … I couldn’t eat my nachos – just in case we ended up having a c-section during the night. I told Nurse Nicole to at least find a good home for them. Don’t let them go to waste – if I can’t eat them, someone else should be able to enjoy them! And if she was going to throw them away, lie to me! Don’t let me know that the deliciousness of salty chips and fake cheese went to waste!

I slept thru the night just fine. No more contractions. Had just a few this morning when I was being monitored again. It seems that they kick in when laying on my back. Dr Epperson came in this morning to check on me. She said she wasn’t happy that they were getting stronger, but she measured and I’m still only 4cm. So we play it day by day …

That means I get to order breakfast … and you KNOW what that means! NACHOS for breakfast! and let me tell you … they are delicious! I threw in a yogurt for good measure.

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Hospital Update – Day 7

Contractions have slowed down.  They gave me a medicine to help calm an “irritable uterus.”  It won’t stop true labor but had calmed down the contractions.  I feel a million times better than two nights ago!  Dr. Epperson just came in and confirmed that we are just going to wait again.  As long as the babies are still happy and I’m not contracting then we wait.

It’s such an emotional roller coaster!  When we were having contractions, I was scared and didn’t feel ready at all!  When I started feel better, I felt anxious for the next step.  Wondered what was going to happen next and just wanted answers.  And now, I feel sort of let down.  The drama happened and I was getting all ready for the big event and now…nothing again.  But it’s for the best.  It’s all for these babies.

It’s time to re-group and get ready for a longer stay.  I’ve become obsessed with the series Dexter.  I’m on episode 5 of Season 2 already.  When I get thru the rest of the seasons on Netflix I’m going to feel so lost!

So far I’ve had tons of visitors and the company is wonderful!  Thank you to everyone who took some time to visit.  It means the world to me!

I’ll keep you all updated on the progress and status!

Love, Mel

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Things are starting to change

I woke up from a nap yesterday not feeling the greatest.  My nurse just happened to peak in on me and I told her how I was feeling crampy and maybe a few contractions.  She asked me if I wanted to be hooked up to the monitor and I said yes, even if it was to give me some peace of mind.  Well turns out I was having some contractions.  And they continued for about an hour.  The nurse grabbed Dr. Meyer after his c-section to check things out.

We checked and found that I’m still about 3 1/2 cm dilated.  But since I was still having contractions we were going to hydrate and lay on my left side.  Try to relax and get these little buggers to stay in longer.  At first the doc said I could hydrate with drinking lots of water.  I was shocked I got out of an IV that easily!  But .. he changed his mind and I ended up getting one anyway.  That was I was also ready for surgery if these guys decided to come fast and furious.

We made it thru the night!  But I’m still having contractions regularly.  Just waiting for the doc to come on his rounds now.  Doing the best to lay on my side and relax … I’m just SO uncomfortable.  More to come soon!


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Thank you!

I received beautiful flowers from Mom and Dad Bissing.  Thank  you!  They make my room a brighter place!

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