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Three Cribs Minus One

We took Owen’s crib down.  The very place our sweet child stopped breathing.  The crib bumper and mobile were the last things our precious baby saw before death swept in.

What could have been the last thing Owen saw:

Owen’s crib was in the middle/corner.  We placed them in birth order.  First Logan, then Owen and on the end Weston.  The first night back at home we moved the cribs so Logan and Weston would be right next to each other.  I didn’t want them to feel the gapping space of a lost brother and empty crib in between them.

Doug really wanted to take it down … keep moving forward.  I dragged my feet for the first few days but was ready.  Jaden was spending the night at my parents and we found time where the two of us could be together and get it done.  I stood in the corner taking pictures … documenting the removal of my child’s bed.  Not because he was now a big boy and no longer needed a crib, but because he was dead.

A mother and her camera usually spell out proud mother, milestones, sporting events, birthdays, happiness.  I had my camera to hang onto the last moments of the physical evidence that we have triplets.  Every bolt removed, every board removed – I photographed.  Not sure what else to do … I couldn’t let his crib be taken down without notice.  It was a big deal – a milestone of sorts.  Just not a milestone I ever thought I would want to remember.

The frame is disassembled and in the back shed.  The linens are folded neatly and stored to be sold with the other bed sets, as a three pack.  Hopefully to offer comfort to another child at some point in time.  I debate who would want the bedding of a dead child?  But if they never knew who’s it was … would it matter?

As a new mother I’m not sure I could lay my child to rest on the very sheet a child died in.  Disgusting.  How often does it happen tho?  Will the sheets that Owen used in the hospital be used again with another child?  How much do we not know about the ones and the things we encounter in life?

The room that was once crammed with cribs, now feels so open and almost empty.  There are still two cribs and a changing table … but it feels empty.  I want to get a rocking chair for where Owen’s crib was.  On some level just to fill the space so it feels as full as before, but also for a place to sit while the boys sleep.  To keep them company when they may or may not need it.

Owen’s crib was removed, but it was replaced with the feeling and sense of loss.

I am thankful that Weston and Logan won’t know the feeling of a missing bed.  They at least won’t have their own memories of three beds being cut down to two beds.  For that I’m thankful.  I can take away some of the pain from my kids … I can carry this weight for them.  As a mother all I have ever wanted to do was give my kids happiness and protect them from pain.

They will be raised knowing that they are triplets.  That their brother Owen died at 6 months old.  But may they feel warmth from his memories that Doug and I keep alive.   May they never feel the pain of emptiness when they are referred to as twins.  I pray that Jaden, Logan and Weston come through this feeling more loved than before … now they have an angel on their side.

Love, Mel



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When pregnant I told the following story so many times.

When we found out we were having twins we were so excited.  We felt so blessed to have twins.  Doug’s brother and sister are twins.  So special.  Then we found out we were having triplets.  It’s funny how just one more turned from fun to terrifying.  With twins I have two hands to feed two babies at a time.  I have two legs to rock two babies with.  God didn’t give me three of anything!

There would always a baby being “left out”.


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Springtime Celebration

Spring time has arrived and the Bissing triplets are celebrating with a little photo shoot.

We started by getting a little naked.

They were all three giggling … can’t believe I missed their heads!

Then we added a few spring time headbands!

And we added a back drop … sky and grass anyone?

Weston was the butterfly since he’s always spazzing around.  His arms flail like he’s trying to fly.

Oh-dee-doe-dee was a flower.  Chunky Monkey!

Logan was flower #2.

Later in the afternoon Ya Ya joined in with some flower headband action of her own.

Happy spring everyone!  Hope to see some real butterflies and flowers soon!  Although they won’t be as cute as the Bissing  butterfly and flowers!

Love, Mel

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St Patty’s Day

St. Patty’s Day is just around the corner.  To get in the mood, I had a few (2) photo shoots.  These little guys were good sports while mom got a little crazy with the camera!

Getting Jaden to put on his shirt (curtsy of TeeTee) was quite the story!  So much work to get a 4-year-old dressed!

The first pose with the triplets didn’t really work … Logan was seriously ticked off …

Ahhh much better on the couch by himeself.



Weston – Owen – Logan

Baby Choo Choo Train!


Logan – ticked off again

Weston cute as ever!

And here begins the Jaden photo shoot.  Let me just tell you how hyper this kid was.  To get him to sit still and smile for a picture was impossible.  This is what we ended up with!

For more green pictures check out the gallery below.

The weather is getting warmer and this mom is looking forward for some much needed time outside!  Perhaps a walk with the baby limo and Jaden’s Hot Wheels.  Walks are my green beer of choice this year 🙂

Love, Mel


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4 Month Update

Today when Jaden got off the bus, we started with a sand art project.  For whatever reason Jaden wanted to keep his hat on while doing his project.  Oh he’s special 🙂

Ps – what is with the makers of sand art not giving you enough colored sand to fill all the projects?  We currently have 3 bracelets and a little jar empty because we ran out of sand.  When I was trying to explain why we didn’t have enough sand, Jaden suggested we make some more.  I asked him how we could make sand and he said you take water and you let it bake for a really long time and then you have sand.  Ummmm … A+ for creativity?

The triplets are four months old already!  They are so much more awake and animated – fun and a lot more work at times!  From what I’ve been able to read online, you start cereal at around 4 months old.  Since they were 7 weeks premature, I’m not sure if that’s 4 months chronological age or gestational.  We have an appointment on Wednesday with the doc so we shall see what he thinks!

They now study a toy when it’s hanging on the bouncy seat bar or when you hold it in front of them.  Owen will even kick his feet to hit the toy.  We are working on holding/shaking a rattle.  The boys love to hold my finger while eating.  Jaden has also taken an interest in playing with his brothers.  I think he finds it way more entertaining now that they interact with you a little.  The triplets all smile at him too.  It’s something quite magical as a mother to watch your children form bonds.

Each boy is developing more and more of their own unique personality.

Owen loves to look at you.  When feeding Logan, he started to fuss.  So I sat on the floor next to him in his boppy chair so I could comfort him.  Each time I turned to look at Logan, Owen would put on a huge pouty, frowning face.  Then I would look back at him and he would light up with smiles and giggles.  He LOVES his thumb and can find it every time.  Owen is still the most chill out of the boys.  But when he does cry …. it breaks your heart – he can really get that lip out.

Weston is wirey, wormy, wiggling and wild.  He still giggles around the most.  He constantly is wiggling himself out of his seat and half way to the ground.  He has the hardest time eating recently.  The kid can need to be burped five times in one bottle.  But he works hard at it and keeps finishing.  He has a raspberry on his left eyelid.  I wonder if that will fade or if he’ll always have that.  One thing I know for sure … he’s always moving.  Lord help me when he’s on his feet and always moving!

And last, but not least – Logan.  He still has some belly issues and tends to be the most fussy out of the three boys.  Even tho he might be the most uncomfortable, he’s smiles the most.  All you have to do it make eye contact and the kido lights up!  He goos and gahs and is the most playful.  Logan loves the swing.  After he’s fallen asleep I try to turn it off to save the batteries, but he always wakes up!  That little stink pot!  I suppose I’m getting what I dished out – my parents burned out a motor on my swing when I was a baby!

Look I got 2.5 smiles in this one!


They were so playful when taking these photos – I couldn’t pick which on to post.  So I posted them all!

This is Jaden posing for a ‘nice’ picture with his brothers.

a little better?

awww finally a nice one!  And yes that is a green sequin bow tie (watch future posts for another appearance of this bow tie!)

and the best one yet!

And then started the Jaden love fest!  He started smothering Owen with kisses!

So at four months, we are still alive!  It’s amazing how much I’ve learned about myself as a woman and a mom in the past short months.  I’ve learned how to find my self-worth when I wasn’t hearing the words.  I’ve learned that as simple as making a bottle is, it’s God’s work.  It takes more effort to whisper than it does to yell.  A four-year can both warm your heart and whiten your hair.  And three little babies can make a whole lot of laundry!

Love, Mel

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Elmo Robes Crack Me Up!

I’ve been searching for something to blog about, and have come up empty handed.  Nothing is new here – just the same routine every day!  Feeding, diapers, burping and laundry  🙂  I have some photos I’d like to share.  These adorable bath robes cracked me up after our bath last week.  Which reminds me, they are due for another one today.  Where does the time go?



Jaden was kissing Owen’s toes


Weston – ready to enter the boxing ring

Owen – Weston – Logan


Owen – Weston – Logan


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3 Month Update

Can you believe these little men came into the world over three months ago?  All three boys are smiling and making “goo” noises.  Their personalities are becoming more and more identifiable too.  Owen is still so very laid back.  He can just lay there and be happy.  But when he cries – oh man does he let it go!  He’s got a deeper cry and the saddest pouty lip.

Weston is still wirey.  You can see his legs kicking all the time and his arms are always moving.  Doug said it was like watching himself talk with his hands. ha!  He was the one that wouldn’t stay tucked in during our valentine’s day photo shoot.

Logan has seemed to chill out  a little since we started the hypoallergenic formula.  He still has his fussy moments but he also has his relaxed days.  He’s the most smiley these days and really loves looking at faces.

All three boys love, love, love their nooks.  I feel like I”m on a constant nook hunt as they also shoot them out of their mouthes quite far.

Jaden is also getting to be a pro at ‘nooking his brothers.’  I don’t want Jaden to resent his brothers, but let’s face it, I need his help sometimes.  So I try to use the phrase “families help each other and right now your brother needs your help – look at how sad he is!”  Jaden is a good sport and helps a lot (usually).

The boys also love to swing.  Logan is mostly in the swing since he usually needs the rocking to calm down.  We’ve got two swings set up in the living room now.  (and with the foam flooring and bouncy seats it’s like the Bissing daycare!)

We went on our first walk yesterday.  The weather was up in the 50’s and mom and I decided it was a time for an adventure.  So off we went – me with the three babies in the baby limo and Mom with Jaden in the wagon.  It felt like we were more of a parade than just on a walk.  What a difference it made doing something and being in the fresh air rather than being cooped up in the house all day.  I have a feeling that when the weather gets nicer we are going to be spending a whole lot of time outside!

Three months down and we are still surviving!  Heck I even enjoy it at times.  But I’m not going to lie – it’s tough, really tough.  And it’s a different kind of hard than I anticipated.  But I’m learning and we are making it thru!  I’ve only just begun to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Love, Mel

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Dear Cheese,

Dear Cheese,

I’m going to miss you … but this isn’t a good bye, it’s an “until later.”  We need to take a break.  Lately I feel like you have been upsetting everyone around you – mainly Logan.  He spits up and his face is all broken out.  I know what you’re saying – it’s Winter’s fault.  But I just don’t buy it.  The only way to know who is telling the truth is to take a break for a while.  If the kids start to feel better, then we’ll know it was you.  And if not, then our break won’t have to last that long.

This is going to be hard for me too – in fact, I think it’s going to torture me not to see you.  We’ll always have the memories of our lunch dates of grilled cheese and mac’n’cheese.  Oh and our romantic Italian dinners – you (cheese) me and pasta were such a great three-some!  It’ll be hard not to think of you at every meal … or every time I eat for that matter.

I think it’s best I don’t see your family either – milk and butter.  Not only do they remind me of you but they are upsetting the babies too.  It’s hard for me to remember them … I often forget to check if they are in food before diving in.  But the truth is – seeing them is just as hard for the threelets as it is seeing you.

You are everywhere I look in the kitchen.  It’s hard to do or eat anything without seeing you there.  Please know that I’m not replacing you when new food, I just can’t bear to see you in the cabinet and know that I can’t have you.  I know you are jealous of Silk but I only see her because my coffee is lonely without your cousin creamer.  When this experiment is over, cousin creamer can have her spot back with my morning coffee.    Between you and me, Silk doesn’t even COMPARE to your cousin creamer.  She is truly missed.

I hope this helps answer why I’ve been so distant.  Cheese – I love you!  I miss you already.  Just remember that this isn’t goodbye for good – just until we find out what’s going on with the triplets.

Love, Melissa

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Bath Time!

The babes were STINKY so mom and I planned to do baths.  Jaden wanted to help … so I suggested he jump in the tub with them.  He got upset and said “I’m not a baby – I don’t take baths – I take showers!”  I tried to convince him that he could do both, but was unsuccessful.  Jaden said he needed to get something and would be right back.   He comes running back into the bathroom – strikes a pose and hollers “OH yeah!”  He was butt naked!!!  I guess he changed his mind and wanted to jump in the bathtub.  🙂

I got Logan out of the tub, dried off and dressed.  When I came back in – this is what I found:

Big brother even help washed his brother!

After him throwing a fit of not wanted to get in the bathtub, I couldn’t get him out!  Typical kid, right?  Jaden played in the water – “having his swimming lessons” – for another 30 mins or so!  He laid on his back, ears in the water, looking up at the ceiling for quite a bit.  AND I even got him to hold his breath under water.  Seriously Jaden?  This comes from the kid who SCREAMED when I tried to get him to go into the swimming pool at the lake house.  I mean complete fit – claw marks on my back – sobbing hysterics!  Now the kid is a fish.  I really hope this lasts until this summer at the lake house.  I can imagine this time I’m going to be begging him to get OUT of the pool rather than in 🙂

The lake house came up last night too!  Abby and Sarah came over for a fun night of baby holding, wii playing and snack eating!  I randomly think of things I’ll get to do this year that I had to miss out on being pregnant.  Like taking an evening swim in the lake while drinking a few brewskis.  The pier doesn’t have a ladder, so you had to pull yourself out of the water – which was impossible for me being so pregnant.  Yep that’s right – I couldn’t swim in the lake because I would be stuck in the lake!  This summer will be different – after feeding three babies cereal I’ll be washing them in the lake!

Here are a few photos from last year … small blast from the past!

And here is a sneak peek of what I’ll look like at the 2011 lake house extravaganza!  I know I’ll be smiling … but not sure if I’ll have hair by then!

I love my kids and I love you!

Love, Mel

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First Day of the Rest of My Life

Today was the first day of being a true stay-at-home mom of four kids.  Jaden no longer attends daycare and catches the bus to and from school at home. The bus comes at 8:23am.  I’d been thinking thru the morning schedule for days now – do I feed the kids before taking Jaden to the bus or do I wait until I get back?  Do I have time to pump or can I put it off until the threelets are fed?  All of these questions I was too overwhelmed to really plan out so I figured – what the heck, I’ll just take the morning as it comes and figure what will work best later.

Doug woke me up before he left for work and I rolled my butt out of bed and made a pot of coffee right away.  Got Jaden dressed and fed him breakfast (which I later found Doug had also fed him breakfast).  Filled my new coffee mug (courtesy of Rachael) and put on my new hat (product of a stress relieving trip to Wal-Mart).  Jaden got his boots, hat and sky goggles on (I couldn’t talk him out of the goggles).  You can imagine what the two of us looked like as we walked down the street – sky goggles and mom pjs.  Right as I stepped out the front door, I thought something was a rye since there were no kids at the corner.  But I thought, maybe the bus comes a little after 8:23.  So we walked to the corner and waited.  10 mins later the bus hadn’t come and the other kids were no where in sight.  My fear became reality – we missed the bus on the very first day!  CRAP now what was I going to do?

I debated leaving the triplets in their cribs as I jumped in the car – but figured that move wouldn’t earn me the mother of the year award.  So … I started packing.  Threw a hat on each baby and covered the car seats with blankets.  Got all three clicked into the car – buckled Jaden into his car seat – turned the Chipmunks movie on the DVD player and backed the minivan out of the driveway.  The drive to school was shorter than the time it took me to load the car!  The secretary was waiting at the door for us at Willow Springs so I didn’t have to walk Jaden into school.  When the van door opened Jaden took off running to say hi to his friend Luke.  It took me calling his name seven times before he realized he didn’t have his backpack on.  He came back, grabbed his backpack and forgot to give me a kiss goodbye.  But darn it – we made it to school!  Phew!

What a way to kick off our new routine!  Proof that from here on out, I just need to hold on for dear life.  It’s going to be a crazy ride and no use getting stressed.  So what if Jaden wears his underwear backwards – at least he’s got some on, right?  I got dressed this morning – but was threw up on, not by one child, but three!  Guess what – I actually had time to shave my legs this morning!  Or – oops I have the kids all in the wrong car seats, but they were all buckled up!

So very different than my well planned days in the corporate office.  My perfect cup of coffee poured and back at my desk each morning by 8:20.  But those stories wouldn’t make for a very interesting blog, now would it?  Well aren’t you in luck that my life has just gotten interesting!  Here’s to being a true stay-at-home mom to four boys under the age of four!  I hope you buckled your seat belt, it’s going to be a wild ride.


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