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Owen’s Little Warrior Team for the Briggs & Al Run/Walk – Register NOW!

The Briggs & Al Run/Walk for Children’s Hospital is coming up quick!  This year the walk will be held on September 15th in Milwaukee and there is only 1 month left to register.  A close friend of our family is getting married out-of-town that same day, so I won’t be able to walk this year — BUT can I can a favor?  Will you walk for us?

Last year was so powerful and I was so proud to know that Owen’s memory was helping raise money for Children’s.  The staff helped us so much during our 5 days stay … which honestly felt more like a month.  In fact, Owen’s nurses still stay in touch with my family and even remembered the day he died.  This is one of the only ways I know how to pay at least a little bit back.  Although there is no price to the gifts and comfort we were given.

My very own Mandy Bushke has offered to be the team captain and will walk with you in our place.  The shirts are white again this year and we want to paint the streets OWENGE!  But I need help to do it .. since I can’t be there in person.   The walk is family friendly — bring the kids! Strollers and wagons work great.

Click here to register to walk on the Owen’s Little Warriors team or to read more about the Briggs & Al Run/Walk

Please help to not only help Owen’s memory live on, but to also spread joy to the other families who are being serviced by Children’s Hospital of WI.

Love, Mel

Click here for last year’s walk.  And just for a little inspiration … here are some photos from last year too.  Can’t help but think – “Gosh do we stick out like sore thumbs and man is it BEAUTIFUL!”  Love you Owen …


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Little Warrior

If we haven’t been through enough. The apnea test needed a certain number difference on his CO2 levels. Want to know what it came back at? THREE points short of being able to legally declare him brain dead. Honestly?

So we were faced with a choice. We could repeat the test in a few hours or we could stop treatment. If we stopped treatment we would have to pull his tubes and wait for him to go. If we let his heart stop, he would only be able to make a tissue donation. Because of his age, that only includes his heart valves. He would be minimized to the same donation a pig can make. This isn’t good enough for our little warrior.

Do we wait for another apnea test and risk his heart stopping on it’s own? Or do we let it go and only have his heart valve to give? We fight on!

Who knew that when we selected names .. Owen would be so fitting. It means Little Warrior.

Our sadness turns into a fight .. A burning deep within to find a way to make some good of this. We prayed for a miracle and we are getting many. Liver, kidney, lungs, heart, donations to the Children’s Miracle Network from those who heard our story on the radio. Then multiply that out to the other sick kids who will feel the warmth from the Children’s Miracle Network?

How messed up is it that we have to jump through hoops to do something good? The longer we wait the more he deteriorates and the more chance of his organs will be gone beyond donation. We asked what we could do … He must live on.

There is another test. A flow study. They inject radioactive fluid into his brain and study it to see if there is any blood flow to his brain. It was the fastest way we could get a legal statement. So we fight on.

He’s having the test right now.

My prayer has changed and I feel guilty. I pray that we get a brain dead statement so we can move on. So we can continue in the hope of others. Many others. This is a bigger miracle than we could have prayed for. We asked for one and the Lord gave us many.

Tonight we go home to sleep. We could stay … but by going home, we can make an impact … an impact on our boys. Staying here with machines doesn’t give any value. The first baby step back into the world. We will come back tomorrow morning for his surgery and to hold him one last time. The donation center said they can give us updates as the surgery is going on. So we’ll get updates as to what is viable as it’s happening.

Perhaps a family who will get a donation from Owen is reading this. If you are, we already love you. Your baby has many great things to do in life. Know that they will have a little warrior in them.

Love, Mel


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