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28 Week Reality Check

At our recent ultrasound (10/1) we got a GREAT picture of all three heads together.  It’s the first ultrasound since the three black circle one we had at 10 Weeks.  All three of them had their heads in the middle of my belly, having a pow wow or something.  So cute!

We only got one good profile pic this time … of Baby B.  Look really close at this hand by his face …. I think he’s flicking off his mama!  That little booger…

I signed Jaden up for a Big Brother/Sister class at Waukesha Memorial today.  It’s a class aimed at children 3-8 that are becoming a big brother/sister for the first time.  They get a tour of the birthing center and learn about how they can help when the babies come home.  They are supposed to bring a doll or stuffed animal with them.  I’m thinking of sending Jaden with 3!  I’m hoping it helps, even a little!  I worry about his transition and hope he never feels less loved than he does today.

Tomorrow I have my diabetic appointment to learn how to monitor my blood sugar and poke my finger.   It’s a TWO HOUR LONG APPOINTMENT!  I really hope this nurse has a sense of humor, otherwise it would be a long appointment!   haha  I’m sure I’ll learn a lot.  I’m actually looking forward to it a little bit.  It’s been unsettling knowing that there is something wrong with my health the past few days and not really knowing what I can do it help it.

Then in the evening I have an appointment with my OB.  Looking for an update on how long I’ll be able to work from her and another good report on the babies.  I always love visiting my OB 🙂

Everyone has been so supportive with their comments on facebook and on the blog, and I thank you for all the kind words and thoughts!  But what everyone needs to know is no matter how positive I can be or how much I can carry on my shoulders, I’m no different from you.  I have my bad days, my days where I’m sad and I really don’t want to do it anymore.  I have my days where I cry for no reason just because I’m feeling overwhelmed or even lonely.  It’s hard to receive so much praise, when I don’t feel like I’m doing anything but surviving.  I just feel like it would be deserved to call me strong if I chose to have these triplets.  But this was something that was given to me, without my input, and I’m just doing the best that I can to bring three healthy babies into this world.  If you were in my shoes, I’m sure you would be doing the same thing!

This moment of honestly/reflection is most likely driven by my crazy hormones!  I would love to think that everyone else is really just the “bad guy” but in all honesty, it’s only 80% of them being the bad guy and 20% my moods.  ok ok … it’s 50/50.  ok … mostly my hormones.  🙂

Thank you for all of the support and kind words and encouraging messages.  They help keep me going!  The ending is approaching, at the most 7 weeks left.  Wow … and these little men will be in this world.  God is good!



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My Birthday Bash & 24 Week Doc Appointment

Friday was another big day!  Started off with my 24 Week doc appointment.  As usual, everything went great!  Babies are growing at just the right pace and my health is also in check.

I brought in birthday muffins for the office.  When I told them we were going bowling they all laughed.  I told them I was going to rock at bowling!! My nurse Colleen promised if I got a strike, she’d buy my a candy bar.  The competition is on!

We’ll continue with the every 2 week appointments.  However, the weeks I don’t see the specialist, I’ll see my OB.  So….really I’m still seeing a doc every week.  But I suppose … only 2 months til the little ones are here!

Here are the latest and greatest ultrasound pics!

Baby A: 1 lb 10 ozs

Baby B: 1 lb 14 ozs

Baby C: 1 lb 11 ozs

Baby C Face

Then, I picked Jaden up at noon (office had a half day for Labor Day weekend) and bummed around the house.  I think we watched three movies and we both got a nap in.  I had to save my energy for bowling!  Everyone got to my house around 5:30ish and the birthday celebration began!

We headed to Sussex Bowl for a “bowling alley food” dinner.  Rae and I split a bunch of appetizers … all of which included melted cheese!  Then we bowled!  Girls vs boys.  Jaden’s attention was ok … although he was slightly obsessed with the game room he discovered on the other end of the alley.  I had 5 spares … but no strikes! boo … no candy bar for me!  And … drum roll please … I beat the ladies with a 127!!  That’s right … ladies with bellies CAN bowl!  haha

And of course our bowling experience wouldn’t have been complete without Jaden doing something crazy … this time it was locking YaYa’s shoe in a locker!  We were able to get it out, but it was exciting!  With Jaden being so curious with the game room, we decided to only bowl one game.  Then we headed back to our house for presents and dessert.

The dropping of the birthday cake tradition (that dad and I started) continued with Rae!  For Jaden’s b’day, dad dropped Jaden’s ‘regular’ cake on the driveway.  I was able to spruce it up just fine … mom didn’t even notice!  Then for dad’s b’day, I was driving my mini mouse cups into Waukesha and I think every single one of them either collided with another cup or flipped over!  Then, when Rae was driving home my DQ cake flipped upside down off of her car seat!  It actually didn’t look so bad!  You could still read the DQ writing ‘Happy Birthday Mel’!  It was SOOOOOO good!  I’ve had a piece for breakfast and for my just before bed snack everyday since!

Then was time for presents!  Doug signed us up for NetFlix as my gift!!  With working from home two days and being on bed rest soon, I can’t wait to start getting those DVDs!  Then mom, dad, rae and Jake’s gift … a beautiful necklace AND……. A FREAKING Nook!  I couldn’t believe it!  They thought it would be helpful keeping me occupied when on bed rest and ease to read while nursing!  Two of the greatest gifts!  I never thought I’d have a nook!  I am SO spoiled!  Now I get to pick out a fun cover!  I found a few that I like but I can’t decide on which one.

And that pretty much concluded my birthday adventure.  Check out the pictures in the gallery below!  It was a great day filled with my babies and family.  Thank you everyone who helped make my day special!

Photo Gallery of Mel’s Birthday Bash

Love, Mel

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18 Week Ultrasound

At our appointment last week Friday we started to measure some of the anatomy.  We measured arms, legs, hands, feet, heads and hearts.  Their hearts are the size of your finger tip!  Teeny tiny!  We also found out that Baby B is a little bit of a chunk!  Babies A & C weigh 9 ozs while Baby B weighs 10 ozs.  Almost a pound a piece.  We’ll be measuring more anatomy in the weeks to come.  There are lots of parts to measure which could take a long time so we’re doing it over a few weeks.

Here are the latest profile pictures:

Baby A

Baby B

Baby C

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Boys vs Girls — and the winner is?

BOYS!  We have 3 Bissing boys on the way.  We were shocked to find we didn’ t have a mix.  Can’t lie, I’m a little disappointed we aren’t having any girls, but I just need a little time to adjust and then I’ll be on the boy band wagon in no time!  Here are the most up to date belly shots and ultrasound pics (with the boy proof nicely pointed out).

  I thought I’d start to add my waist circumference to these posts too … see how much we really are growing each week.  At 15 weeks I measure 46.5″ around!

 Our doc appointment went pretty well this week.  My blood pressure was really high so they had to take it a few times.  I was able to relax enough to get it low enough to pass.  They checked out my cervix (sorry anyone who is uncomfortable with medical terminology) and they saw something that might be nothing or might be an issue.  So we’re playing it safe and going in a weekly basis for a bit to get it all checked out.  And, one of the placentas is really low.  From what the doc said, it might cause some spontaneous bleeding and/or cause me to have a c-section, which is already planned.  So, all in all, a good doc appointment still.  Just a few things to watch for.

Baby A:

Baby A’s proof:

Baby B (face down):

Baby B’s boy parts:

Baby C:

Baby C’s wee wee:

 I think all of these boys entitles me to my own bathroom.  What do you think?  Now we can pick out the bedding, room colors, names etc.  I can’t decide on any of them naturally.  I’ll get there.

Looking forward to a great 4th of July weekend!  Going to the Waukesha parade tomorrow to hang out with Yaya and Pa and watch Jake march.  Then, heading over to the Stollberg family get together tomorrow.  The first year I went, little Jaden was still in my belly … I watched the fireworks with chicken wings resting on my belly.  This year, I’ll have three little ones to rest my hot dogs on!  🙂  Jacquie and Rachael are coming over on Monday evening to help me finish Jaden’s room and then hang out.  I haven’t seen Jacquie since her wedding!  I can’t wait!

Thank you for all of your support!

Love, Mel

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10 Week Ultrasound

We had an ultrasound on 5/27 and all three little nuggets look good!  Here are the latest pics of the little ones.

All three babies (the top one is just hiding, so you only see a black blob):

Baby A:

Baby B:

Baby C:

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The News

Doug and I found out we were pregnant on the morning of Friday, April 23, 2010.  We were getting ready for work, when I decided to take a test, only to put my mind at ease, not that I really thought I was pregnant.  And lo and behold, the test was positive!  We called the doc and made an appointment on the following Monday.  Since I wasn’t sure when the start of my last period was, they scheduled me for an ultrasound right away to determine a due date.

Thursday April 29 we went in for our ultrasound.  Doug was a bit nervous, not likely hospitals.  I was nervous and excited to find that we were only having one baby.  For the two days prior all I could think about was TWINS.  I told Doug on the car ride there, “I can’t to see our baby so I can put this crazy thought of twins to rest.  I know I’m just being crazy”.  Dr. Kathy came in the room and got started.  We first determined that we were not having an a-topical pregnancy.  Then, we went looking for the baby.  Right on que, the baby was a great size, round yolk and a slight flutter of a heart beat.  It was too early to have a strong heart beat.  Then came the surprise … TWINS!  Baby A and Baby B.  Doug and I were amazed and overwhelmed, but excited.  Twins are a huge undertaking, but still do-able.  I’ve got two arms, I can handle two babies.

After leaving the doctor’s office, we immediately started making excited phone calls to our families.  My parents were elated … they didn’t have to argue over who held the baby!  My mother-in-law was overwhelmed with what a special gift we were given.  Eric gave the “ata boy Doug!” and Sherri, bless her heart, cried (of course).  The entire family was so excited!  We spent the rest of the week talking about where we were going to put two babies, the size stroller we were going to have to buy and of course, the fact that I would now be destined to drive a minivan.  Awesome.

Now it was explained at our first appointment that we were to be “cautiously optimistic”.  In my head, I’ve also been preparing for our twin news to also change … maybe one of the babies wouldn’t be viable.

We had another ultrasound scheduled right away the following Thursday to check on the two babies and ensure both were growing at the same rate.  We anxiously awaited our appointment.  We get to the office and Dr. Kathy gets down to business.  First Baby A.  We found a great heartbeat, loud and clear and healthy!  Good size, baby looks healthy.  Then on to Baby B.  Now she was flicking back and forth at something, obviously studying something on the screen.  She says “ok, we have a few things going on here” and I immediately tell myself “ok, this is what you have been preparing yourself for, we might only end up with one baby”.  Then the screen said it all … three dark circles, Baby A, Baby B and BABY C!  TRIPLETS.  This time there was more panic and disbelief in the room.  Three babies?  Were they multiplying in there?  How are we going to do this?  How can this happen?  We weren’t on any infertility drugs.

Now, we are considered an “extreme case high risk” pregnancy (only because of the triplets, no other reason).  We’ll have to go to a different clinic (which specializes in these kinds of pregnancies) in tandem with my regular doctor.  Dr. Epperson said we need to plan on being at a doctor at least once a week.  They also said bed rest is in my future at some point.  My due date is still 12/24/10, however with triplets our goal is to make it to 34 weeks, which puts us right before Thanksgiving.  It’s coming so fast!

The rest of the day was a whirl wind of thoughts and fears.  But, as my dad said in his wedding toast, life is a journey.  I’m glad to be on this adventure with Doug and know our family and friends will be there for support.  We love you all!

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