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Halloween Sleepover

I’ve been looking forward to Saturday night since I was admitted last week Thursday.  During the day Doug was busy with the basement and I was busy getting ready for their visit.  Rae came and decorated my room with Halloween decorations.

Mom even carved me a pumpkin.  It’s an owl …. see it?

Rae helped me out by picking up some snacks for little Jaden so he could trick or treat at my bed.  AND she took me on a wheel chair adventure.  At first it felt like we were whipping down the halls and I told her to slow down!  But I think it’s just that I walk so slow these days, normal pace feels like running!  We went down to the gift shop for a bit and found a few activity books for Jaden.  Then we grabbed a snack and sat outside for a little bit.  It was a tad cold, but I was outside darn it!  I just zipped up my fleece.  Besides, the people watching was insane!  Who knew people wear ass-less chaps to the hospital?

The boys finally arrived around dinner time.  We all got to eat together.  Me and Jaden in the bed and Doug at the small table.  Then Jaden got to “find” his present in the “elevator to China” (the closet).  He was really excited.  In fact I think he colored every picture in the invisible ink book I got him.  We eat lots of candy and snacks and watched Casper.  At 10 I got hooked up to the heart monitors and Jaden was really excited to “see” his brothers.  In fact, he wanted to help!  So he crawled up onto the bed behind me.  Nurse Sue was so sweet and asked him to “help” by holding one of the monitors for her.  He was pretty excited to help … for 30 seconds.

After all the candy and coloring Jaden went to sleep really well …. he was SO cute!

At about 5am Jaden woke up and wanted to sleep with me.  I couldn’t say no.  But for heaven’s sake … he cannot sleep straight in a bed.  By the time I was woken up at 6 to be put on the monitor Jaden had his legs wrapped on top of my belly and had taken over 3/4 of the bed.  I had just enough room to lay for my test, then I gave up and moved to the chair.  I wasn’t mad or even irritated … I was so happy to have Jaden with me!  Both boys slept right through all the heart monitoring …. and it’s LOUD!!  I was really surprised.  Look at how cute they are ….

Katie was sweet enough to bring us breakfast in the morning.  Yum yum bagel, egg, cheese and sausage sammies!  Jaden woke up shortly after we started eating and the first thing out of his mouth was “can I have a sucker?”  And you know what I said?  “Of course!  Happy Halloween!”  It was a special sleepover!  We bummed around as a family watching Halloween movies, playing the banana game (has a bunch of letter blocks like Scrabble).  Doug and Jaden were spelling all the triplet’s names and I hear Doug go “W-e-s-t-i-n, that spells Weston”  I was like ” you don’t know how to spell your sons name?”  And that started the facebook vote on how we should spell our W boy.  I think the majority has voted Weston.  I think I win!

Day 4 in the hospital complete!  31 Weeks complete!  Tomorrow we are officially 32 weeks!  more updates to come …

Love you all!



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How many heart monitors can we fit on Melissa’s belly?

While in the hospital, I get hooked up to a heartbeat monitor every 8 hours or so.  It’s quite the adventure trying to get three babies to cooperate at the same time.  Sometimes we are able to get 20 mins of good reading done in almost 20 mins … other times it takes a good hour.

Each baby gets their own monitor (with jelly of course) and then there is a Toco to monitor for contractions.  So there are four of these things strapped to my belly at once.  Then the nurse tries to find each baby’s heart beat …. ahhhh hahahahaha.  It’s just about impossible to get all three of them cooperating at once.  Baby A and B always have heart beats so close to each other the nurse sits and ponders if she is picking up the same baby.  Baby C is pretty good … just hangs out there and rocks on the heart beats.  Baby A is so low, when he thrashes around he rocks my whole pelvis.  Which gets Baby B to kick back.  I think A and B are going to be in ka-hoots when they come out!

When all is said and done (they have 20 mins of each baby tracing) we detach all the crazy monitors and wipe my belly clean.  I haven’t gotten sick of it yet.  In fact it’s almost reassuring to hear the good reports and the babies are still happy in there.  I’m sure when it’s been a week or longer of doing this three times a day it’ll be a different story.

Keep up the good work Owen, Weston and Logan!

Love, Mel

Each computer can only trace 2 babies at a time, so I need 2 computers to trace all of these babies!

Four of these go on my belly at once:


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Hospital Stay Day 2 Update

Happy Friday everyone!  I have totally lost my sense of time, so it sort of feels like Saturday today haha.  I had many visitors today which made things go by SO fast.  Jessica came from work over her lunch break.  Rae and Abby came for a day full of movies.  Mom and Jake brought up Jaden for a nice visit.  Sarah soon caught up with Rae and Abby.  Doug came after work and Jenny Mell stopped on her way out to Occonomoc.  That’s a lot of visitors!   But to me it’s evidence of blessed I am to have such great friends/family.

When Jaden was here he sent e-mails to his friends at school on pink post-it notes.  They are currently stuck all over my closet.  They he crawled up into bed with me and we watched cartoons together.  I really miss and LOVE my cuddle time!

This morning I went over to see Dr. Miller (specialist).  Babies are all doing really well!  They all broke 4lbs!!  Dr. Miller also busted me for getting my nails done when I was “at home on bed rest”  whoops!

I’ve been having some back and right hip pain.  We think it might be some back labor so when it happens again I need to pay attention if it’s rhythmic and ask the nurse to hook me up to the contraction monitor.  I asked when we would check how dilated I was but they said they wouldn’t check again.  We are just going to wait and see if I go into labor.  It’s sort of interesting not to know if things are progressing or not.  I go back to see Dr. Miller again next week Friday.

The doc on call checked in on me today too.  I told him about my back/hip pain and he mentioned a massage … so he ordered me a massage!  HELLO??  that’s amazing!  I didn’t know they could do that!  Not sure when it’s ordered for, but he ordered it today.  Can we say spoiled?

Doug won his Halloween costume contest at work!!!  $300 baby!  I think we are going to buy a freezer with it for when I nurse and when we have 4 teenage boys to feed.  I was so proud of him and his costume was so good!  He sounded just like Billy Mayes!

Mom took Jaden to his Pumpkin Patch party at Kohl’s daycare today.  I got the report that he was really happy to see his friends and spent most of the time talking and socializing with his teachers and friends.  He had fallen asleep when mom drove him out there so she grabbed three costumes for him (not knowing which he’d want to wear).  As it turns out he wore all three of them!  He’d wear one for a while and then change into the next and then the next.  I wish I could have been there to see it!

Tomorrow is Trick or Treating.  Doug is going to take Jaden around by my mom’s I think.  Then my boys will come up to have a sleepover with me!  I can’t wait to have my boys all night long!  We’ve got the video camera charged so Doug can video tape a little bit.  I’m sure I’ll watch that right away when they get here.

Time to have the babies on the monitor again…and my hip is starting to ache again.  Sleep tight everyone!  Love you all!


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One Way Ticket

Had my check up with the OB today.   Blood pressure was good, check up went well and just before Dr. Epperson was going to walk out, she asked me if anyone had checked my cervix.  I said, we just measured it last week, that’s how I ended up admitted.  She said “No, like check if you were dilated”.  No one had checked for that.  “Let’s check you out just in case, I’d hate to send you home to find out later that you were 3 cm dilated!”  So we checked.  And wouldn’t you know it … I am 3 cm dilated!  I think I was jinxed or maybe it’s just a Thursday thing since it was last week Thursday I was admitted too.

She left the room to make a call and came back in with “You just bought yourself a one way ticket”.  Meaning I’m now in the hospital until the babies come.

I got to walk myself over to the Birthing Center … my one last hurah!  My orders are pretty liberal.  I can go outside if I’d like to, I can shower, I can wear my own clothes and eat whatever I’d like.  They even ordered me a sleeping pill if i need it.  So far I don’t think I do, but it’s nice to know it’s an option.

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty upset when I first got the news.  I just wasn’t expecting it.  Now you’re probably saying, how could she not be expecting this?  But I was doing so well for so long, I never reset my frame of mind to being in the hospital.  I just envisioned myself at home.  So it hit me hard and fast.

Doug and I also got a tour of the NICU today.  We learned a lot!  There are a lot of milestones that occur in 32 weeks.  So I’m 32 weeks on Monday … we’ve got to keep them in AT LEAST that long if not longer.  They say that some women just start to dilate and then hang out and don’t go into labor for a few weeks.  There is also the possibility that we could have babies before Monday.  We just don’t know at this point and are hoping for as much time as the babies will give us.

I’ve got my apt with Dr. Miller tomorrow at 8:30am.  They’ll wheel me over there fore my appointment.  With all this commotion it’s going to be nice to not only see some friends who have been along with me for the ride, but also see these little booger beans in ultrasound.  See their hearts beating, see their little arms and legs and get some extra reassurance that they are doing ok in there.

Doug asked a really great question … how much time do we have from the time they decide to deliver the babies and when we actually have the surgery.  Dr. Epperson said it depends on why we decide to deliver.  If I got into labor we have more time.  They can give me magnesium sulfate to delay the labor and so forth.  If the babies show signs of distress, then we are going to go in a lot faster.  One of the biggest fears that runs in the back of my mind is what if the babies go into distress when I’m here by myself and Doug is at work and can’t get here before they take me in.  Or what if they have to knock me out completely and I miss the birth all together.  Silly worries, but they are there all the same.

I’ll do whatever I need to do to keep these babies warm and safe.  And right now, that’s keeping them in my belly.  A mother’s strength comes from the love for her children.

Tomorrow Doug has his Halloween costume contest at work.  He’s dressing up as Billy Mays ( a much thinner, but just as loud Billy Mays) … he BETTER WIN!  He sounds just like him!  I’m so excited to hear the results tomorrow!  Keep your fingers crossed and send happy thoughts of OxiClean his way!

Alright, it’s getting late and I should rest.  It’s a movie marathon with Rae, Abby and maybe Sarah tomorrow!  I’m so lucky to have such wonderful little sisters!

Love you all!


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Getting a little giddy…

Staying at mom’s definitely hast it’s perks … and one of them is having Rae and Jake for entertainment.  When trying to feel the babies kick, they discovered my belly button.  I don’t think there are words to describe what happened next … just take a peek at these pictures!

After applying lotion, lots of things stick to a belly!



Belly Table


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Busting Out!

I’m busting out of the hospital today!!  They still want to keep a close eye on me and make sure that I’m close the hospital just in case.  So I’ll be staying at my mom’s house rather than going to my house in Sussex.  Still a little hard to see my boys, but WAY better than the hospital!

Last night I went out with a bang!  Rae, Sarah and Abby came to see me.  Oh boy did I laugh!  They brought some games to play.  One was a drawing game.  You were given a topic to draw, for example submarine.  Then you drew your picture for 45 seconds.  Then drew a category card, for example “the heaviest” and we would then vote for the drawing that best fit the category.  Sounds simple enough … but boy oh boy did we have fun with it!  My overnight nurse was joking about us having a party.  But all of the morning nurses and the doc had heard about our party  🙂  leave it to me to be “that” patient!  But honestly, what other patient would I be?  haha!

So the doc orders are to rest and lay around.  I’m not to be going out and about, I’m not to take long showers standing or doing things for myself.  My job is to rest.  I follow-up with my OB on Thursday and then the specialist on Friday.  I asked what were the chances that I’d find myself in the hospital again next weekend and she sort of smiled and said “it’s possible”.  Being 31 weeks preggers with three babies puts more pressure which causes the cervix to thin.  It doesn’t mean I’ll go into labor, but it might.  The good part is that I am not feeling crampy or having contractions.  If I did, it would be a whole other story.

I’m also on insulin for now too.  The steroid shots make my blood sugars go crazy so the insulin helps to regulate that.  Giving myself the shots isn’t so bad.  I just freak myself out right before I do it….usually takes me like three times before I can actually stick myself.  I’m really hoping that if I be good with my diet that they let me stop the insulin.  I have to call in my numbers to the diabetes nurse tomorrow so we shall see!

Three nights in the hospital and I’m home.  Not too bad.  If you need me, I’ll be lying around at Mom’s, resting on the couch and reading my Nook.  Love you all and thank you for the happy thoughts!

Love, Mel

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Hospital Hurdle #1

1 night down … who knows how many to go.  I was slightly confused on what 24-48 hours meant.  It was from the second shot (given this morning) not from when I was admitted  so the earliest I would be going home would be tomorrow or Sunday morning.  They gave me a swab (can’t ever remember how to say it let along spell it) which can help determine if I’ll go into labor within the next two weeks.

The charge nurse and Dr Todd come into the room … yes a male doc to give me this wonderful swab.  This is the very first time I’ve ever had a male doc with this kind of business … and it hurt like nobody’s business!  An hour and a half later, I find out that they didn’t get enough on the swab and we have to do it again!  Ouchie-wa-wa!  All I could think of was “thank goodness I’m not delivering these babies naturally!”  It sounds so wimpy … but I meant it!  I just won’t be sharing that with any of the other mom’s on the floor who are actually going through child-birth.  Low and behold it came back positive.  Which means the possibility of going into labor is higher within the next two weeks.  Doesn’t mean for sure that I will…but I could.  While no one has been able to give me a date to strive for, I’ve been told “I’ve bought myself some more time in the hospital” and Dr. Miller said he would see me on Tuesday when he left.  Awesome.

The on call doc won’t be the one to send me home, they’ll wait until Dr. Epperson is here to make the call.  This also means that since she’s not working this weekend, I’ll be here until at least Monday.  Just making myself comfortable!

Doug brought Jaden up to visit after work today.  It was so wonderful to see my men.  Jaden was super excited to see me and eat dinner in my bed … leaving more crumbs of course.  One of the first things he said to me was that he wasn’t going home tonight and he wanted to sleep over.  When I pointed out that there was only 1 bed and asked where was he going to sleep.  He quickly replied that he would sleep in the chair and be REALLY quiet.  It just broke my heart.

Kids are resilient and he’s not the only 4-year-old learning what it’s like to have siblings, but boy oh boy it breaks my heart.  It hit me really hard tonight too.  Jaden sitting next to me, hugging me so tight begging for five more minutes (which it had already been 30 extra mins).  I cried … I couldn’t help it.  He looked at me and told me he was sad when he left.  I reassured him that he could call me whenever he wanted, he just needed to ask Dad.  And he could come and see me every day!  It didn’t stop my tears tho.  It was the first hard thing I’ve had to face … and it hit me like a wall.  I can’t imagine when there will be four little men who can pull at my heart strings like that.

Katie came to visit just about the same time that the boys where leaving.  My tears were clearly shown on my face and she was reluctant to come in for fear of it being a bad time.  I reassured her it was ok and she should still come to visit.

**Let me give you a little background on my friend Katie.  Her and I met in morning Kindergarten 22 years ago.  Yes … over two decades ago!!  We went to school together thru high school, went our separate ways for college and reunited when I was pregnant with Jaden.  She was the surgical tech in on my c-section.  Then we were both engaged…and we get married on the same day! 9-19-09  We even had similar honeymoons!  Our lives have ran very parallel.  She is a very special woman whom I wish everyone had the opportunity to enjoy.  Neither Katie nor I were of the popular group growing up.  but she has always had a strong sense of what friendship is.  She would give anyone the coat off of her back because it was the right thing to do.  I look back on the years of when we had grown apart and know that it was because I was trying to be in the cool group rather than be a good friend.  Katie is God’s example of what giving and friendship is.

Tonight Katie sat and talked with me for a few hours.  It was light-hearted talks of our husbands and first year of marriage.  But it was EXACTLY what I needed.  In no time I had calmed down about missing my boys and was enjoying her company.  She refilled my water countless times and was so willing to make sure I was comfortable.  After all these years and she was willing to spend hours on her Friday night with me.  How did I get to be so lucky?  Her visit was perfect.  It re-freshened my spirits and I feel prepared for the next few days to come.  Thank you Katie for staying with me and for being you.  I am so happy and so blessed that our lives have crossed again!

Here’s to keeping these babies baking a while longer!  To finding ways of making Jaden feel special and to long lost friends who come into our lives at the most perfect time!

Love, Mel

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30 Week Health Update

First we are all still healthy.  Second, my cervix continues to shorten.  It went from 2.6cm to 1.6cm this week.  Everything happened quite quickly this morning.  Found out the cervix thing and then the next thing I know, there is a wheel chair waiting for me at the door.  So … I now find myself in a hospital room in the Birthing Center to receive the steroid shot.  This shot is to help give the babies a little boost in the development.  It also makes my blood sugar go a little crazy.  So I’ll spend 24-48 hours here so they can monitor me closely and make sure all is still well.  Totally something we can handle!

Nurse Jean warned me that the steroid shot would burn.  I told her I’d be brave since it was the right thing to do.  But boy was she right!  They give you it in your bum and boy did that booger of a shot burn!   Wowzer!  and I have another one to look forward to tomorrow morning.  Every time these boys complain about getting a shot themselves, I’m going to remind them of these ones I’m getting for them!

We have learned a few things since here.  The non-stress test works a whole lot better when I lay on my right side.  When reclined those little buggers go NUTS!  Also found out that I regularly contract when I drink too much.  So I go to the restroom regularly now  🙂  And although he’ll never confess, Doug likes the Ellen show.

I was so glad that Doug came with me to my appointment this morning.  I would have felt so lost without him!  He went home and grabbed me all my stuff … book, knitting, Nook, fresh undies for the morning.  The boys will stay at home tonight … my health is good, I’ll be brave to spend the night by myself.  Of all the times I’ve been in the hospital, this is the first night staying on my own.  When I had my car accident either Mom or someone stayed with me.  Mom, Rae and Jess took turns when Jaden was born.  And my mom stayed when I had my kidney infection.  I’m really blessed to have so many people who are willing to stay by myself on those awful hospital pull out chairs/couches.

It’s time to order my dinner now!!  Please send “stay preggers” thoughts my way to keep these little men in for a while longer.  Love you all!

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Medal Baby Shower

The original plan was to have a shower once the babies were born.  However, since my health was going so well we decided to throw it before the babies came!  Mom and Rae threw together this amazing woodland animal themed baby shower in about two weeks!  They worked hard to make it a surprise and make it really special for me.  So when I woke up that morning with my foot red, hot and swollen I was really worried I was going to mess everything up!

Called the OB on call to see if it was something that needed to be checked out.  Dr. Myer said yes I should get it checked out at the ER.  I told him I would do whatever was in the baby’s best interest, but since my shower was at 1pm would it be possible to wait until after the shower.  He said it would be ok to wait!  phew!

Get to the shower and walk down to the “party room” to find all the decorations to be woodland themed, owls all over, pine cones and forest type decorations.  The food and snacks were even made to match the theme!  Everyone was given name tags with owls on them and they were to fill in how they knew me.

We played fun games.  Liar, Liar, Pacifier where Rachael read a fact about either Doug or I and the guests had to guess if it was a truth or a lie.  We found that Doug did not have a stuffed Leopord named fluffy while growing up 🙂 but he did enjoy playing American Gladiators in the living room and jumping down the basement stairs in a single bound.  Moushira’s strategy was to think if Doug would do it as a 27 year old, and if it answer was yes, then it was probably true!  ahh haha  We also tried to guess what everyone’s names meant and present BINGO.

And presents there were!!!  The entire pool table was covered.  It was crazy!  Everyone went nuts-o with the gifts.  Doug and I are so appreciative of all the gifts!  Abby crocheted hats and booties in colors that corresponded to superheroes.  Then had made one-sies with the heroes on them!  The Hulk, Superman and Flash.  I didn’t get the Flash right away, but Jaden did!  Taught well by his daddy.  Rae made hilarious one-sies as well including:

  • 3 kinds of beer
  • paper, rock, scissors
  • Baby A, Baby B, Baby C
  • We are the Little Brothers
  • and others!

Mom Bissing got us cute one-sies that say “handsome like Daddy”.  Mom, Nada and Great Aunt Dar got us the rocking recliner for the nursery.  There were so many other wonderful gifts I could go on forever!

Everyone was also given a Thank You gift – a Douglas Fir tree or a Blue Spruce.  Each tree had a different saying or quote on them.  SO cute!

Click Here for more pictures

It was a wonderful day with wonderful friends and family!  Thank you to mom and Rae for pulling of a fantastic shower!  Thank you to everyone who was able to come and share time with me!

Love, Mel


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29 Week Health Update

Went to the doctor on Friday AM and things are changing quick!

Started with Nurse Tracy to talk about my diabetes.  Looks like I’ll be able to regulate with my diet and I don’t need to go on insulin!  Wooo Whoo!

Next I went across the hallway and me with the specialist.  There I learned that the length of my cervix is half of what it was two weeks ago!  At my last appointment it was 4.7 cm and now it’s about 2.6cm (it thins when the uterus is getting ready to deliver).  It’s not scary by any means.  In fact, Dr. Jones said it’s where she would expect me to be at 30 weeks with triplets.  The part that makes us watch is that there is that it’s shortening fast.  I now have appointments weekly with the specialist so they can monitor it closely.  If it shortens more, Dr. Jones suggested that we do the steroid shot to get the baby’s lung developed.  The “ironic” part about that is that it raises my blood sugar (which isn’t good with gestational diabetes).  So I might have to go on insulin for a week or so.  She also said that depending how much changes between now and the next appointment will also determine if the steroid shot can be done as out patient or if I’ll have to be admitted.

I asked Dr. Jones at what point do we schedule a c-section.  She answered that if my bile acids are protein gets to high then they’ll schedule one to deliver prior to 35 weeks.  If all keeps going well we wait until 35 weeks and if I go into labor before then, they’ll just take me then to get a c-section.  It feels so weird … so unplanned.  That’s the planner in me though … never was good with surprises.  Right mom?

I feel like a ticking time bomb waiting for stuff to happen.  Just sitting here this week wondering if things are changing and if I’ll be in the hospital this time next week.  Hoping that I have enough time to finish up the nursery and get all the clothes organized and put away.  Mom and Dad are coming over tomorrow to help Doug and I.  Dad will be in the basement with Doug and Mom and I will be organizing baby stuff.  We’ve got so much stuff to put away but unfortunately we don’t have much space for it all yet with the basement still being worked on.  We are really close tho!  I can almost taste it!

So the plan for the next few days is to really lay low and rest.  I have to repeat the protein test too and get that turned in so we have results for the next appointment.  Doug is coming with me to my Thursday appointment too.  Being that the “H” word has been thrown around it’s really comforting to know that he’ll be there with me.  That way I don’t have to go thru being admitted alone, if it should happen.  Of course we could get a report that nothing has changed and we can just continue as normal.  Either way, we are in good hands and the docs will all take good care of the four of us.

Love, Mel

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