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24 Crazy Hours

My cute triplet boys are quickly unraveling out of control!  Just last week, Weston learned how to climb out of his crib … and it’s only gotten worse!

Let me preface this story by saying this all takes place within 24 hours – and Doug is traveling for business.

Yesterday, the triplets went down for their naps as normal.  I enjoyed the peace and quiet.  Emptied the dish washer.  Made a few phone calls.  Finished counting some of the sales from the rummage sale this past weekend.  I was on the phone with a client (I’m helping a military couple plan their wedding in Milwaukee) when I heard the boys start to giggle and talk back and forth.  I remember thinking “Ok I’ve got to wrap this up … I’ve only got a few minutes before hell breaks loose.”

I was just getting off the phone when I heard a big thud.  It sounded like a battery operated owl candle that is sitting on top of the bookcase.  I figured Logan must have found something to throw at it.  Then the noise I never expected to hear …. the sound of the door trying to be opened from the inside.  One of them was out of their cribs again!  I quickly got up to see who it was … and to my surprise it was LOGAN!

Great, now I have two 17 month olds who know how to climb out of their cribs.  I am SO not ready for toddler beds!

The rest of the day was pretty well-behaved.  My mom watched the kids so I could go see a possible wedding venue for the wedding I’m helping with (thank you YaYa!) and they were in bed and sleeping by the time I got home.

This morning I could hear them start to cry around 6:30am.  I drifted in and out of sleep while they were playing and occupying themselves.  I finally dragged myself out of bed around 7:15.

Well the first thing I noticed was that Logan was bottomless … diaper and all.  He was flapping in the wind!  (and loving the fresh air I might add)  Then I saw Weston.  He had rocked back and forth in his crib to move it back against the wall – so he was just in reach of the humidifier.  He had the humidifier by the cord and had tipped it on its side, with the water pouring out onto the floor.  I walked over to stop him and stepped into a puddle of something wet on the floor.  Logan had peed in between the crib rails and on to his bummer and on the floor.  Yep … it was gonna be one of those days!

I managed to get a diaper on Logan and get most of the mess cleaned up before I had to focus on getting Jaden ready for school.  I surprisingly got him out the door with a minute to spare.  I no sooner watched the bus drive by, when I heard the garbage can lid shut. Have I told you my kids are part racoon and like to eat out of the garbage?  I hurried into the kitchen to find the boys shaking the empty Bugles bag over their head.  The itty bitty crumbs were flying all over the kitchen like confetti!  AHHHH STOP!!!  I grabbed the broom and swept it all in the corner.  I didn’t even bother to get the dust pan at this point.  WE. MUST. GET. OUT. OF. THIS. HOUSE!

So I tackled each kid to the floor, wrestled some pants and socks on each of them and we headed out to run some errands.  Cars are one of the few places its preferred to strap your kids down so they can’t move 🙂

Now brace yourself if you happen to work in retail.  I did too…but DANG what are these companies thinking?  They brand themselves for being a one stop shop for the soccer mom … yet they don’t carry carts that hold more than one kid.  I could bring in my stroller, but the point of walking around your store is to buy stuff, right?  I walked in one end of the Super Wal-Mart to find only ‘regular’ carts.   I walked to the complete other end of the building to see if there was one there. YES I found one!  Crap … both straps are shredded and useless.

Tell me, why do you even bother having this cart out?  Just to tease us moms with more than one child?  I can hear WalMart talking to me:  Haha you could have shopped with your kids buckled safely, but as payment for having a litter of children you now have the pleasure of wrestling your toddlers to sit in the basket of the cart while you price compare every item (so you can afford your family of four or more).  We sure do hope your children don’t fall out and break their heads.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Needless to say by the time we were ready to check out, Weston had taken a bite of a banana peel, was slightly covered in banana juice from sitting on the bunch, the bread had a footprint in it and the envelope to the birthday card I bought was crumpled in a ball.

Just when you think you might lose it … the only lanes that were open were express!  Yep, 10 items or less.  I said “screw that!”  and I checked out through the express lane with my 30+ items … proudly.  haha

I’m pretty sure running errands was still more enjoyable than staying home this morning … but yet again, I emphasise … this was only the last 24 hours.  What other choice do I have but to laugh?

Here’s to the next 17 years being even more crazy!  and thank goodness for wine!

Love, Mel



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The Babies <3 Boswell

My parents recently adopted a new dog – a Chihuahua named Boswell.  The triplets and Jaden met him for the first time the other week.  Let’s just say they are more than in love with the little guy 🙂  I don’t know who had more fun … the babies playing with the puppy or me watching them play with the puppies.

Here is a short video of some of the “love” we caught on tape.

I have to admit that I am not an animal person — animals belong outside.  BUT I even am in love with Bos – I look forward to going over to my parents out to hang out with the little fella.  Thanks mom and dad for adding him to the family!

Love, Mel

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Belly Buttons

What is with belly buttons?  They are so weird!  I love Sandra Boyton’s “The Belly Button Book” … If you haven’t read it you should … It’s honestly that good.

Well the babies have found theirs!  Logan pulls up his shirt all the way to his chin and will play with his belly button or he will waddle over to show it to me.  I usually poke it and tell him how cute he is.  He laughs and does it all over again.  As soon as Weston catches on that it’s belly button playing time he is right there with his shirt up …. Sticking out his gut so I’ll play with his belly button too.

Here is where it gets weird …. It never fails, after a few rounds of silliness with their bellies, they want to see my belly button!  They start grabbing at my shirt, pulling it up to see what’s under there.  If I’m sitting on the couch, it’s buried for good.  My rolls sort of fold over and hide it.  The babies aren’t smart enough to go looking for it under my high-waisted mom jeans just yet.

When laying flat on my back on the ground one day, I let them hunt for my belly button.  Then they discovered just how much mom’s belly jiggles and wiggles after having three babies grow in there.  It shakes like a bowl full of jelly.  They wiggle it, and laugh and laugh and poke at me some more.  Jaden has even told me it’s like scrambled eggs.  Note to self:  teach Jaden not to compare his wife’s stomach to any sort of breakfast food after they have kids of their own.

I’m not really sure how I feel about this new game of theirs.  It’s so funny when they are playing with their own belly buttons.  I enjoy that part of the game!  I suppose there really is no harm in it really … and to think I had body image issues when I was 16 years old and wore size five pants.  How life changes.  Those belly buttons are just such weird things …

Love, Mel


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February 7-14 is Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week

February 7-14 is Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week!  While my boys didn’t have this …. their heart sister, Josie, does.  This is a post from Josie’s mom about Congenital Heart Defects.


Babies with congenital heart defects look like they are healthy. But true is there’s a battle going on inside them!

A congenital heart defect is a problem with the structure of the heart. It is present at birth. Congenital heart defects are the most common type of major birth defect.

A baby’s heart begins to develop shortly after conception. During development, structural defects can occur. These defects can involve the walls of the heart, the valves of the heart and the arteries and veins near the heart. Congenital heart defects can disrupt the normal flow of blood through the heart. The blood flow can

  • Slow down
  • Go in the wrong direction or to the wrong place
  • Be blocked completely

Treatment for the defect can include medicines, surgery and other medical procedures and heart transplants. The treatment depends on the type and severity of the defect and a child’s age, size and general health. Today, many children born with complex heart defects grow to adulthood and lead productive lives.

Congenital heart defects are the most common type of birth defect. They affect 8 out of every 1,000 newborns. Each year, more than 35,000 babies in the United States are born with congenital heart defects.

This is a picture of Josie when she was just a couple weeks old she looked so healthy. And we thought she pretty much was. We are learned that things can change quiet quick when you have a CHD child. Not only for them but for your whole family.

Please help spread CHD awareness!

Thank you!

❤ Brittanie


Funny how it feels so close to home for me now.  Emma’s (my brother’s girlfriend) little brother, Finn, has this same defect.  And now a cousin of mine just had a baby, Kaleb, with this defect.  In less than a year three special heart babies have come into my life.  Help spread the word.

Love, Mel


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Ahhhh Choo!

It’s things like this that I remember how good life still is.

The babies were in their cribs trying to go down for their naps.  They were fussing and Logan started to cry.  So Jaden shot up and headed to the door – he was going to help his brothers.  Being the camera freak of a mom, I grabbed my iPad and snuck around the corner to see what was really going on …

What is better than one video?  TWO VIDEOS!

The triplets learned a new trick … how to sneeze.  It’s not the greatest video of their new baby trick, but it’s still hilarious!

I know everyone is busy with Thanksgiving day preparations … I hope you all find some time to relax and really enjoy the holiday.  I know we’ll be heading over to my mom’s house tomorrow.  Then, my sister and I will hit up some Black Friday shopping.  A game of Marco Polo is usually in order while shopping the electronics.  Then, when I get home and have a chance to shower, we’ll be heading up for a wonderful weekend with Doug’s family in Green Bay.  Making some cookies at grandmas … I’m really looking forward to it.

I think this fun stuff is the only thing that will keep me from sinking into a huge pity party.  Hell, I might still cry or bite someone’s head off (tends to be my reaction when I’m sad) but it’ll be ok.  The sun will rise, and the sun will set.  The earth still goes around the sun (isn’t there a song about that??)  There is no pausing time for grief.  It becomes entwined in the very clothes I wear, the meal we eat and the conversations we have.  So bring on the grief …

Love, Mel



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9 Months

I’m really late … like they are almost 10 months old, but I finally took the boy’s 9 month old photos.  So much has changed with them that I feel like I could write forever!  I think the best way to tackle this is with a list.  Man I love lists ….

  • They are eating cereal three times a day
  • They eat about 8oz of a fruit or veggie at each meal … plus cereal!
  • Weston is a human garbage disposal and will eat anything at any temperature
  • Logan is a fussy eater and must have his food warmed
  • They like to steal each other’s cheerios
  • I gave the boys some corn kernels just yesterday and they love them!
  • The boys eat breakfast the best! I mean lots of grunting and whining if I don’t go fast enough

Not only are the boys eating a ton and trying all kinds of new foods, they are WAY more mobile!  Weston pulled himself up to his feet first.  We found him after his nap on his knees, hanging his arms over the edge, yelling and screaming.  Doug and I lowered the cribs immediately!  Logan still has a little trouble getting up to his feet but can do it if he really wants to.  He’s got a big old Buddha belly to pull up.  Just today, Weston pulled himself up on the couch, walked all the way to the other end of the couch and was really thinking about trying to reach for the basket close by.  He was bouncing his knees and reaching out his hand as if he really wanted to, but wasn’t quite sure he would make it.  My bet is that he wouldn’t have.  But they’ve got to learn, right?

They have started to know their names.  Not always, but most of the time, they’ll look when I sing their name.  They really respond to smiling and laughing.  I can coax Logan all the way back from the other side of the kitchen by calling his name and making baby faces at him.  Logan also likes to crawl into the kitchen when I’m cooking and grabs at my feet so I pick him up.  Weston does the same, but he usually just pulls himself up to standing while holding onto my pants.

They don’t like it when I leave the room.  Not always … but most of the time they are more aware of who is around.

Both of them LOVE their big brother.  Jaden can do just about anything and get them to laugh and giggle.  I’m talking full out screams, bloody murder, hysteria.  And Jaden comes along and the boys are all smiles.  Brotherhood is a tight bond.

I’m really enjoying the triplet’s age.  You can play with them … make them laugh and giggle.  They also can occupy themselves just a little (with the right rattle or toy of course).  Just like with Jaden, each age gets better and better.

This isn’t the greatest picture … but can you just take a second to check out the rolls on Logan’s legs and his HUGE belly.  He’s growing into such a porker!

Logan – Owl boy — he’s got Doug’s super blonde hair!

He doesn’t sit still for very long.  Me taking pictures wasn’t very interesting to him.

Just a few seconds later, Weston was crawling up my leg wanting to see what I had.

One is goofy smiling and the other looks really confused.  They really look like rugrats.

There are the gummy smiles!  (Logan has two teeth on the bottom and is working on another one on top & Weston has two coming through on the bottom.)

Once again, they don’t sit still for very long.

So we moved to the couch.  They sat a little better … but they sure are silly!  Note that Weston’s outfit isn’t snapped in the crotch – not because I was lazy or forgot … the kid won’t sit still long enough to get the snapped!  I gave up ….

The boys really love to stand on things.  You can see the pure excitement in their eyes in this photo!

And now the determination of getting the remote controls …

This just proves that they are goobers.

And here is a close up (and a little blurry) picture of Logan’s new face … tongue up over his top lip, smacking … and drooling of course.  Reminds me of the face Owen used to make in one of the last videos of him.  It’s not sad to me though, I find it comforting.  They have a little bit of Owen with them.

Two trouble makers ….

I’m an awful mom … things got so crazy, I never got pictures of Weston on his own.  Terrible.  Next time I’ll take a few extra 🙂

ps Jaden starts school in 13 days!  yikes!

Love, Mel

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Three Cribs Minus One

We took Owen’s crib down.  The very place our sweet child stopped breathing.  The crib bumper and mobile were the last things our precious baby saw before death swept in.

What could have been the last thing Owen saw:

Owen’s crib was in the middle/corner.  We placed them in birth order.  First Logan, then Owen and on the end Weston.  The first night back at home we moved the cribs so Logan and Weston would be right next to each other.  I didn’t want them to feel the gapping space of a lost brother and empty crib in between them.

Doug really wanted to take it down … keep moving forward.  I dragged my feet for the first few days but was ready.  Jaden was spending the night at my parents and we found time where the two of us could be together and get it done.  I stood in the corner taking pictures … documenting the removal of my child’s bed.  Not because he was now a big boy and no longer needed a crib, but because he was dead.

A mother and her camera usually spell out proud mother, milestones, sporting events, birthdays, happiness.  I had my camera to hang onto the last moments of the physical evidence that we have triplets.  Every bolt removed, every board removed – I photographed.  Not sure what else to do … I couldn’t let his crib be taken down without notice.  It was a big deal – a milestone of sorts.  Just not a milestone I ever thought I would want to remember.

The frame is disassembled and in the back shed.  The linens are folded neatly and stored to be sold with the other bed sets, as a three pack.  Hopefully to offer comfort to another child at some point in time.  I debate who would want the bedding of a dead child?  But if they never knew who’s it was … would it matter?

As a new mother I’m not sure I could lay my child to rest on the very sheet a child died in.  Disgusting.  How often does it happen tho?  Will the sheets that Owen used in the hospital be used again with another child?  How much do we not know about the ones and the things we encounter in life?

The room that was once crammed with cribs, now feels so open and almost empty.  There are still two cribs and a changing table … but it feels empty.  I want to get a rocking chair for where Owen’s crib was.  On some level just to fill the space so it feels as full as before, but also for a place to sit while the boys sleep.  To keep them company when they may or may not need it.

Owen’s crib was removed, but it was replaced with the feeling and sense of loss.

I am thankful that Weston and Logan won’t know the feeling of a missing bed.  They at least won’t have their own memories of three beds being cut down to two beds.  For that I’m thankful.  I can take away some of the pain from my kids … I can carry this weight for them.  As a mother all I have ever wanted to do was give my kids happiness and protect them from pain.

They will be raised knowing that they are triplets.  That their brother Owen died at 6 months old.  But may they feel warmth from his memories that Doug and I keep alive.   May they never feel the pain of emptiness when they are referred to as twins.  I pray that Jaden, Logan and Weston come through this feeling more loved than before … now they have an angel on their side.

Love, Mel


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Let the good times roll!

First Monday back from Spring Break … rough start to the week.  It started with Jaden whining and complaining that he didn’t want cereal for breakfast.

SOMEONE didn’t catch up on enough sleep on Sunday night.  I tried to get him in bed at a decent time … but the little guy was so itchy.

The morning was topped off with him throwing his cereal … yep took a handful of Trix out of his bowl and threw it on the kitchen floor.  This was immediately followed up with a timeout.  And all before 8am.

We managed to pull it together, eat our eat our Trix and get to the bus on time.  But not without a fit about wearing the right winter hat.  Phew …

On a much happier note, two of the triplets rolled over this weekend!  Of course they didn’t roll over the “normal” first way (front to back).  They roll from their backs to their tummies.  True Medal/Bissing fashion!  Doug and I were lucky enough to get it on video!

Logan Rolling Over

Weston Rolling Over

Owen is next.  Poor chub just can’t get moving.  While he might not be able to roll over … he certainly has enough rolls!  (haha get it?)

Love, Mel

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Triple Wonder

Like so many times before, I am captured by the awesomeness of having triplets.  As these boys grow bigger, their personalities are becoming more and more defined.

I think of how different my brother, sister and I are from each other.  Sure we have lots in common, but we are all very different.  So often we credit these differences to our birth order – or that our family was in a much different place when we were born.  For example, my parents lived in Chicago and were learning how to make their way in the world when I was born.  My brother on the other hand, was born when my dad had settled into his career and we had been living in Waukesha for almost 10 years.

These triplets don’t have any of those differences.  They were all born at the same time, in the same place and were brought home to the same house and have the same brother.  The only difference they have are their genetics.  It amazes me in how many possibilities two people really have when creating a baby.

1 egg + 1 ‘fishy’ = 3 VERY different little boys

The combinations and possibilities are endless.  One fussy baby vs one laid back, low-key baby.  Two babies who like to move and grove, almost rolling over and squirming out of their bouncy seats vs the other who just lays there and doesn’t really do much but smile.  Two babies with soft, silky skin vs one baby with eczema.

I am so excited to see them grow up and how they will continue to define themselves as individuals and how they will be similar.

I’m interested to see how Jaden will compare to his brothers too.  Having had a very different birth than the triplets, I wonder if this will affect him in any way.  Will the two of us have a different bond?  Will he ever feel the difference?  Or will the triplets feel it?  But which differences are a result of his birth order vs his genetics?  And is there any way to really tell?

One thing I did learn is that I make crazy faces at my kids.  I’m at full blame for Jaden’s animated facial expressions … Doug might have had a little something to do with it too. wink wink.  Let’s face it, our kids are destined to use large hand gestures and lots of facial expression.

An ex-coworker came over with her two girls for a playdate.  I took Claire (2 years old) to wash her hands.  I was helping her scrub her hands … singing some sort of made up song and she looked up at me like I was nuts!  I stopped dead in my tracks and was suddenly aware of what I must have looked like.  I am so used to Jaden and I goofing off together, I forgot that this was not the normal way people wash their hands.

My kids are destined to be weirdos … sorry boys!

Proof that Jaden is a weirdo just like his mother.  Wasn’t hard to find “a few” photos …

Oh wait … that last one was when I had Bell’s Palsy.  Whoops!

Kids are a mystery and gift from God.  Who knew I would be so blessed with not one, not two but FOUR beautiful boys!

Love, Mel

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We’re Learning

The triplets and I have been learning a lot these past few days!

On Tuesday evening we tried cereal for the first time.  More came out than in that’s for sure!  Logan didn’t last too long either.  You can see in the video below when he starts to freak out.  It’s a lot to do all at once!  But the triplets and I are learning and we’ll get the new feeding thing down.  Or at least I hope we do!

Just yesterday, I found that Logan and Owen can sit up … sort of.  We need to do a few sit ups to tighten up their abs.  Not only are they learning how to sit up, from this video I learned that I should NOT be a video commentary.  Please excuse my nonsensical mommy talk.  It’s a little peak at what it’s like when it’s just me and the boys.  I never knew I talked that fast.  Is that normal?

In addition to the mom thing — I’ve volunteered to help with Teacher Appreciation week at Jaden’s school.  I haven’t helped with anything this year and I was feeling guilty.  (I mean come on — being very pregnant is NOT a reason haha)  So I thought, what the heck — it’s just collecting some gifts and assembling them into baskets.  It would be something I could do in the convenience in my own home, at whatever hour I found time.  Easy, right?  Ugh wrong!  Like every thing in my life (or so it seems) it’s gotten a little crazy!

We’ve been blessed with generous gifts from fellow parents, however in the form of cash.  That means I’ve got to go shopping.  Whoops, didn’t plan on that one!  It’s also meant drafting reminder notes to be sent home with kids.  Another whoops!  We got this great idea to send home a worksheet with the kids to have them fill out.  We would then create a book for each teacher as a thank you.  Holy cats did that one blow up in my face!!

The first wrong move was that we wanted to include the paraprofessionals.  Since mom is one at Summit View, I know how much being included in ‘teacher’ things means.  But what I wasn’t planning on was that each para helps multiple teachers.  And sometimes, they help a different teacher in the morning than in the afternoon.  How on earth were we going to do that one?

I tried to be good and get another mom help out.  I used my new Zumba class as an excuse.  “I would do it, but I’ve got Zumba tonight ….”  I tried!  Tried is the key word there.  BUT when I heard that the other mom I was working with was had to show her home for the first time the next day, my heart-strings pulled.  I found myself putting labels on worksheets with her until 10pm last night.  We got it done tho!  But I lost out on time with Doug and putting Jaden to bed, and a feeding and (very important) watching American Idol.

Along with the triplets, I’m learning too.  I’m learning my limits.  I need to do things that make me happy and keep me sane.  But with my babies, I need to be realistic on what I get involved with.  If I get in over my head, it becomes work, rather than a relief.  So while volunteering and giving is a love of mine, I need to keep it in gear and not get in over my head.  It’s just sad because I’m really good at saying yes!

Love, Mel

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